How to get rid of bad breath once and for all

This is a problem faced by all, but not everyone knows how to check whether there is breath - here you will find answers to your voprosy

You find yourself in an awkward situation when someone points out that your mouth smells bad and politely offers mints with a knowing smile. And you can only apologize and swallow the candy with his pride. But if you are a little prepared, you will be able to avoid this awkward situation in the future.

Like any bodily odor, bad breath can be eliminated because of personal hygiene and some knowledge. So let's start over and find out what causes bad breath and how to tell if you have it, and then look at how to deal with it.

What causes bad breath? The most common reason that causes bad breath - is dry mouth. It occurs when you are drinking too little water, or sleeping, or traveling, so that your body will slow saliva production. Dry mouth leads to the death of cells in your language, the bacteria that break down - a process and causes bad breath.

Usually, bad breath is associated with language, though the same process of splitting bacteria dead cells can also occur in other parts of the mouth, for example, because of the pieces of food stuck between teeth.

If you do not brush your teeth carefully, the same bacteria accumulate on the teeth and cause an unpleasant smell.

Another common reason is the products that you eat. We are all too familiar with the smell of garlic or onion smell, and the smoker. Also, bad breath can cause a crash diet and fasting, because, according to the UK National Health Service, in this case, the body breaks down fats, releasing ketones, which can cause odor.

Of course, this is not the only reason. Bad breath can also cause diseases such as xerostomia (dry mouth caused by medication or mouth breathing), an infection of the throat and lungs, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, and others.

How to check whether you have bad breath?

As has been said, an unpleasant smell comes from your tongue, so to him, and we should start. You can determine at a glance: according to Dr. Harold Katz, bacteriologist and founder of the California clinic breathing, pink and brilliant language - well, white and rough - it is bad. If you have at hand is a spoon, you can scratch the tongue tip of a spoon, give it to dry, and then sniff it.

Dr. Katz also points out that the way to check breathing with the help of the hands is not working. He told CNN, that instead of to breathe on his hand, it is better to lick the back of your hand, allow to dry for a few seconds and sniff it.

It is also worth to remember that you ate today. If you've just eaten something with a lot of garlic or onion, the chances that your buddies want to move away from you a couple of steps, will increase.

How to get rid of bad breath: the most effective resheniya

We have bad news for you: there is no long-term, suitable for all the ways to get rid of bad breath. It should not just eat well, but do it consistently. Since halitosis cause a variety of reasons, ways to win, too, are different, but we must remember that they must be used regularly.

1. Regularly drink voduBakterii accumulate when you have dry mouth, and the obvious way to deal with this - regular consumption of water. If your mouth is constantly moistened and produces the required amount of saliva, the chance of bad breath is sharply reduced.

2. Use scrapers yazykaVbeyte it into their heads, ladies and gentlemen. There is nothing more effective than regular cleaning of your tongue. Ideally, if you have the opportunity, it is necessary to clean it after every meal. Tongue scrapers are best suited for the rapid elimination of odor:

«While there is no standard treatment, the amount of bacteria that cause bad breath, can be reduced by means of cleaning or scraping the tongue. This may reduce the concentration of volatile sulfur compounds and the subsequent reduction of malodor ».

blockquote> 3. Use a conditioner for rtaEsli toothbrush and tongue scraper do not suit you, you can contact the mouthwash. Rinse mouth washes away the bacteria is much better than chewing gum or mints, but it's still a temporary solution and not as effective as a scraper. To remedy worked most effectively, you should rinse your mouth for 30 seconds and do not eat or smoke in the next half hour.

There are some concerns that mouthwashes containing alcohol can cause oral cancer, but a recent study found no "statistically significant association between the use of mouthwash and the risk of oral cancer." If you is still worried, you can try to prepare your own rinse without alcohol.

4. Regularly use zubochistkiBakterii can accumulate in the food particles stuck between the teeth, and produce an unpleasant odor. Constant use of toothpicks will help remove food debris from the mouth. Although the main problem remains the language, the regular use of toothpicks is also necessary to deal with an unpleasant odor.

5. Eat a few mint konfetokBolshinstvo people often wear with mints or chewing gum to be rapidly freshen breath, but you should understand that they give short-term effect. However, if you need it, the dentist Dr. Leong Hon Chew advised the magazine «Men's Health» use breath-freshening strips:

«Instead of mint candies Dr. Leong advises to use breath-freshening strips. They quickly dissolve, so the sugar is less contact with the teeth, potentially reducing the risk of tooth decay ».

blockquote> 6. Eat right produktyEst certain foods that help to cope with bad breath. Dr. Katz says:

«Green tea has antibacterial properties, it destroys odor. It contains essential oils of cinnamon, killing many types of oral bacteria. Try adding cinnamon to your morning toast or oatmeal or cinnamon stick in tea.

Eating crunchy vegetables or fruits such as apples or celery, also helps eliminate bad breath. Their use helps produce saliva and scrubbing bacteria. In addition, well help melons, oranges and berries ».

blockquote> Here are some natural products that you can chew and even carry to temporarily overcome the breath:

Seeds: Anise (a pair of seeds after a meal promotes good digestion), cardamom, fennel, dill (masks the smell).

Other products: cinnamon sticks, cloves, parsley.

By the way, if you have eaten foods that cause bad breath, you can kill it with other products. For example, a glass of milk drown out the smell of garlic.

If you are drinking wine, especially red, you will be fruits:

«If it's too late, and there was a smell, try to eat something crunchy, such as an apple or a bar, take a slice of lemon, will go to the rest room, and rub a lemon in your teeth and gums. Wait for a while and drink the water ».

blockquote> Now, having this knowledge, you can solve the problem of bad breath once and for all.



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