5 interesting stories about the extreme manifestations of small troubles

The devil is in melochahMy constantly faced with small, but the unfortunate incident, which was soon forgotten and cease to pay attention to them. Cork on the way home from work - as always; We received a discharge current, opening the fridge - a trifle; Cat began loudly yelling when sound favorite song - locked in the closet; attacked hiccups - will soon pass, and so on. Such trifles are not capable of seriously and permanently spoil the mood, but as practice shows, even the most harmless pranks of fate, like the above can take monstrous forms to which not everyone could be treated calmly.

1. The worst traffic jams in Moscow can only be kitayskie

Anyone who has ever got in a little bit serious traffic jam knows how exhausting it. Endless waiting in the stream of cars signalyaschih awakens motorists most heinous features - irritability, vindictiveness and aggressiveness, drivers and passengers are starting to accuse each other of all mortal sins, and the longer the congestion, the more there is a quarrel.

Next time, when you get in traffic, think of the road incident in China, maybe it will teach you to be more tolerant of neighbors on the traffic.

In August of 2010, one of the Chinese officials visited the "bright" idea to start a repair work on a section of the busy highway Beijing - Zhangjiakou, "to solve traffic problems in the region." This party bosses did not realize that if you cut off part of the congested highway lanes, it will become even more congested - who would have thought ?! Good intentions have led exactly where they usually lead - laudable initiative turned into a nightmare stopper at the entrance to Beijing, a length of 100 km and an average vehicle speed of about 1 km per day.

Imagine - a hot summer, thousands of cars, standing so tightly between them can hardly squeeze people and frightening unknown how long it can last. People had for days on end to play cards, frantically search for the vacated space to squeeze a little bit forward and sort things out with the same victims of circumstances as they are. Surprisingly, none of the quarrel between drivers fight is not over - apparently people are so tired that all conflicts die down, has barely begun. In the cluster of cars, even several times attacked by a gang of malefactors, which plugs prisoners must have been even more pleased - a no, but fun. Compassionate and sympathetic locals selling food and drinks to motorists, of course, at times at inflated prices.

A traffic jam lasted about 12 days and the efforts of the traffic police managed to eliminate it gradually - this incident is known as the biggest traffic jam in the history.

2. 68 years of hiccups

Without exception, all are aware of this unpleasant phenomenon as a hiccup. When a number is constantly heard the characteristic staccato sounds, this in itself is annoying, but if you are a source of, global attention you provided. One way to get rid of hiccups considered sudden fright, so someone probably tried to throw at you with heart-rending cries and terrible grimace skewed.

As a rule, most people hiccup maximum of half an hour, maybe an hour, but there are exceptions - so Charles Osborne, a farmer in the US state of Iowa hiccupped for 68 years.

Perhaps Osborne can be considered thus unknown "Fedot" from the well-known proverb, which must pass the hiccups - hiccups man began back in 1922 when he was 30 years old and no longer only in his old age, in 1990. Charles hiccupped 20 times a minute, so that on the whole he hiccupped about 430 million times. During this time, mankind has managed to survive the Second World War, to deal with the Cuban missile crisis, to fly into space, invent computers, cell phones and the Internet, to commit the sexual revolution and come up with a rock 'n' roll, and all Osborne hiccupped.

According to the man, it happened when he cut a pig, intending to procure meat for future use. Farmer slipped and fell, hitting his head, and then began a hiccup. After several hours of fruitless attempts to get rid of the annoying physiological phenomenon Osborne went to the doctor and after examination he said that the man was "lucky" in the fall of the damage was beset millions of brain blood vessels, which is connected to the neurons responsible for hiccups.

Charles gradually got used to the constant hiccups and learned to breathe steadily and rhythmically, not to publish loud sounds during spasms. Farmer working, spending time with friends, married and has got children - in a word, he lived a full life, except for the fact that for the first time, friends tried to frighten him to get rid of hiccups, and one of my friends even somehow fired over the head farmer with a rifle, but these "folk remedies" did not yield results.

Hiccups with which Charles lived most of his life, ceased in 1990, when he was 96 years old after a while Osborne died of stomach ulcers in a hospital in the city of Sioux City.

3. Deafening koshka

Pets, of course, inferior to man in intelligence, but many of them are downright magical ability to raise the cry and entertain themselves rollover various items precisely when you make an important phone call, or spend a quiet romantic evening tete-a-tete with the tablet or laptop - in other words, at the wrong time. Usually quite strict suggestion to pet he paused and ceased to organize the space according to their whims, and in extreme cases can be briefly shut pet in another room.

However, these methods do not work with living in one of the British families cat Smokey - to enjoy the peace, when Smokey playful mood, you must have a basement, covered with soundproof material, and each time to take back the cat a few kilometers from the house. Just watch the video and understand everything, thus it is better not to set the volume of your computer or gadget to maximum, if you do not want to lose their hearing.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Smokey - the loudest cat in the world. As a rule, ordinary cats purr with volume not exceeding 25 decibels, the British cats that sound reaches 80 decibels, and when Smokey "voice", the house shakes purring, its volume similar to the roar of a jet plane - more than 90 decibels. < br />

According to Mark and Ruth Adams, hosts an unusual cat, there would be fewer problems if Smokey was less "talkative", but her thunderous purr is heard almost constantly, especially if someone is talking on the phone. People on the other end did not believe my ears when Ruth and Mark told that the sound comes from their pets, rather than from passing outside the windows of tanks or a raging storm in the area. Smokey also loves to purr when spouses watching a movie, so even highlights films spouses associated with the voice of a cat.

You may ask why Mark and Ruth still has not gotten rid of the noisy pet? It's simple - the cat loves their daughter, in addition, they flatter the attention of journalists, often coming to Adams to make a report about Smokey.

4. driving test in South Afrike

Passing the exam for a driver's license - rather nervous procedure, knows this all motorists. When he is sitting next to a strict driving instructor, so many worry that allow blunders, leaving the exam have to retake. If you have to go through it, try to calm down - after all, even a fragile girl and inexperienced youngsters manage to pass the driving, so why to you it should be a problem? Another thing, if you need to get right, for example, in South Africa - it's more like a nightmare motorist.

The exam, called K53 is so complex that in 2007 he even became an occasion for mass protests and riots. Of course, in the social policy of the authorities of the country, there are other, more serious problems, but agree that if the driving test may be the last straw for disgruntled situation in the country, so it's really something wrong.

Here are just some of the features of methods of assessment at the time K53: at the time of stopping the car pulled the hand brake too sharply, with clicks - a mistake, it should be done quietly and smoothly; Every seven seconds, do not look in the mirror - a mistake; We look at the gearshift lever to change gear - a mistake; I forgot to check reliably whether fixed front and rear lighting, before moving off - a mistake; not checked for leaks underbody - a mistake, and so on.

Even if you managed to pass the exam and get the cherished South African law, after the first trip, you are unlikely to have a desire to get behind the wheel again - on the roads of this wonderful country reigns chaos. Because of absurdly difficult exam, many prefer to ride without any rights, and motorists obey the traffic rules, most local drivers look like idiots. In South Africa, road accidents occur 5 times more often than in the United States and 20 times more often than in the UK.

5. Synthetic wool + = 30,000 volt

As is known, each person can be a carrier of electric charge - surely you had cases when touching a doorknob or other metallic objects, you have received mild electric shock.

It's not too pleasant a thing as a rule, is not a threat - voltage electrostatic discharge can reach tens of thousands of volts, but the current is extremely low, so people often do not feel that their electric shock.

However, do not apply to static electricity too lightly - in some cases it can be a source of serious danger both for the individual and for others.

In 2005, the year in the Australian city of Warrnambool, west of Melbourne, there was a curious case, which almost became a cause of the fire. 58-year-old Australian named Frank Kluer, going to an interview to the employer, wearing a woolen shirt and a jacket made of synthetic fabric. The man walked into the waiting room and sat down on the couch, and after a while present in the room noticed that the carpet on the floor for no apparent reason began to smoke. Of course, the office staff called the fire calculation, since no one, including himself, Frank, could not understand the cause of the fire. Firefighters evacuated the people from the building, de-energize it and started an investigation. One of them was found melted plastic on the spot where a man was sitting and asked to give Kluera jacket for examination. Having studied the garment experts were horrified - the jacket was charged with electricity with a voltage of about 30 thousand volts, and if it exceeds the critical level, to which was not much, the Australian risk samovozgoretsya. A man was lucky that he lives in our progressive and humane time - in the Middle Ages for such tricks he would be burned alive at the stake on suspicion of witchcraft.

A member of the University of Sydney, analyzed the incident, said that in principle, such a charge may occur in the friction of synthetic fur, but it requires almost perfect conditions, which are quite rare.

Whatever it was, if you put a dress that combines wool and synthetic fabric, is from time to time to check whether the lights are not under your carpet.

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