How to bring your lips up after a harsh winter?

It is when both want to be the most beautiful, catching the eye of men and enjoy life, unfortunately there are new problems that spoil the whole unearthly beauty and a smile: I have chapped lips that even the lipstick'm not, the herpes appears, is still what a nuisance…
We'll show you how to solve the problem quickly and return spring mood.
        Chapped lips
Lips need not just for kissing. They bear the brunt of the "guard duty". However, the lip on the incredibly defenseless: they have glands that secrete fat, protecting the remaining skin from drying out.
They do not sunbathe, as their epidermis has no melanin — the dark pigment that blocks at least part of destructive solar ultraviolet radiation. At the same time they always remain in the wind, the sun, exposed to temperature changes. It is not strange that lips sometimes dry out and crack, or, as everyone says, objetivos.

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So they regained the humidity, the softness and tenderness and kept them, you need to provide them proper care.
The most reliable remedy for chapped lips is vaseline. Of relatively new products-special protective sweet lip. At night you can smear lip butter.

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If lips are dry, no balm or vaseline on hand to RUB a finger on the side of the nose, bringing with it a little bit of skin fat. This grease is enough for a little protection.
If the corners of the mouth painful, inflamed and cracked, it is called which restores stomatitis, or just zaedy. The reason for their appearance may be a sharp increase in the number of yeast-like fungi Candida which are always present on our skin. The pharmacy is sufficient antifungal agents, but first try the traditional method: several times a day rinse ones mouth with yogurt or yogurt with live cultures.

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