How to tighten the muscles of the hands girls

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Many slender women complain that their hands look very thin. Complaints to the owner have full of women – skin looks flabby. Therefore, these women to improve the appearance of the required to build muscle. In addition, it is useful to pump up the muscles on the hands and those who quickly loses weight, the skin tightened. Moreover, the correct elevation of the hands is beautiful.

Where to start?
Unlike the male body, jaded by testosterone in the female body is dominated by estrogen, which fat deposits in reserve. So to build muscle to relief showing bodybuilders may extremely difficult. The rare woman will want to have this kind of hands, if not a master of sports in bodybuilding.

The main challenge for most women is getting pump muscles to give hand relief and a more attractive shape. And if your hands are thin, in addition to training, include in your diet protein foods and carbohydrates from cereals.

What muscles swing?
Hands muscle groups a bit, however, it is important to know specifically what muscles you're working. In the area of the shoulder is the bicep, it flexes the arm at the elbow, and the triceps, which it extends. In the area of the forearm muscles help to work the fingers and wrist to do the swing and rotation of the palm.

Each exercise is based on the prior training of a certain muscle group. This should be considered when drawing up sets of the exercise, counting the number of sets and the severity of the shells, not to perestrelyat muscles.

Any effort to arm bending (in all variants of training) are trained mostly biceps.
Any exercise of the extension will strain mainly triceps.
The retaining of the shells in different positions, the rotation of the brush, clenching and unclasping fist, balls in different positions train the muscles of the forearm.

Exercises for hands
Make the body look balanced, you need to evenly develop the muscles themselves, hands, and shoulder girdle, back and chest.

Complexes of power exercises for arms do twice a week at most. More frequent training can make you look like a bodybuilder. Pay special attention to the weight of the goods that you use in the complex. If the dumbbell is heavy, and the number of approaches you chose a large, can injure ligaments. And to heal such injuries will be a few months.

Watch your sensations, avoid discomfort in the area of joints, especially elbows and wrists. Do exercises to strengthen the shoulder area and the forearm.

Set of exercises
Exercises for hands are not simple to perform and does not require special ammunition.

Clamp the cargo in hand, bend and unbend hands in slow, then in the middle and finally at a high tempo for 10 reps. As the weights can be dumbbells or plastic containers with water or sand weighing up to one kilogram.

Squeeze your fingers into fists and rotate them 40-60 times in each direction. This exercise well trains the muscles of the wrist.

Waving his hand, as if saying goodbye. Do the exercise 50 times in two-three approach.

Exercise "snake": move your hand, mimicking the movement of a snake.

Exercise with exercise ball – big ball: rely on it, try to push. This exercise uses all the muscles of the arms.

An exercise on the bar: hang on it and do torso twists left and right. This exercise relaxes the spine, but do it carefully so as not to damage the ligaments of the wrist and shoulder.

And finally, there are the known push – UPS. If you find it hard, exercise, kneeling, from a wall or chair. When push-UPS in parallel with the swinging arms chest muscles, which helps improve its tone. For greater efficiency, expand the palms inward, perpendicular to the body.

In any case, do not try to make hand relief in one or two classes. Improve your workout gradually but exercise regularly.



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