Simple and effective exercises for women Arnold Kegel: who and why

The loss of tone of intimate muscles – the problem is serious and quite common. This phenomenon not only reduces the quality of life, but also negatively affects women's health. To correct the situation help Kegel exercises for women. At home they do not perform hard, to the same classes does not take much time.

Why do we need exercise?

By reducing muscle tone of the perineum occurs uterine prolapse, which in itself is a big problem. Over time, weak muscles can cause urinary incontinence. Do not forget about the impact of intimate muscles on the quality of sexual relations.

Particularly clearly the problem makes itself felt after delivery. In complicated cases even have to resort to surgery. Simple, but very effective exercises that can help to solve the problem, developed by Arnold Kegel. They are firmly established in the practice of treatment of gynecological diseases.

How to perform Kegel exercises

To learn to feel the muscles that will work – this is the initial task. To do this, visit the toilet and try to interrupt the process of urination. You should feel the tension desired muscle groups. After a while try to stretch and relax them, without visiting the toilet. It does not strain other muscles. Breathe freely and steadily.

Kegel exercises women can do in the comfort of your own home. To start better in the prone position (on side, on back) – this option is the most easy, therefore ideal for beginners. When the muscles a little stronger, change the position of the body.

Before beginning the workout, be sure to empty the bladder. To the muscles properly developed and quickly strengthened, do 3-5 approaches. Do 2-3 times a day (at least in the initial phase, eventually it will be enough and 1 times). The optimal number of repetitions is not less than 10 years. The time during which you hold tension, increase gradually – start with a few seconds.

If in the process of exercise, there is a need to sneeze or cough, try to control the tension of intimate muscles do not relax as long as the reflex movement will not stop.

Options exercise

The first option we have considered. 3-5 seconds keep muscle tension, relax, for the same period of time and will repeat.

Perform this same exercise but at a fast pace (contract and relax the muscles every second). Try to do it until the feelings of extreme fatigue (when the muscle is difficult to stretch).

Complicate the task of tightening the muscles immediately, but gradually, as if rising on the Elevator. Then gradually relax them.

Reduce the muscles like you want to push something down (this exercise can be performed with the special Kegel exerciser). Tension hold for 3-5 seconds.

Repeat the previous exercise, but now do not push, but rather move up (hold the voltage, as in the previous exercises).

The position of the body

Once in the prone position to perform the exercises become too easy, change the position of the body.

Stand straight with feet positioned on the same line (the distance approximately equal to shoulder width), toes spread them apart (for stability). Without holding the breath, strain intimate muscles.

Change body position – knees slightly bend, straight back, tilt forward, hands on lean hips. Repeat muscle tension.

Lay the rug. First, get on your knees and palms rest on the floor. Then lower the pelvis to the feet (knees apart slightly to the sides). The forearm in this position on the floor, elbows spread them apart and lower the head of the brush chained to the castle. Tense the muscles as in the previous exercise.

Leave hands in same position, one foot right, and the second bend (the knee point to the side), belly press to the floor. Nestled alternately tense the muscles and relax.

Roll onto your back and take a comfortable position, bending your knees and putting a foot on the floor. To fully control the correctness of the exercise, place one hand on your abdomen and one below the buttocks. Work the muscles.

Sit down, spreading his knees apart and ankles crossed (a simplified version of the Lotus posture). Reducing the muscles, as if to lift them from the floor. Control the back position and don't hold your breath.

Exercises in the various States of the female body

The above described exercises can be performed in different States of the female body. The presence of diseases of the sexual sphere it is recommended to obtain a doctor's permission (despite the fact that exercises are absolutely safe, expert opinion is crucial).

Exercises when prolapse of the uterus

Uterine prolapse can occur after childbirth. This problem is also a consequence of age or disease. Exercises strengthen muscles, which allows to solve the problem without surgery.

Exercise in removal of the uterus

Ovariohysterectomy does not go unnoticed for the body. During the operation removed a significant amount of tissue is partially excised and the muscle. To facilitate the postoperative period, to avoid problems such as prolapse of the anterior wall of the vagina, constipation and urinary incontinence will allow Kegel exercises.

Exercises for urinary incontinence and cystitis

Kegel exercises are drug-free method for the treatment of cystitis and urinary incontinence. Strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor allows you to regain control over the bladder.


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Exercise during pregnancy

When carrying a child changes – the growing uterus brings about changes, pelvic floor muscles lose their tone. Regular exercise will strengthen them, prepare the body for childbirth, help you quickly recover in the postpartum period.

Is it possible to perform Kegel exercises for women at home? Doctors give a positive answer, muscle training has a positive effect on the state of the female body.published





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