Russian State Library

Within the walls of the Russian State Library is a unique collection of domestic and foreign documents in 367 languages. There is a special collection of maps, music, sound recordings, rare books, theses, newspapers and other publications. The library provides the right to use their reading rooms all citizens of Russia and other countries, under 18 years of age. Every day here is recorded about 200 new readers. The RSL comes almost every day 4000 people, and the virtual reading rooms located in 80 cities in Russia and abroad every day serve more than 8000 visitors.

First you need to come to the metro station "Library. Lenin. " It still can not be renamed. Previously, RSL (Russian State Library), also called "The Library. Lenin. " To get to the library need to have a library card, making it the second entrance. With a hand in a passport, a student (if a student), and $ 100 on the photo. Fill in the form, click the button "e-line". Get out ticket. Take it in your hands - it's yours. The scoreboard of special small rooms lit tsiferki. Wait and go their. There is a specially trained woman will you form and cellphone. It is necessary to immediately determine the reading room, where you will be issued a book. It is not clear how to do it without seeing the rooms. After 5 minutes, will be ready a plastic card. To receive a library card is required no more than 10 minutes.

Entrance. RSL is guarded by special police regiment. Turnstiles - is one of the latest innovations in the library, which, however, was ambiguously perceived by readers. Access is by the barcode reader on the ticket. Pass books, cameras and big bags can not, they need to do in the storage chamber.

If you already have a list of literature - that is, you know exactly what books you need, feel free to step into the hall of the card catalog.

Funds Lenin Library there are more than 43 million. Units. There are special collection of maps, music, sound recordings, rare books, theses, newspapers and other publications.

In the hall are always consultants to help navigate the vast array of information.

Once you have found in the catalog the desired book, you need to contact your adviser sheet requirements.

And rewrite it all the information about the book.

For advanced readers mounted rack with the electronic catalog of the RSL. I honestly tried to take something from Pushkin ...

Maybe I'm too worried, as was a book about the potatoes. By the way, as is currently the process of transferring paper catalog in the electronic form is not yet complete, it has not all the books, so many are looking for old-fashioned in the files.

Next, refer a request to reception desk requirements.

Every 15 minutes per sheet requirements of the operator comes pneumatic mail.

The operator is hidden from prying eyes here at this cabinet.

And here is the point of pneumatic mail. The system was installed in the library back in the 70s.

Leaf rolled, placed in the "patron" and sent to the storage tier, where there is a book that you ordered. That's what the codes on the cards.

Incidentally, the cartridge does not always put the sheet requirements. Use it to send cigarettes, a pen or a love note. Before the new year to send employees like candy.

Here is the scheme of receiving and departure stations.

Channels pneumatic descend into the basement of the library. Incidentally, this secret passage to the Kremlin, but it was asked not to write.

This pneumatic technician. Sometimes careless employees are trying to convey prohibited items (such as pens), the cartridge can be opened and then to find and remove the handle has to allow the pipe. Often with just bullets fly off the cover to get them too problematic.

In the early '90s we set this miracle machine. They say she can beat Kasparov at chess, but now it just manages the entire network in pneumatic RSL.

So long as your request is processed, and is approximately 2 hours, you can go to have fun.

For example, you can read periodicals - RSL has all the magazines that are sold in kiosks print - for the current month as well. This can be done in the reading room of periodicals.

Every minute, the library door opened five visitors.

According to the "Law on Compulsory Copy of Documents The Russian State Library is a place of legal deposit in Russia, leaving the entire print production.

Even in the RSL has an excellent dining room. Some come here only for the sake of a cup of tea in a warm comfortable atmosphere. The tea costs 13 rubles, but the hot water is free, these are some of the "readers." By the way, the smell in the dining room does not allow it to be too long.

While you are drinking tea and absorb the flavors of home cooking your request is processed in the stacks.

The total length of the bookshelves RSL is about 275 kilometers.

The ceilings are very low, once had a case where a worker suffered a concussion, she was taken to the hospital.

The RSL there is a bike that keeping the ghost inhabits Nicholas Rubakin. At night, when floors are locked and sealed wax seals, night attendants hear someone go, clearly audible steps, open and close the door. Perhaps the fact that in his will Rubakin pointed out that all his personal collection (which is 75 000 books), he bequeaths Lenin Library. After his death, so they did. Only together with books brought the urn with his ashes, and while it was kept here. Well, what personal collection - it is part of the soul, pencil marks in the margins, folded pages and many many thoughts. Rubakin buried in Moscow, but his ghost continued to wander through the floors ... maybe leafing through the pages, rearranging books ...

Rubakin - creator Bibliopsihologija - the science of perception of the text. Author of the book "The Psychology of the reader and the book." He develops ideas Emile Ennekena, author of "Estopsihologii." His ideas are widely used in psycholinguistics ...

"Notes" workers receive storage, take your book and sent by conveyor to the reading room. Conveyor RSL two: vertical Sukhanov constructed in the 70s.

Large chain conveyor, put into operation in 1953.

"It Metrostroy, then the same gear as the escalators in the subway." However, the mechanism is high time to replace the much more modern equivalent. But, as explained by Director General of RSL, for the introduction of a new technical system of the conveyor must be stopped, and it threatens that the activities of the entire library will actually be paralyzed. Only with the introduction into service of the new building will replace the conveyor is possible.

There is a small version of the chain conveyor. To store the copies used 41315500 premises area equal 9 football fields, and for each library employee has to 29830 copies of storage.

In 1987, a special fund of the department store had about 27,000 domestic books, foreign books 250000, 572000 numbers of foreign journals, about 8,500 annual sets gazet.Eti foreign books and magazines could not get a simple reader.

Books from the store waiting for the readers.

Home can not take the book. To read the RSL has 37 reading rooms on 2238 seats are computerized - 437.

Reading room №3 - the largest is the original card of the RSL, it is possible to come with her laptop on the side stelazh are dictionaries, such as Greek, Russian.

With a book, you can make a copy, it is worth 6 rubles per page, but you can not take pictures. The reason for the ban on photography I really nobody has explained, there was something strange about the copyright, then about what books deteriorate. It seems to me that the copier spoils the book more than the camera, and if you allow people to take pictures of such illustrations, they will be less cut and pull out the page.

Indicators of the day:
 - Entry of new members (including new members of virtual reading rooms DDL) - 330 people.
 - Attendance at the reading rooms - 4, 2 thousand. Pers.
 - Number of visits to web sites of the RSL - 8, 2 thous.,
 - Issuance of documents from the Russian State Library - 35, 3 thousand. Copies.
 - The supply of new documents - 1, 8 thousand. Copies.

 - Entry of new members (including new members of virtual reading rooms DDL) - 330 people.
 - Attendance at the reading rooms - 4, 2 thousand. Pers.
 - Number of visits to web sites of the RSL - 8, 2 thous.,
 - Issuance of documents from the Russian State Library - 35, 3 thousand. Copies.
 - The supply of new documents - 1, 8 thousand. Copies. & Quot; title = «Indicators of the day:
 - Entry of new members (including new members of virtual reading rooms DDL) - 330 people.
 - Attendance at the reading rooms - 4, 2 thousand. Pers.
 - Number of visits to web sites of the RSL - 8, 2 thous.,
 - Issuance of documents from the Russian State Library - 35, 3 thousand. Copies.
 - The supply of new documents - 1, 8 thousand. Copies. »& Gt;

At the beginning of 2010 worked in the RSL 2140 people, among them librarians - 1228 people.

Women make up about 83% of the total number of employees of the RSL. The average age of employees of the Library - 48, 6 years. Average wages - 13,824 rubles.

Reading room electronic library.

You can use the remote resources and databases connected to the RSL - for example, the library of Cambridge, and database publishing house «Springer» - electronic library of foreign scientific and business journals, databases EAST-VIEW. The subject of the search - books on social sciences and humanities. There is also access to the Digital Library of the Russian State Library and Archives theses.

Reading room Internet access and electronic documents. Here, for 32 rubles per hour, you can sit on the Internet. Yet here I took some nasty photo exhibition. Undetermined photos hanging from the ceiling, they can not be considered closed from plastic sheets.

Hall of official documents, here you can read old newspapers, law books and all kinds of codes. Young people interested in an extensive collection of UN documents (since 1946) and a collection of acts, regulations, decisions of the International Court of Human Rights. It also presents a guest on "any occasion" - there are even "ax-ax." For anyone wishing to study hall DPS organized free legal advice.

On the content of the library is wasted half a billion rubles a year.

Old sports magazine, cut out a lot of illyustratsiy.Esli we take, for example, the magazine "Spark" in 58 years, we will see the face of black in ink Beria. It is the work of the censors of the 1st Division. But apart from the political existed "People censorship" - readers blyuli morality. And RSL one of the few libraries times "iron curtain" which received all the numbers of foreign magazines. There is nothing, of course, there was no such, but diligent citizens elongated skirts and even glued pages that nobody has seen examples of bourgeois life. Another distinctive feature of the readers of those years - they cut out ads from magazines.

Hall of rare books - this is where you can touch the most ancient copies of the RSL. "After reviewing the Fund (and the museum exhibited only a small part of it - 300 books), turning the pages of unique book monuments, the reader can only RSL having a good reason. The fund collected more than 100 publications - absolute rarities, about 30 books - the world's only copies. Here are some examples of the exhibits, which can work in the reading room: "Don Quixote" Servantasa (1616-1617), "Candide or Optimism" Voltaire (1759), "Moabit Notebook" (1969), Tatar poet Musa Dzhalidya, he wrote in a Nazi prison Maobit "Arkhangelsk Gospel" (1092). Here are the first copies of the works of Shakespeare and Pushkin, the book publishers Gutenberg Fedorov, Badon, Maurice. From the standpoint of the history of Russian book will be of interest - Novikov, Suvorin, Marx, Sytin. Widely represented Cyrillic books. »

In some of the books are made microfilm. And if for the presence of the original source is not of paramount importance (whether paper, ink, etc., and valuable content), in the reading room will be given exactly the microfilm. On the original is not out of the question.

As it turned out, many readers of the book are stealing, and quite often. Particularly ingenious cut valuable book from cover, and to put in another close by volume. Often, simply pull the page or cut illustration. Although set thief or vandal just bring him to justice is almost impossible to do this at least 2 witnesses who have seen the book spoil.

The books sometimes forget cards, documents. Once in 80 years found a forgotten gold piece.

Pink corridor & quot; - One of the exhibition grounds of the RSL.

The remains of the old telephone machine.

Conference Room of the RSL - is the fate of the library - weekly passes Directorate, determined the course of development decisions.

RSL Thu library in the world by size of funds in the first place the British Library - 150 million units of storage against our 42.

Some of the reading rooms offer stunning views of the Kremlin.

On the top floors open stacks too good views, unfortunately, while I was there, the weather turned bad.

The families of the library work, such Seryozhin Olga, has been working for 41 years, her mother worked here for 40 years.

Natalia left her daughter working here for 7 years)

And this policeman, he was extremely indignant that I had photographed, threatened to tear his head. He urgently needed to give direction to the hall official and regulatory documents that laws honored. And then all the free time he spends on the chatter on the phone with his wife.

Soon there will be a separate story about how to scan, restore and repair books.

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