10 sites, which is convenient to seek new music

If the old playlist become boring, and ideas for the new no no, it is necessary to rely on chance and the talent of programmers who are developing websites to search for music according to individual preferences.

Website has found several such sites and got a fresh playlist. Do not fade the music in your headphones.


If you give the site a chance to analyze the music you listen to on your player or computer, he will give you advice, listen to anyone else in the same spirit. There are a lot of buttons to configure search finer musical masterpieces. There are top 60 songs that are now listening to the majority of users. In general, do not leave without a catch. The only negative - the site does not work well on all platforms.


In fact, this service does not allow anything other than recommendations. You enter the name of your favorite artist or band name, and the site shows what music to listen to other people who, like you, like the same artist.


The site Inmood you choose from a list of your mood, and you will immediately offer a playlist of suitable songs. There are very long lists of, for example, to the positive, there is a small podborochka for sadness and melancholy. Were treated very tasty.


This site also selects music by mood, but here you can not only choose from the list, and enter any word that comes to your mind and get ready menu.


Here you can choose your popular svezhatinki suddenly like that. Specifically - go to the section of the Hot 100 and run through the list.


Songs in Russian will not find here, but in foreign music site focused perfectly. In the search you can enter the name of the artist, and the service will give you a song from his album, and then offer someone else. Laykat liked the song should be, then gather a decent playlist and share it will be easier to navigate in your tastes to offer brand new.


On Yandex simply start listening to your favorite music and offers dusting themselves: and recommendations of users, and top with fresh compositions and recommendations by genre. Only have time to click on the play.


In Soundcloud involved in promoting musicians and performers, so you can dig up something nezaezzhennoy fresh. Explore placed on the page of the most trendy of the composition.


Usually playlists moody services are generated automatically, users collect them here, so some selections - true works of art. Just enter your keywords.


Tools as simple as two cents worth: on the start page you are offered to enter the names of the three groups or artists that you like. After that, you will be offered several new options. If you like an option, it is necessary layknut or dislayknut, then the service will know in which direction to move him.

Photo on preview: Irina Pazhaeva

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