Things that can be identified by the smell

If people suddenly became necessary to choose the loss of one of the "five senses" whether there are those who would be willing to part with their sense of smell? Of course, this is extremely useful feeling, but which, nevertheless, it is difficult to compare with the ability to see, feel and hear. However, the sense of smell is much more powerful sense organ than you can imagine. There is an incredible array of subtle, subliminal things that we simply could not feel without a nose. The smell of armpits 10. smell can determine the approximate age cheloveka

You may be familiar with the idea that older people are not very good smell. Regardless of whether it's an experience "first hand", or just a feature of our culture, most people begin to take an "old person smell" as a fact of life. And, strangely, we are not mistaken. In a study in which people put the armpit pads, and then gave them to sadistically "olfactory study of" other people, experts have come to the conclusion that we can easily distinguish individuals older than 75 years by the smell. I wonder what that smell is not necessarily bad. Scientists believe that the negative perceptions around the concept of "the smell of an old man" has more to do with the fear of old age, than with a negative reaction not unpleasant scent of someone's body. The smell of coffee 9. A person may wake up because zapaha

Since then, coffee has become one of the most popular psychoactive substance in the world, most of us drink it regularly. However, according to one study, to get him all the alleged effects, not necessarily to drink. Studying the impact of its flavor in rats, the researchers found that the smell of coffee causes the brain to produce a protein that protects the nerve cells from stress. This is what makes coffee for us when we drink. The Smell of Fear 8. You can smell straha

Although it may sound like a slogan for the campaign of a film, the ability to smell fear - this is what people are actually developing for defensive purposes. We not only learned to identify the smell of fear on other people, but also begin to be afraid of yourself after understand what the smell is now caught our breath. The evolutionary idea is explained by the fact that people, like all social animals, the most powerful, if they are in the group. If one person is so panic-stricken that he can not pass his emotions, his smell (as well as his body language) will be transferred to the group and spread inside her. This action will allow (or, at least, emotions) of others coordinated. Currently, we do not so often meet with predators. But there are horror movies, broadcasted in movie theaters, so this principle working under the old scheme. The smell of men 7. Women feel men vozbuzhdenie

Men may believe that they are very good at hiding their intentions, and the state, but scientific studies have shown that they do not just hide his excitement on the woman. She can smell to determine whether the man "turned", and makes a woman is not only on a subconscious level. In studies in which women nose smelled fabric impregnated then excited men, it has been shown that women have a special area of ​​the brain is activated, usually associated with the perception of other people's emotions. And what is at the expense of men? As things are with them? Do the noses of a role? Of course, but in a man's world, things are somewhat different. At that time, as the women have an advantage when it comes to the recognition of the true intentions of their potential sexual partners, men have a different ability. 6. Male Female scent smell ovulyatsii

If the ability to understand male sexual arousal women - is a purely subconscious feature detection time when a woman is ready to conceive, has nothing to do with the subconscious. In one study, scientists found that heterosexual men when sniffing t-shirts or women in a state of ovulation, or women of childbearing age, marked them as "sexier and more attractive" than the shirts of women who were not ready to get pregnant. Apparently, men can identify this flavor, inhaling the aroma of clothing worn during the week. Peculiar smell 5. We can feel sexual sovmestimost

If you look at the results of various studies on the sexual preferences depending on different body odors, there is an interesting pattern: Sexuality is actually detected by smell. If heterosexual men to smell T-shirts on the study of homosexual and heterosexual men and women, 100 percent of the time he finds the smell of heterosexual women are much nicer than the smell of a representative of any other group. The same is true for homosexuals, they are attracted by the smell of people like themselves. Although the findings are unlikely to will sound convincing, but they really are accompanied by strong scientific support. Homosexuality - the case of neuroscience, and not the choice of the person. 4. We feel the direction zapaha

We have the ability to sleuth, and we do not even know about them. It turns out that every person is born with having the ability to "egocentric localization" .This is the ability to specify the original direction of the smell without unnecessary head turning. The system operates in exactly the same manner as in the case of determining the direction of sound. It is a skill possessed by absolutely everyone, but for sharpening that most of us never bother. 3. We can tell by the smell, the best way to pass the exam or pass testirovanie

All of the above still may have been unexpected, but not particularly useful discovery for you. So, anyone who wants to really improve your day: you can use your nose to get the highest score. You probably know that odors can revive old memories in the memory, however, you can not know that without a sense of smell, you probably will not be anything to remember. It turns out that our sense of smell is much more closely associated with memory than we can imagine: it stimulates the ability to remember certain things, and the ability to do these things. So next time when you learn something, while lavender oil to smear themselves, do not forget to take with you some of it, when you go for testing. Exciting odors 2. Women feel as sexy muzhchina

Most of us have heard that the symmetry of the face is one of the most important factors in human attraction. However, research shows that the symmetry - it's not just what we see, it is also the smell. In the latest study, based on smelling T-shirts, the researchers found that women were evaluated flavor symmetric men higher than their non-symmetrical "colleagues." Even if they've never seen, we did not smell and did not meet with these men before. Basically, people smell sexy sexy as, in principle, and their clothes. The smell of leather 1. We can smell understand how healthy is our potomstvo

People always make their choice of sexual partner, depending on how they histocompatibility with this or that person. The main histocompatibility complex - a combination of molecules in the body that fight bacteria and viruses. Choosing a partner whose complex is different from ours, improves histocompatibility complex our children. This suggests that they have a strong immune system, and they will be more resistant to various diseases. Thus, we choose a partner with the complex, opposite to ours, and the sense of smell is pretty much the only way that helps us to understand this compatibility. The best advice to young people who want to find a partner for a serious relationship: follow your nose.



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