Bow lips: how to "pump up" her lips

Sexual big lips can be obtained not only after a visit to a plastic surgeon, but also a "pump" at home. Minimum costs, maximum effort and desire - and can boast of natural lips!
Every woman can be attractive lush lips without surgery. We know how to do it! The exercises described in this article will help you improve the tone of your lips and increase non-surgically.

During the first month you need to perform these exercises every day (best - twice a day), and then repeat the whole complex of 2-3 times per week to maintain the shape of the lips. Each exercise should be repeated 10 times, gradually increasing to 20 for the first month.

Exercise 1.
Pull the lips forward, opening his mouth, then firmly Close the lips and relax your facial muscles. With your mouth closed lips move to the right, then left, and then draw the lips "eight».

Exercise 2.
Take a deep breath and inflate the cheeks, lips folded into a tube. Slowly exhale and then abruptly pushes air from two or three attempts.

Exercise 3.
Pull the lips forward and exhale sharply as if trying to blow out a candle. Slowly relax your lips.

Exercise 4
Slowly and lingering noises [to] [and] [y], and every sound relaxing lips.

Exercise 5.
Even if you do not know how to whistle, you need to learn to imitate the whistle - in this position the most tense lips. Whistling a couple of seconds, then relax your lips, then again begins to whistle (or to simulate the position of the lips during a whistle).

These exercises are effective when combined with proper procedures routine care. While brushing your teeth, massage the lips with a soft toothbrush. Then apply the balm and then lipstick or gloss. In addition it is recommended to moisturize the lips special moisturizing balm before bedtime. If you do this on a regular basis, you forget about the dryness and peeling lips.


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