15 most beautiful libraries in the world. My dream is to go to each of them!

Library - a stronghold of knowledge repository of wisdom and centuries of human experience. Despite the fact that today almost all the available information can be found on the web, the library still remain relevant and always will be as long as there are people who prefer the electronic paper carrier.

The 15 libraries not only fulfill their direct function, namely providing access to knowledge, but also differ incredible atmosphere. The interiors of these libraries are striking in their elegance and beauty. If in my town had the library, I definitely would have spent a lot of time.

1. The Library of Congress - Washington, USA

Photo: Wikimedia

2. Royal Portuguese Reading Room - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo: Tumblr

3. Beinecke Library at Yale University - New Haven, CT

Photo: Wikipedia

4. Library of Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland

Photo: Blogspot

5. General Library of the University of Coimbra, Portugal

Photo: Tumblr

6. Library Syuzallo University of Washington in Seattle, WA

Photo: Imgarcade

7. The library in the Benedictine monastery Admont, Austria

Photo: Whispy

8. Library of Rare Books Thomas Fischer at the University of Toronto, Canada

Photo: Media

9. The library in the royal residence of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain

Photo: Miragebookmark

10. Library of Parliament of the Netherlands - The Hague, Netherlands

Photo: Atlasobscura

11. Central Library - Los Angeles, California

Photo: Tumblr

12. Peabody Library at Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD

Photo: Thebaltimorechop

13. Library at the Catholic University of Leuven - Flanders, Belgium

Photo: Flickr

14. Vatican Library - Vatican City

Photo: Wayofthestoryteller

15. Central City Library - Vancouver, Canada

Photo: Tumblr

From the interiors and facades of these incredible libraries from around the world breathless. Beauty and luxury, they are not inferior to the most famous churches, museums and galleries. I enjoyed the selection? Share it with your friends!

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