11 simple and effective ways to solve everyday problems

Modern medicine has a powerful Arsenal of tools, but often our problems can be solved using the usual things that are always at hand.

Of course, if there is a need in antibiotics have to go to the pharmacy and buy some suitable tablets. However, when detecting, for example, strange spots on the skin or an unpleasant odor from the feet, not necessarily to do the same. It is possible to save yourself from buying drugs, using drugs, which probably exist in every home.

1. Unpleasant smell from feet


In case of detection of an unpleasant odor from the feet, you can wipe them with vodka and the smell will completely disappear. Sounds strange, but this method works flawlessly (by the way, vodka in General are able to remove undesirable smell from various surfaces and materials).

2. Headache

To respond effectively annoying headache will help ordinary pencil clamped between your teeth. This feature prevents involuntary tight contraction of the jaw, usually for stress and pain, thus allowing to avoid to strengthen it and to bring some relief.

3. Blisters (bubbles filled with liquid)

Means for rinsing the mouth can be very effective in the event of blisters. If you apply it on the affected area three times a day, the pain will soon disappear.

4. Pain in the foot

From pain in the feet can be removed by free foot massage with a tennis ball. This method allows you to ease back pain. This tennis ball should be placed between the back and any hard surface (e.g. a wall), press firmly and in just a few minutes to make circular movements.

5. Hiccup

There is an unexpectedly simple and efficient way to get rid of nagging hiccups. Only need to swallow a teaspoon of sugar – and in a few minutes the hiccups will pass.

6. Sea-sickness (motion sickness in transport)

One reason for this extreme discomfort is excessive salivation. In order to quickly get rid of it, you can eat olives or suck on a lemon slice.

7. Nasty plaque on the teeth

Raw fruits and vegetables are when chewed as a toothbrush. Particularly effective apples. In addition to mechanical impact, they have special enzymes in order to clean the surface of the teeth naturally. This method is actually highly effective and also devoid of negative side effects.

8. Oily skin

This tool may seem strange and not too pleasant, however, need to crush the tomato and distribute the resulting mass on the surface of the face. Will have to wait for one hour and then wash it off with cool water. Numerous experiments confirm that the tomato is a great natural remedy for oily skin.

9. Warts

Recent studies have shown that a great remedy for getting rid of warts is... duct tape called in the last time tape. Need to cut a piece of tape and stick it, fully covering the wart. Every three days you need to peel the tape to remove dead skin and then replace with new. Warts will disappear in a very short time.

10. Irritation in daily traffic jams

Recent studies have led scientists to a rather funny conclusion: the use of chewing gum with the taste of peppermint or cinnamon improves resilience and reduces our irritation daily commuting to work and back. Effectively not all, but in any case, it's better than to sit in traffic and curse the whole world.

11. Partypop abrasion and abrasion or small wound pounded cloves, it is possible to prevent infection and inflammation. Those seem insufficient, it is useful to know that cloves can also relieve боль.источник:mixstuff.ru

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