10 amazing properties of music (10 photos)

It suggests that music affects our brains are much deeper than any other human experience. This collection is dedicated to a wonderful property that has music.

1. It helps premature babies

Babies born too early, it takes a long stay in the hospital for them to gain the necessary weight and become stronger. To expedite this process, many hospitals have resorted to the effects of music. A team of Canadian researchers has found that premature babies playing music, you can reduce their sensitivity to pain and improve eating habits, which in turn helps the newborn to gain weight. Hospitals use music, which simulates the sound of the maternal heartbeat and movements of the uterus, to lull babies born prematurely.

2. Bring plant drooping

If music helps children grow, whether it can do the same with plants? In 1973, researchers conducted a study to find out how music affects the plant. They lost one group of plants to rock music, and the other - easy calm melody. By the end of the study, the plants that are exposed to light music, had uniform size, green and blooming, and even bowed to the power of music. Plants that fueled rock music grew high, but were drooping, their faded leaves, and they seemed to have turned away from the radio.

3. Restores after brain injury

Many people who have experienced a brain injury may face long-term difficulties associated with speech and movement. As treatment, some experts use music to stimulate areas of the brain that are responsible for these two functions. When people with neurological disorders caused by stroke or Parkinson's disease, hear the rhythm of the music, it helps them to restore a balanced pace and a sense of balance. Beats rhythm in music are a clue to the brain.

4. Prevents hearing loss


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