What kind of movies we remember his music

Music should make a film memorable, give it spice, mentality, that is, to allocate in the film the most important moments, impressions which remain with you for a long time.

Music in the film plays the most important role. It creates an emotionally-semantic space, involving us in the process of watching films. Music leaves a huge trail of emotional perception, when we finish watching a particular movie. With the right music, the song and artist you can force the viewer to immerse your head in what is happening on the screen.

Of course, many people in the world, so many opinions, but a part of them can not agree. Music Some films penetrate into the heart and leave only the most pleasant experience. Lorenzo Peroni (Lorenzo Peroni) made its own list, Sergio Leone film "Once Upon a Time in the West" in the first place is set with a stunning music by Ennio Morricone, where the picture on the screen with amazing accuracy compared with musical motifs.

"During the three-hour westerns we begin to notice that each character has their own theme music, and this only fuels interest", - says Lorenzo

. Martin Fox (Martin Fox) adds that from westerns to Ennio Morricone compositions also should mention the movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly."

Yet it is worth noting the picture "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino, which became so popular thanks largely to the soundtrack. Tarantino chose rare styles of the 60s and 70s - rock 'n' roll, surf, soul and funk - and brought the music at the forefront, giving her time to express themselves and to influence viewers

. In general, many of Tarantino's films are characterized by their music. Aaron Johnson (Aaron Johnson) decided to highlight the crime drama "Jackie Brown," in which "well-used old school R'n'B-music».

Lorenzo, in turn, said the film Luc Besson's "The Big Blue". For the European version of the film was made by the composer often work with Besson Eric Serra. "The ending of the soundtrack and the American version I did not like - shares his thoughts Peroni. - However, if you look at it first, perhaps, will be considered in a different way »

As for Martin Fox, he put it on the first film by Stanley Kubrick's "Space Odyssey 2001". He says that the "Odyssey," the most striking soundtrack, which he had ever heard. "The music is chosen in such a way that sounds both familiar and unusual, - Martin exclaims. - I can not imagine the film without music, Strauss and Khachaturian
Ligeti »

. Aaron Johnson also addressed the space theme and identified the movie "Star Wars. Episode I: The Phantom Menace. " This film, due to which he fell in love with classical music: "Maybe it would be a surprise, but the first episode - my favorite movie. I'm not at all ashamed of it!

Music of John Williams there a little, but every time I run shivers when I hear «Duel of the Fates» during a battle with the Jedi Darth Maul. The same thing happens during a battle with Anakin, Obi-Wan
. »

In fact, in the films about space always amazing music that allows you to experience the depth and vastness of the infinite space. It is impossible not to note the stunning Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and his work from the film "Interstellar". Exciting stuff!

By the way, born this track is very interesting way. Christopher, the film's director, went to Hans, and asked: "Hans, if I write you a few suggestions on a piece and do not say anything, you agree to work for me one day?»

Zimmer has given an affirmative answer. On that piece of paper was a little story about my father leaving her child to perform an important task. There was a dialogue, consisting of only two replicas: "I'll be back. - When? »

Even Nolan quoted that Zimmer once said during a dinner with him and his wife in a London restaurant. "Then we talked about the children - says Hans. - I said that when you have children, you can no longer look at yourself with your own eyes, you always look at yourself through the eyes of your child »

. Composer, as promised, has written the theme song, which showed Christopher. He was delighted. Only after that the director has decided to reveal the plot of the film, describing the huge epic story about space, science and the fate of all mankind. "I told him," Chris, wait a second, I wrote a very personal tone, "to which he replied:" Everything that is connected with this film, very private ", - says Zimmer.

In general, Hans Zimmer - outstanding people and has repeatedly worked with Christopher Nolan: That only is the song «Time» to the film "Home» ...

... And «The Dark Knight» to «The Dark Knight."

He also wrote the music for the film "Pirates of the Caribbean" and the animated film "The Lion King».

Speaking of fantasy worlds. It seems that everybody knows «Hedwig's Theme» John Williams from the Harry Potter films. This tune is an integral part of the epic and the original card series.

Music theme as it reveals the idea of ​​magic and wizards the world opens for spectators. It is an important part of the success stories because underwent some changes, such as Patrick Doyle, who wrote the music for "Goblet of Fire" made the tune a more somber and dark, trying to exclude from it "childishness".

Another popular fantasy world is a universe of "The Lord of the Rings." Music of all these films Howard Shore wrote. He won an Oscar for his work on the soundtrack for the film "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King."

The most popular musical themes of the trilogy became «Shire», «The Fellowship» and «Rohan». Each of them is repeated in films numerous times in various orchestrations, conveying different moods.

"The scale of the history is amazing, because the music is quite complex, - says Shore. - Music is a part of the story - it shows the relationship between the characters and cultures. " Typically, the film composer to write 50-60 minutes of music - for the third part of the trilogy, Howard composed the soundtrack length of 3, 5:00 (total time of all tracks of the trilogy is about 11-12 hours)

. Adzhim Bhagwan (Ajim Bagwan) also decided to join the discussion of this issue and has made a list of films with great music and original compositions. There was a film of Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris." Woody is known that takes excellent movies with the ideal soundtrack to them. Directed nourishes certain weakness for jazz, so French jazz has been added to the motion picture.

film "Oldboy" was still in its list. This unique film with the original soundtrack, fueling an atmosphere of anxiety and worry and adds depth to the main stage.

The playlist Adzhima were also soundtracks for the films "Easy Rider", "The Godfather," "Trainspotting," "Into the Wild," "Pulp Fiction," "Good Morning, Vietnam," "Friday." Even more of them can be found in the blog of Aaron Ellis (Aaron Ellis).

The tradition of using music in the films appeared since the days of silent movies, when the broadcast was accompanied by a pianist in the room. Then came the movies with sound, and music became commonplace.

Today melody behind the scenes woven into our experience, feeds our emotions, so the composers give 100%, so that we, the audience, ran crawl or tears flowed down her cheeks.

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