How to quickly get rid of hiccups

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ReasonsHiccup refers to the number of simple, but at the same time, a very unpleasant human ailments which are annoying in nature. Each of us, probably, at least once in their life has experienced on itself all delights "totogo" process.Icahn and affects everyone from newborns to the older generation. Where does hiccup and what is its appearance? According to the medical rationale, hiccups is a rhythmic breath of a large force, which appears due to spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm and constriction of the glottis, and also has the involuntary nature of the repetitions.As a rule, the Icahn lasts from 5 to 20 minutes and is fast enough.Doctors have identified several main reasons that can serve as the reason for the occurrence of hiccups:
  • Hypothermia;
  • Hyperalimentation;
  • Too much alcohol;
  • Sudden changes in temperature;
  • Emotional stress.
Furthermore, this involuntary muscle contraction can also be associated with problems of the digestive system. Stuck in the esophagus, food may provoke a violation of the swallowing reflex and cause nerve spasms in the stomach.Then the occurrence of hiccups can be blamed on the nerve, which transmits the stimulating pulse to the muscles of the diaphragm and causes a person to go through something like a nervous TIC.If this phenomenon is a rare guest in your body, for concern reasons. After all, there are many ways how to quickly get rid of hiccups home. However, the frequent occurrence of such condition can be a symptom of severe disorders.So if hiccup visits you quite often, does not pass within 48 hours or does is permanent, worth checking out:
  • Kidney disease;
  • The disruption of the spinal cord;
  • Heart attack;
  • Mental disorder.
Very often, the Icahn has a psychological background and may reflexively occur if a person is something much afraid or under stress.Still a clear answer about the causes of hiccups, doctors still can not give, so there is no universal cure for this uncomfortable phenomenon. But still some proven ways to solve problems.10 tipsFortunately ways to get rid of hiccups, there is plenty. Therefore, if one does not work, you can loop through them and some will definitely succeed.List some of the main methods how to quickly get rid of hiccups:
  • One of the most simple and accessible methods would be the possibility of apnea. You need to inhale more air and try not to breathe for a minute;
  • Also gives good results with the method of switching attention, which gives you the opportunity to turn away from a problem and helps if hiccups is psychological;
  • You can try and reflexive method, which consists in provoking the gag reflex, which allows you to remove the diaphragmatic spasm;
  • Drink water and more! Only small SIPS! This should be done in an inclined state and a forward neck. This procedure helps to remove food particles from the surface of the pharynx and thereby stop the impact on the local nerve;
  • You can try to eat something with a strong bitter or sour taste. Sharp taste qualities can help stop digestive spasms. For example, you can use 1 tablespoon of vinegar, diluted in water;
  • Brew chamomile tea, let it steep for half an hour and drink as much as you want. Useful substances contained in chamomile, act as a muscle relaxant and could help reduce contractions of the diaphragm, causing hiccups;
  • You can also try to fill in the Central part of the tongue, a small amount of sugar and swallow it. For reviews and helps the mixture of sugar and beer;
  • The Council, which under force to carry people with good physical preparation. You need to stand up, to head down below the level of the diaphragm. You can try the lightweight version is to lie on the bed, his head below the level of the body.
Original and justFind the answer to the question, how to get rid of long hiccups help and alternative methods. Among the unusual techniques colorful stands by betting money, which is becoming the preferred method of doctors. The way to get rid of the obscure science, but it works perfectly. For this you need to put the poor guy before hiccuping a few large bills, and to conclude with him on something bet. Usually within a minute of uncomfortable phenomenon stops. If you are at home, then you can try doing push UPS or abdominals. Or you can try a favorite way of family physician of President Kennedy.To do this, simply pull the tongue, opening your mouth wide during the next bout of hiccups, and stay in this state for 10 seconds. They say that the American President always helped! You can get the experience and the rather exotic exercise, drinking cold water quick SIPS, pre-his hands clasped behind his back to the castle and trying to take them apart. Just for this you need an assistant who will keep a glass of water.Among the unconventional methods includes conventional tickling. As a rule, it causes laughter and this way allows you to hold your breath. After the breath comes back to normal and it's getting rid of the pesky condition. Helps some and as sudden fright. Just to scare hiccuping need carefully so that hiccup doesn't turn into stuttering.If all else fails and hiccup continues to annoy you, then you should consult with your doctor and do an ultrasound of the esophagus to determine the cause and receive appropriate treatment.Hiccups in babiesHiccups in newborns has nothing to do with breathing, and occurs in most cases due to sudden contractions of the diaphragm that the tiny man up to 3 months very sensitive.Although this phenomenon in babies is quite normal and occurs quite frequently, many parents are concerned about how to get rid of a hiccups in newborns. Because there are times when hiccups interfere with the child awake and causing a state of fear or anxiety.You can try to give the baby a warm water bottle or put the baby to the breast.Also you should carefully observe the presence of the baby burp and make sure that she will certainly appear.Feed baby in an upright position and put him to bed immediately after a meal.Note the hole size in the nipple of a baby, so how much big or small the hole may contribute to involuntary swallowing of air and cause hiccups.If you're desperate, try to use the people's tongue Twister (repeated in one breath and as quickly as possible): "Hiccup, hiccup, go to Fedot with Fedot at Jacob with Jacob at all!". After all, you never know, maybe it will help! Let life's problems and troubles you bypass the party! Be healthy, and not ikite!



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