7 simple ways to rid of shoes odor

Once and for all to save their shoes from odor, you need to fight not only with result but also with the cause that generated it.

You begin to notice that your shoes smell bad, the odor filling the hallway and corridor in the house? It's inconvenient for you to come or to change in the workplace?

Sometimes the problem lies in the fact that inner surface of shoes or boots with great intensity absorbs sweat and holds it.

But don't worry, fortunately there are several simple techniques that will help you get rid of shoes odor. Read on in our today's article!

1. Baking sodaIs absolutely a win-win. We have already talked about the beneficial properties of baking soda and how it can be used in everyday life.

In addition to its cleaning properties this natural chemical element is also an excellent absorbent. Soda absorbs smells and even humidity, so it will be your faithful ally in ridding the Shoe of a bad smell.

How to use it? Very simple, you need only to add one tablespoon of baking soda in each Shoe (on the insole) and leave to act overnight. You'll see, by morning the smell will not remain and track, shoes will be completely different.

2. TalcTalc works just the same as soda. It absorbs moisture and thus absorbs and dampens odors.

Here you can benefit from it in different ways: can, as in the case of soda, pour into each Shoe is a small amount of talc leave overnight and shake out in the morning or the second option. It is also very simple.

Can sprinkle talcum powder on your feet, so you will prevent heavy sweating. Both methods are very effective, take note.

3. Rid of bacteriaHere is another effective method, though somewhat unexpected. It would be nice if your home is always at hand there was the sage and lavender. Because these two plants perfectly remove unpleasant odors. All you need to do in the case of shoes, is to put a few leaves of sage and a few sprigs of lavender in each Shoe and put them to fresh air (e.g. on the balcony), so they could ventilate naturally (this will help to remove bacteria).

The next morning your shoes will be in excellent condition, and you will be able to pass it all day without feeling awkward.

4. Orange, lemon or grapefruitCitrus: here is another excellent solution to the problem! Never throw away the peel from lemons, oranges or grapefruit, because it is very effectively cope with unpleasant odors. As with all previous vehicles, the peel will just need to put on the night in boots and all. Really works, tested!

5. Essential tea tree oil isAmong the variety of essential oils with disinfectant properties, tea tree oil, without a doubt, is the most effective. It can be bought in drugstores or perfume shops, it is not expensive.

And to serve it you can not only as a "deodorant" for boots and shoes, but also as a disinfectant for the hands.

All you need to do is drip a few drops of oil on the insole of the shoes twice a week, it will not only remove odors, but also eliminate the cause — bacteria.

6. Determine the cause of odourto All without exception know that the unpleasant odor of their shoes due to the fact that our feet sweat. But you probably noticed that one pair of boots smells particularly strongly, and the other, on the contrary, odor is virtually nonexistent.

So, it's all about the insoles, some absorb and retain more sweat than others, thus contributing to the growth of bacteria. And this is a risk that, believe me, you absolutely do not need.

If you notice an unpleasant odor from shoes easy to get rid of, then try to change the insole. If they cannot be changed, paste special, they will protect you, both from odor and bacteria.

Keep in mind that this is a problem not only aesthetic plan in the long term it can develop into more serious for the health of our feet. Therefore, to maintain proper hygiene is very important.

7. How to ensure proper hygiene of their feet?First, try not to walk in closed shoes the whole day. It is unhealthy for our feet and contributes to the odor.

Coming home, always remove shoes, so she thoroughly ventilated.

It is not the quality of the materials from which made shoes, as they are all in any case absorb sweat, so you need to properly care for your shoes and regularly cleaned. When you're holding a brush, do not forget about the inner surface, you can also use a piece of cloth soaked in a detergent for clothing (liquid, powder, etc.). Do everything to remove moisture and the resulting stains.

If you are suffering from very heavy sweating, a note on one of our first tips about talc. This is a very simple and effective tool that will help you out every day. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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