Top 10 ways to get rid of hiccups, which have already proven to be effective!

"Hiccup, hiccup, go to Fedotov, with Fedotov Jacob with Jacob at all." Who among us does not remember saying this child? By the way, many use her healing powers to this day! But what if you do not help saying, and as luck would have hiccups caught off guard? Try to use the tips below! Many of them can be used not only at home but also on the way to work or while traveling around the city. It is remarkable that a single recipe of the hiccups that could prescribe the doctors there. That has us regular folk, used for centuries proven traditional methods. Try it - it's very simple!

1. Hold your breath

This is the easiest way to get rid of hiccups, which, incidentally, it is recommended not only healers but also doctors.

2. Eat sour

It is believed that the acid that enters the esophagus, "confusing" hiccups and brings relief to a person. The main thing - remember that vsë good in moderation.

3. Pinch the nose

Hold your nose with your fingers, and drink a glass of water in small sips. If you do not have a glass of water - try several times while holding the nose to swallow saliva. It is difficult, but effective.

4. Eat sugar

If possible - eat a spoonful of sugar (if desired, you can replace mëdom), not drinking. Within a few seconds to help, but if the hiccup does not pass, do not use this method again, you better try another.

5. Ask you tickle

If there turned out to be someone from the family - Ask him to you tickled. For a man who is afraid of being tickled, it is the best way to focus on chëm something more unexpected than a hiccup.

6. Use the method of dancers

Bend at the waist, his hands clasped behind his back, arching his neck, try to drink from the cup that holds the other person. If anyone next to no - put the glass on the table and try to perform the procedure themselves. It is believed that this method is used a ballerina (they vsë time corset constricted chest, so often there is a hiccup).

7. Pull the language

President Kennedy's personal doctor recommended his patient following treatment for hiccups: take up the language and to delay it for a few seconds. According to the doctor, this method works flawlessly.

8. Push down on the hollow

Step on the hollow at the junction of the clavicle to the sternum for a few seconds. I once helped.

9. Use national method

Funk is one of the best national practices to eliminate the hiccups. If you are sure that is perfectly familiar with the fears of his friend - you can easily be able to save him from the hiccups!

10. Invoke the aid of fingers

To stop hiccups, push your left thumb to the little finger of the right and the thumb of his right hand - the left to the little finger, as if forming a figure eight. A great way if you do not have a glass of water or sugar.

My grandmother still strongly believes that if she hiccups - then it someone remembers. Therefore, during the hiccups she begins to mentally or aloud to list the names of all family members, distant relatives, neighbors ... And as soon as the correct name names - hiccups passes! And in what ways are you fighting with hiccups? Share with your friends in a good mood and tell how quickly and painlessly get rid of the scourge of hiccups!



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