Spring is coming: the best exercises for beautiful hands

Exercises for relief of hands Open dresses and tunics sleeveless assume that your hands should be flawless. Without exercise the muscles become flabby, and fat influx makes them not very attractive. Often exercise for weight loss hand women are not very heavy dumbbells that they can't do.But you can do without them.

Give hands relief and elegance will help simple, but effective exercises for arms for women. You can do at home. On their performance you don't need a lot of time, but try to do them regularly. They are aimed at all groups of muscles of the hands and strengthen the chest.

Simple push-UPS Sit on the thigh, put your hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width. Point the fingers forward and begin to do push-UPS. If placed fingers in the parties, will rock not only hand muscles but also the muscles of the chest. Do the push-UPS facing each other with fingers. Then place the hands just next to big toes touching and all other fingers pointing forward. This push-up will strengthen the triceps.

Repeat each exercise 10 to 20 times.Then sit on the other thigh and repeat the push-UPS. This is because in the initial position, the load is distributed unevenly.

If you can't do push-UPS 10 times, try to do as many approaches as you can. Do not overload yourself. Start with at least 3-4 times. Every day try to increase the number of pushups by one. Gradually you will be able to do more and more exercises.

Sophisticated pushups , These exercises are suitable for more trained women. You may approach them after a week of daily doing simple push-UPS.

Take the starting position – the emphasis on his knees. Put your hands shoulder width apart. The fingers should be directed forward.

During push-UPS elbows must hug the torso so the load is distributed on the triceps. Bend and unbend your elbows. Keep back straight, do not ostavljajte buttocks. Keep your body straight. Do the pushups with fingers pointing to the sides. This exercise strengthens the arms and chest. In conclusion, do push-UPS facing each other with fingers.
Repeat every kind of push UPS 10 – 20 times.

Complex pushups , These exercises can be performed of well-trained women, the muscles of the arms which have already become strong. Every kind of pushups you need to perform from 5 to 15 times.

Take a starting position: regular push-up position. Put your hands shoulder width apart.

Point the fingers forward and begin to bend arms, holding elbows to the body. It is a good exercises for triceps for women of any age.

After a short break, point the fingers to the side and start again a push-up strengthens the chest muscles and arms.

Exercises for arms and chest These exercises are easier than push UPS, but also very effective. They can be performed even several times a day.

Take the starting position, sitting cross-legged. Straighten your shoulders, lift the elbows so that the angle of the bend was straight. The palms align, the fingers point straight up.

Now slowly begin to squeeze the palm of your hand. With power keep pressure for 15 – 30 seconds. Then relax the muscles of the arms and chest for a few seconds and again repeat the exercise. Do not lower your elbows during rest. Make 4 ~ 5 times. After a couple of weeks you will notice results. Hands will get stronger and the chest becomes more elastic.

You can make additional similar exercise by lifting United in the same way the hands just above his head. A third option exercise on squeezing– hands down to the level of the abdomen, and the fingers downward.

Light exercises for arms for women Stand up straight. Hands extend to the sides, so they were at shoulder level. Straight arms certifite full rounds within a minute in one direction. Then do the same, but in the other direction for another minute. It AIDS in weight loss of the hands and helps to keep muscles toned.

Now go to the wall and lean on it with hands at chest level. With a straight back do 10 – 20 push-UPS.

As you can see, these exercises for weight loss hands will not cause suffering and does not take much time. And the effect you will see very soon. published


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