12 tricks that teach women's magazines

Men, beware! Tips for men - how not to get caught "on the hook". And recommendations for women - why you should not blindly believe the advice of the magazines!

One of my last meeting failed. During the dinner, the girl fiercely Iron-on transfer stem glasses. I was afraid for her. And what begins as scabies? Then in the taxi she was very passionate whispered to me something in his ear. Again I scared. But for himself. In particular, for his ear. Do not think that I am full "frightening." Just emanated from this annoying artificiality. Quite a nice girl so desperately and clumsily tried to charm that turned out quite the opposite.

Sorry. Since know where this whole situation feet grow. On duty, the monitor is often women's magazines. And I understand that passionate whisper erotic biting lips, furious winding curls on his finger - it is often there. Such councils give young ladies under headings such as "15 proven ways to seduce a manĀ».

Girls gloss believe. Take methods adopted. Alas. After the meeting I decided to do a good thing for both men and women. First to tell you how to recognize the girl in passion tips "hunting" for men. And the second - to show that the reality is it may look quite comical.

1. Laugh at all of his jokes!
Men. If a girl is five minutes in a row leaping laughing at your joke bearded (well something of type "Eat right money"), probably it flatters you. And even if she does a playful mood, and you order with a sense of humor, laughter without a stop should cause concern. Similarly, if your companion all right?

Woman. Laugh better, when really there is a reason. This is yet another old adage says. We love your laughter. It invigorates men, gives confidence, relieves the tension. it is very important. But it is not necessary to go to far.

2. "Shoot 'eyes!
Men. Typically, women's magazines, even the algorithm of "Shooting" through the eyes given. First you need a few seconds to stare into the eyes of a man. Then lightning look away to the side. And then look at him. But from beneath her lashes. Agree, some girls get it quite exciting. And sometimes it seems that the hypnotist before you self-taught. Really feel like a rabbit before a boa. There is not even a laughing matter - afraid. More girls are advised how to make eyes languid. We must look at the man, relax the upper eyelids. Again - some get quite organically. And the others - if ill. "Lift my eyelids!" Br-rr ...

Woman. Our dear, you and without these algorithms is usually obtained to establish visual contact disturbing us. But once you start to operate on a template "forward, sideways, down, forward," loses sight importantly - uniqueness. But the eyes - a mirror of the soul. We are glad to see them as a sincere interest. But it is not instruction.

3. Drop the something and pick it up nicely.
Men. With this trick a girl usually tries to demonstrate their gorgeous legs. However, to recognize it is accidentally dropped her keys, or did it on purpose, is almost impossible. And in fact, and in another case prekrasnopolaya can raise them so beautifully, that the man will be impressed with grace.

Woman. Of course if you do not specifically dropped something, it is better to raise it with dignity, gracefully. But unnecessarily hog, flap hair - clearly unnecessary. Rather, it will make a man feel uncomfortable.

4. Stroking fingers foot glass.
Men. If a girl and then stroking his fingers up and down the leg of the glass, it is because it is trying to create in your mind erotic associations. If the measure and to the point - what it can and will work. But often it looks gone.

Woman. Again - do not overdo it, please. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking vulgar. It is unlikely that this is what you are seeking.

5. Divide his hobbies.
Men. Sometimes a gentle creature asks us to a sports bar and pretends that it is very interested in the game of "Real" with "Bavaria". But in fact, he does not even understand what the penalty spot. This is an attempt to share our enthusiasm. It can not be condemned. Be forgiving when she just rolled her eyes in response to your question from the most primitive world of sports. She tries to please you. Better simply to explain that not see anything wrong in that some of your interests differed.

Woman. Frankly, not many men find attractive girls screaming "go-oh-oh-oh-ol" in the sports bar. If you really like football, hockey, horse racing or fishing, then no problem. But this does not necessarily - to divide male interests. Then, they are men. We like that we are different!

6. Try something nice to eat in his presence.
Men. According to the women's magazines, this is one sure way to make our associations. Hence the advice about eating banana beautiful, lollipop, ice cream.

Woman. There anecdote: "A girl that does not seem readily available, on a first date was eating a banana with a knife and fork." This, of course, extreme. But there are some very erotic love can achieve the opposite effect. And frankly look vulgar. At the same time there is a quick and sloppy - also not the best option. Gold is still the word - a measure ...

7. Be unpredictable and mysterious!
Men. If a girl has appointed you to a meeting and canceled it in 5 minutes, without explaining the reasons, it does not always mean that it does not want to see you or that she really any urgent matters. Often young ladies to do so, to make us nervous, and add yourself veil of secrecy and unpredictability. So try to load it again. Just be warned that your time is valuable. On the same point of entry, if the girl is mysteriously unwilling to answer questions about his "deeds." Even if she had nothing to hide. Just women led to believe that they should be "a mystery." And who has not yet found his in every way it come up.

Woman. Of course, it's fine, when a woman is full of surprises and mysteries. But only if the pleasant surprises and mysteries are not affected. And yet - I will reveal to you our secret: all the girls for men - a priori puzzles! So whip misunderstanding of female nature is not necessarily.

8. Play with your hair Show off your neck.
Men. Girls love cheat curls on her finger, correct hair. One way shows playfulness, others actually preen, still others simply found a way to take a hand. In any case, this is often a sign that you are flirting. More gloss advises girl shows a man's neck. Like, this is the most vulnerable spot on the body. And in psychology, she allegedly demonstrates thus its confidence.

Woman. Quite a harmless tricks. If in moderation, of course. If not - a man can get excited, what it is you are constantly fumbling in her hair.

9. Try to lower his voice, speaking with a gasp.
Men. Girls for some reason been told that guys wildly excited voice hoarse. And yet - the aspiration, sighs, hot whispers in my ear. Therefore, especially when the girls are trying to lower his voice or emit a gentle sigh, you know, you're really fascinated by them.

Woman. In fact, we like different voices. And low and sonorous. Rather, it is important that the girls did not swore and said, "Call." That's better than coming. In an intimate setting and the voice itself becomes less attractive. Here notions to anything. A false voice is unpleasant, it is only alienate.

10. Tell me on the phone that lay in the bathroom.
Men. Oh, how often we can not call a girl for hours. And then we hear that all the time she was in the shower. In most cases, this is true. But to teach, and women's magazines. Girls still advise that, if the call found her chosen home, good razgoryachit his imagination some intimate details. For example, say that you lie in the bath among foam. Or that just came out of the shower and looking for a body cream. Or "just now" put on stockings.

Woman. Pretty harmless trick. Yet, can do in a relationship without lies? Even so innocent ...

11. Ask for help man and loudly praise.
Men. I'm sure you already knew: a woman is not so weak, what wants to appear. Once the open jars of jam those millions of women who live by yourself? That's right. But as soon as the girl on the horizon, well-read magazines, there is a man, she immediately forgets how to deal with half of Home Affairs. And it's not bad at all. At the end of it all, this is the easiest way to make a man for his moment of glory. Bank opened? Hero did not give to starve to death. A light bulb has changed? Here's medal. It's all very nice work. And, perhaps, it is mutually beneficial for both men and women. But then again - everything is fine in moderation.

Woman. The man likes to help the woman. it is a fact. Man rejoices in your praise. This is another fact. But sometimes I feel that the request is far-fetched and exaggerated enthusiasm. But we are against the hypocrisy in relationships, you remember?

12. "Otzerkalivayte" man!
Men. Many magazines teach girls: to please a man, be a reflection of him. To do this discreetly advised to copy posture, mannerisms, expressions chosen. Therefore, if you are at the end of the first date is noted that talking with a girl in one language, it does not always mean full resonance shower. Maybe she's just you "mirror". Psychologists know that no one we do not like as well as we ourselves. And smart young lady is happy to use.

Woman. Someone can "mirror" subtly and quietly, and someone like this attempt at mimicry. But even if the trick succeeded, the question here is not in the sense of action, as in most other areas. Here, rather, the woman herself must be frustrating that the man did not fall for it itself, as reflected in (remember Narcissus, huh?). Copy the chosen one all the time will not be possible. Therefore, a relationship built on this trick, almost always doomed to problems. It is better to be yourself, right?

Please. First, only one major.
To sum up, the man is not against all women's tricks. We love your flirting, flirting, subtle seduction. But only if it's organic, fairly, without hypocrisy. Therefore, the girls do not blindly trust the advice of magazines and online. Coquette lives in every woman. But how do you want it to be unique and not tortured by the instructions! Naturally, sincere sympathy, self-sufficiency - that is, perhaps, the main weapon of seduction. And this applies to both men and women.

I wish you all the love - sincere, gentle, dizzy!

Timur Alexandrov


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