Sonia Centurion: "I do not dream, do not understand the mechanism"

Anatoly Golubovskiy

Sonya Sotnyk. Absolutely stunning man, the woman enchanting and extremely comfortable companion. As with their professional characteristics, it categorically do not agree, they keep silent. But, you know

-You always say what I think?

-You have to filter)

- ?

-No, social networks, political battles, debates...

-You tongue grab?

-No, never, thank God. More precisely, in the air a couple of times — the classic "word — not a Sparrow" a couple of times flew...

Is it something philosophical or just a moment?

-Just a moment. In principle, we always talk in the air of what I think. But. Sometimes not everything I think I need to say. Though, because you listen to the children.

-?? What do you mean? RadioRoks quite adequate for listening to children that the word "ass", for example, to confuse difficult. And more "brutal" did not notice))

-There were two moments when I realized: it is not necessary now to speak, the children go to school. It was during the Maidan — then do was to work hard. February, is the tin, you lead morning show. Not to say this is impossible. To say — in the context of what? It is not clear. And we just took the show off the air.

-Quite logical and justified

Yes. Because any your wording can be interpreted in a very wide range. Children can turn to the parents and clarified. And parents do not want to explain

Well... Yes, perhaps. Many parents do not want to answer sensitive questions posed by children.

-Dormice, and what you were a girl — punk, nerd, somewhere in between.

-Mom always told me, "SPE-Chi. Her speee-Shi". Always somewhere flew, there were always things to do. Skinny, very active...

Is a Tomboy?

Is a Tomboy. Very freedom-loving. Dad told one of my guys, "If you cut off her wings, she will leave." And I about it did not know, he told me later. Parents it felt fine, didn't restrict me in anything, for which they thank you. But a couple of times in the corner stood...

Is what we had to do?

-Does not come in time

-There was some agreement?

Yes. And I broke it. How many can remember — loved walking. A tramp was terrible. Years, probably four. Maybe it was just because it was quieter, I easily let go...

-About then — I don't know... Rather, these things are more dependent on mutual agreement in the family and whether the person is "a walking disaster"

-May)) I loved to go visit. Went to all the neighbors, all know. I vykolupyvali of these apartments...

For neighbors it was OK?

I don't know)) I didn't care)) Just tumble in some apartment. If there was no one there — went on. All of them still remember and they very much gave me. I even remember on the floors. On the fourth floor lived harpist — teacher of the Lviv Conservatory, the third — can't remember the second Granny Luda absolutely amazing woman, teacher Polytechnic University. She taught me to read, she read me a lot, and we drank her tea from saucers and eating crackers. And on the ground, there lived a woman of Shem, it was a different class. She taught me how to play cards, we were watching TV, in General, the "grandma on the First Floor." Controlling and ucating. If the upper — all of these lofty and soaring, that was the harsh truth of life. Then we moved to another area and there was already another life, but still all the neighbors we knew, all went... Mom periodically cried out: "Stop beating on the huts"...

-From children's dreams. You voiced what you wanted to be a salesman in a bookstore. It was a dream-a dream or mulechka?

-I don't remember my childhood dreams and do not know how to dream. That's the problem. Four years ago I realized: I do not dream, do not understand the mechanism. This is how it happens? Probably need to get something to submit... I Have a "want". A dream is something ephemeral. I can't understand the guys need it. And when I want — and then go do it. Reach.

-Yeah. Dream is bridestone, perhaps, unattainable, and "want" are the specifics: want it — go to it.

-Although, maybe it's "I wish I had..." Eee... what's next??? I do not know. Ashamed to dream about the money...

-Why are you ashamed?

-In front of them uncomfortable. It is clear that I know where to spend it)) So, in addition to saleswoman bookstore from his childhood, perhaps, was not. Wanting to be an actress parents from cropped...

Why? Not serious?

-First of all because they were friends-actors and, unlike me, they knew perfectly well that this is unsweetened bread. And indeed it is not bread. This manna, which you cannot get)) In General, I like it, but then somehow so it turned out that the problem appeared without discussion

Well, if a particularly fierce the desire is not there then there is nothing to discuss. Not vislo — TA th God

Yes, it is. Mom really wanted to do librarianship.

Hey, that bread and the manna??

-Mother, seeing that I've read...

-A little...

Let's just say the whole family is a little reading and books were everywhere, especially here, know this: ran from school, a bowl of soup, whether attached book...

Yeah. And the worst punishment as a child...

-... Take the books...

... For a week, two...

-Well, so I was not punished. The house was a large library...

-As a child, some preferences were and everything?

-First everything. But. Again: there was a fine library of children's literature, and at first read it — these wonderful multi-colored volumes. Then, a library of adventure and fantasy. Then, separately, Stevenson, Conan Doyle. It lasted thirteen years before. Then, at fourteen, there was a fracture. Well, of course, plus classics that were given in the school curriculum.

Oh. School program — a thing ambiguous. And the fact that it was offered, is not always the "sign" age

-Well, Yes. From "War and Peace", to be honest, I read only the "World". Karenina was much more interesting))But it happened a great happiness. It was the end of the 80s opened the floodgates and poured a huge stream of literature. And we literally choked. Absolutely incredible impression was made by Feldman...

-"The Island Of Crimea"?

Yes. "Burns" then it was still impossible to find. Later, sometime in 93-m to year, there are many Ukrainian literature — the era of "rozstriliane dragonne", and in this beauty, as it turned out, was a complete ignoramus... And since then constantly appears a lot of provocative, interesting...

In General, the Foundation for the desire to be the seller of the mortgaged serious))

-Yes)) Only — fluent reading, and eating everything we ate — we had to read faster to give — not always played a positive role. You could not put the book down to calmly flip through it then once more. To return, to clarify, to look again, "and why is that?" Now still reading more consciously. Less time and more awareness

-So because of the greater awareness you want to go back and reread. Then you could much not to notice

-Of course, it is. By something could slip))

-What gave you the Institute of professional, ideological

One of the most important skills of the profession. Phone book. You must have a terrific phone book. In which to friends, colleagues, people who you can call and chat for any question. He studied from ' 93 to 2003...

-Liked it so much?))

Yeah)) I went with two courses, and it is two absolutely stunning courses that I have in a notebook. My colleagues, friends... Plus four years of dorms, but is a separate school of life. Can the universities not to end — more important in a Dorm for four years to live. And survive. This is a school. Moreover, to survive just at a time when there is nothing to eat... we had "warm" the transition from Dorm to academic building, and this was very important — they didn't have to buy winter shoes. Still the first Association with the Institute — I'm going in a beautiful black dress friend Lyali and in someone, don't remember whose, shoes, a date. Stories about how out clothed with the forest of pine — I don't know, I have lived. Although, I think, and now for many students this is true...
At the same time some excitement and immense happiness, because all the fun and lots of friends. And the constant misunderstanding — that will be tomorrow. So, it is necessary to look for a job...

-How in your life have any air?

-Probably, all these stories start the same way. It's kind of weird. You run down the hall, someone grabs the hand, and this all begins. I then lost my job, and Oksana shavel and Roma Fly, my wonderful friends, who worked in the Music Radio, said: "come, we'll think of something". Came. And they invented all sorts of work: I wore some papers, making coffee. Then started to write something for the DJs. DJs was very happy — finally they write! In General, the guys really gave me work to somehow justify the money I paid. Recorded some kind of infomercial, something. Later we had to do something... And then someone got sick and needed to go live. Almost classic story. I said very quickly and for a long time I wean from this

-That is, to the time of the first release speech you delivered was not?

-I don't know, maybe because of the natural data, but bother about voice training is not particularly necessary. Then, of course, but the main problem was just the speed of speech. "Her-Spey-Shia".

The jitters were?

-Of course. And now there is. And yet — a very important thing — morning ritual after waking up. If he fails, you know that it will be all day. So if I'm sleepy, first go in the shower and then drink tea, and not Vice versa, you know — everything. So live and happening. And we must persuade yourself, "okay, all finished, all gone"

-I just did opened my eyes on why I hate early rises — the same story)) But in the "when I want — then I woke up" or anything like this))

Yes. It's kind of magic))


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