30 books that are worth reading up to 30 years

There are works that are very time came to hand and help in some situations. Especially in this case, we have prepared a selection of books that are worth reading before you are under 30.

Each of them - a whole treasure that will enrich your spiritual world and make you better.

"Scarlet Sails" Alexander Green Beautiful, romantic, all familiar from childhood fairy tale about Assol Gray and unwavering faith in the dream of a simple and clear moral: any miracle can happen if you committed it himself. For yourself or for someone you love.

"A Clockwork Orange»
Anthony Burgess One of the most popular novels, the main theme of which is maturing. This filigree satire on society as a whole and on each of us individually. And most importantly - no morals. "Know how to accept life as it is" - is the motto of this book.

"The April witchcraft»
Ray Bradbury This is a very simple and short story about unrequited love. On several pages of one of the most sincere and lyric writers of the XX century, lucidly explains all the young girls that unrequited love - this is the magic that can happen to a person.

"Lord of the Flies" by William Golding eerie story about Entertainment British schoolboys stranded on a desert island. Little boys are living contrary evolution, becoming civilized children of evil, wild little animals, cultivate fear and force, capable of murder. The story about freedom, which implies responsibility, and the fact that the youth and innocence are not synonyms.

"Life on loan" Erich Maria Remarque incredibly powerful work of the great masters, whose prose is never obsolete. It's a beautiful and touching story about loneliness and great love, death and the value of life.

"1984" by George Orwell Although the book was written in 1949, its meaning and the basic idea still relevant, even after 66 years. Of course, strong in art and in philosophical sense, the novel, which is not recommended to read vulnerable persons, pregnant women and people prone to suicide. The rest - must read!

"To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee book in which the story is on behalf of a child tells you about justice and the fight against prejudice. It also tells about the dangers of racism, problems of upbringing and education. In general, it is a treatise in which over time you will find more answers to their questions.

"For Whom the Bell Tolls»
Ernest Hemingway short but poignant reflection on death, ideology and the incredible brutality and absurdity of war.

"War and Peace" Leo Tolstoy We are forced to read a work still in school, literally from under the sticks. But to take up this great book you need a little more in adulthood. It is an indisputable masterpiece, who will talk about our history, drama and the people whose lives are intertwined in a fateful moment.

"Easy breathing", Ivan Bunin story about a schoolgirl Olya Meshcherskaya, femininity and the first affinity. "Light breath" - this is an important quality of girls, which makes men go crazy with love, and young ladies themselves often misspent treat their own lives.

"Hundred Years of Solitude»
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Welcome to a very special world created Senor Marquez! Welcome to the hospitable house Buendia family! Here welcome guests, but often indifferent to the closest. There are a lot of sex and lust, so little love. You will understand how important a loving family in a life of each person.

"Dharma Bums" Jack Kerouac returned from the war, the veterans did not find in the US mid-40's no truth, no dignity, and began to wander. Under the sounds of jazz in smoky clubs, the whistling of the wind through the cracks boxcars they discover the meaning of the universe and human life. Dedicated to all lovers of travel and wanderers.

"The French Lieutenant's" John Fowles Every day on the beach is a young woman in black and looking at the horizon. Once it sees a young man who must already be married, and everything goes awry. Marries it or give vent to feelings? You decide. Ingenious Fowles wrote two versions of the finals, to show that conscience - it is an individual choice.

"Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Graham wonderful children's book, which is quite remind adults about how important to see and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. This story is filled with adventure, magic and camaraderie.

"Art of War" by Sun Tzu, one of the oldest books on military strategy in the world. The wisdom of this product can be used in any area of ​​our lives. It will teach you how to argue and how to achieve what its all costs.

"Lord of the Rings" by John Tolkien This book can be read as a child, and can be, and being older - one way or another, scrolling through a few dozen pages, you completely forget that this is a fictional story. It is recommended that at least just for the development of imagination.

"David Copperfield»
Another Charles Dickens tale that teaches the reader of any age to how important discipline, emotion and morality to achieve its goals and success.

"Bel Ami" by Guy de Maupassant classic French novel with the "anti-hero" in the title role. A young journalist Georges Duroy is trying to "break" in Paris. He is inept, greedy, cowardly and ignorant. They are very beautiful. Horror stories about how smart and talented women become victims of their own blindness. Roman vaccination histories with Alfonso for a lifetime.

"Notes of a revolutionary»
Peter Kropotkin From the book you will learn about the life of the revolutionary and anarchist Peter Kropotkin in the Page Corps - a military school for the children of the Russian elite. The book is about how a person can defend himself against an alien who does not understand his surroundings. And about true friendship and mutual assistance.

"The Great Gatsby»
F. Scott Fitzgerald novel was included in the list of unrecognized at the time of the appearance of masterpieces. It is a cautionary tale about the vicissitudes and temptations that arise in the way of the American dream, and that some good and true friends are more important than their large number, and the desire to have a much sweeter than mere possession.

"Catcher in the Rye»
J. D. Salinger book on how to live a teenager is not easy. And no matter what time. Bunt, perfectionism, loneliness and fear of misunderstanding - it passes through each person, which is why the product was close and understandable to millions of readers around the world.

"Crime and Punishment»
Fyodor Dostoevsky undoubted masterpiece is not only Russian, but also world literature. No one really Dostoevsky has not described the condition of the human soul, did not disclose its deep meaning. Read and reread.

"The Emperor" Niccolo Machiavelli impressive description of the different management situations, the device power and statehood. From the political and corporate power struggle to achieve common progress desire to manipulate and control others for personal gain and interests.

Henry David Thoreau Thoreau spent 2 years, 2 months and 2 days on the outskirts of Concord (Massachusetts) in his own hut built on the banks of Walden Pond, to write this book. This is a story about what it means to be truly free from the pressures of society and stereotypes.

"The State" Plato imperishable work of a great sage will give the reader a fundamental knowledge of political theory about how life should be lived, as leaders should govern and slave - to obey.

"Lolita," Vladimir Nabokov perception of the story depends on the reader's broadmindedness. Someone sees a sick pervert here and erotic overtones, and someone - the depth of thought, style and beauty of the endless facets of contradiction between a sense of life and love.

"The Master and Margarita»
Mikhail Bulgakov Bulgakov's masterpiece, published only after his death - is a multifaceted novel about the clash of good and evil, who with his head into the reader into a world of passion and the essence of human nature.

"Metamorphosis" Kafka Franz Kafka - writer difficult, gloomy. A young girl to love his books easy. But we must try. The short story "The Metamorphosis" - absurd pamphlet on the subject of human loneliness. Leaving aside the modernist author pranks and focus on the fact, you know what it's all about life, about the illusory nature of love, about the ugliness and the loneliness of each.

"The Little Prince»
Antoine de Saint-Exupery Growing up, people start to think that they have lost something valuable and important. And, in order to find it, we need to read and re-read books such as "The Little Prince", to be able to understand the meaning inherent in them, and then try to implement it.

"Trap for Cinderella»
Sebastian Light Zhaprizo wonderful young French detective on the devil who love white dresses and open vehicles. One of the most magnificent works of astonishing maiden harm and meanness, written with infinite delight.

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Of course, this is not all the books that should be read to 30 years. So much has been written interesting stories that are waiting in the wings! Therefore, share, please, in comments most worthy, in your opinion, the works.

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