Traditional kissing on the lips really useful because:

The first - to develop lighter, if we usually do about 20 breaths per minute, is an interesting fact - while kissing the number of breaths per minute may increase three times;

Secondly - kissing enhance heartbeat, and this in turn leads to improved blood circulation and metabolism;

Third - it is kissing people less likely to suffer from tooth decay. This can be explained by the fact that kissing stimulates increased production of saliva. A saliva, it turns out, cleans the teeth is not worse (well, almost) than chewing gum;

Fourth - during this passionate kiss activated a large number of facial muscles. So, kissing - it's a great facial gymnastics and prevention of wrinkles;

Fifth - in one long kiss in a moment you can spend as much as 12 calories. Scientists estimate that if every day to kiss for 3 minutes, you can lose three kilos a year - all without painful diets and grueling workouts in the gym;

Sixth. During a kiss, the body energized and comes to tone. Indeed, during the kiss happens adrenaline into the blood;

Seventh - kissing a positive effect on mental work, memory and ability to concentrate human. And all again because while kissing improves blood circulation and metabolism, the brain cells are saturated with oxygen;

Eighth, the kisses are the perfect remedy for stress and depression, and these drugs do not need to go to the pharmacy. When you kiss secrete enzymes that prevent the development of stress hormones - glucocorticoids - so here's an interesting fact.

Ninth interesting fact - while kissing is released into the blood of the hormone endorphin, it is often called the hormone of happiness. The secret is simple - Kiss more - and life will be brighter and more beautiful.


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