Sergei Kuzin: "On the way to something new - no matter what - I always do a lot more things wrong than right"

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Sergei Kuzin. Before the advent of "Kamtugezy" with him and Sonia centurion I do not really listen to radio voices in principle. Well, they do not listen. Music - yes. And selectively.
And in this case I wanted to meet. And ask around.

Are you influenced by the fact that you did not grow Union, and in Germany?

Well, probably, somehow affected. Although, when a person says about himself, about what and how to influence it, it gives a certain schizophrenia. This is easier to evaluate others. I grew up such a grown ever wondered what affected me more or less. But I do know that if it does not grow in Germany, it would have grown in the first place, on the other music. It so happened that in the seven years I began to do the first catalog: her mother took a large ledger, wrote on it, "Rock" and it began to paste magazine clippings, mainly the West. My father often went to work for the Wall to West Berlin and brought out «Bravo» and other magazines. We were caught Western channels - ORD, CDF, and there was a great transfer Musikladen, where in the studio, playing live grandees of world rock music. To list all the names and rumbling does not make sense. I saw them in 7-8 years, when my peers in the Soviet Union had, in any case, the legal possibilities to do it. Listen - I do not know, but look - exactly. And I was crazy to 7 years - trying to translate the group names, texts, I was very interested in all this.
And another very important point - I learned how to read long before I went to school in five years, and when he came to the first class, could not only read, but also loved. The first two or three years, it was a problem - usually reading 2-3 books at once. I have taken them, I was covered with a blanket at night and read with a flashlight, my mother, of course, I swear that damage eyesight. So. In the GDR, the book can be very easy to buy - apparently supplied by spetsraznaryadkam. At 8 years old, I bought myself vosmitomnik Conan Doyle - set aside money to breakfast. I still remember - black and red cover such. And when he was on vacation with relatives - in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, I saw in the Soviet Union with books tight.
Probably up snob, in this sense, because when he came into the Union ...

-stop. In what appears snobbery?

-Not In relation to the surrounding world. I had no reason for this. Just Wednesday so ordered, I saw that my peers do not know monolingual groups are not able to wear normal clothes, even they do not gum. And for me it is not that there was no indication - I do not pay attention to it ... Perhaps not snobbery - that I incorrectly formulated. But the sort of internal feeling of superiority was great and then it stopped.

-The first catalog in seven years. Even then, there were some "what I want to do»?

-No. I had a childhood dream of becoming a great guitarist. Father brought a small portable Philips c front-loading cassette, I wrote to him every rokeshnik, and when the parents left, they took the mop, tyril mother's wig and portrayed. I grew up in the glam, and there's a lot of bright, brilliant. But you can not say that was a direct highway - I went to music school class Fono guitar his father refused to buy. In fourth grade, the first time, probably, has shown his own, to put it mildly, a versatile character and said he would not go to the fifth grade on the Fono, if I do not buy the guitar. We bought some cheap iron guitar, and I started to burn. There were two more of the same fifth graders, the songs we wrote ourselves. The band was called "Dynamite».

-And how it was transformed into radio?

-All Was different. Radio appeared when I was already at 30. No, I was listening to, of course, the radio voices - mostly the Voice of America and Radio Luxembourg. Somewhere in the 77-78 year came to Seva Novgorodtseva. He was the first person he heard that, I thought it could be a profession. Although he was not the first Russian voice RJ, speaking about good rock that I heard. But the first, which is not just listened and listened. He had his own opinion, which does not always coincide with my about these or other groups, I argue with him, but he certainly is the radio voices that influenced me in the sense that "if you have an opinion, say about it, even if you opposes great guru »

How did something not correspond the image of the boy so that he then moved to a military school

-Nothing Space. Father made. I did not have any insight into the life of the spirit, "I woke up and ...", "it hit me» ...

-))) In general, do not believe it?

-Do Not want anything to generalize, but for my '52 I did not encounter any magical situations, insights, and other insights. That's all - through a bunch of mistakes through the muzzle obgazon through 158 samples of wrong ...

-So most people because what happens

-About This and say - I'm the same. A school - I went to Minsk, when he finished school and was, as they say in bad company. Guitar, wine, karate fights in discos. By the end of school, and I ended up in the Olympic 80-year fight and wine began to prevail

-Isklyuchat school did not try?

-I Was registered in the children's room the police, I was expelled from school several times a day, but in spite of this, went to the 10th class in Moscow for the Olympics in Literature. So the hypocrisy in our school had a full order: tear - fought, and not to disgrace sent to participate.
I entered elective BSU - History Faculty in English. And I was very interested - at least, so it seemed to me - the history of the Ancient World. Rome, Greece, comparison of the gods, legends, I thought it was cool and neatly tied to my explorations of rock 'n' roll text, there were many different allusions ...

-English had already knew?

-No. At the level of knowledge of the texts of songs. German - yes. English - better than many others, still listening to a lot of songs, but the knowledge of this name was not

Well, knowing a foreign language makes it easier to work on the following

-In General, yes. German - basic, I later was easier ...
So, my father came from another trip, looked at my life, I'm sure, as it wrote, roll down an inclined, I more and more like a rock 'n' roll to the extent that the music does not apply, and one fine morning I was completely corrupt tonsured nalyso, seated in his black "Volga" with antennas and brought to the camp. And he entered the military academy of air defense

-Father was authoritarian man?

-I Never did not argue with him. Later, unfortunately, I was with him 10 years of not talking, after becoming an officer and ran from the inside political officer working on their skin. Clearly, at their level. Then, as a first lieutenant, stood up for the guy who was unjustly accused, deprived of the title, it was a wild conflict with the political officer, conducted a conversation with me ...

-Prorabotka the party line ...

I'm not a communist until the 89th year.

How did it? Almost all graduates of military schools became Communists machine

-I Komsomol and became a freshman. When the question of admission, learned the history of the six orders of the Young Communist League, I have issued retroactively. Otherwise, it would not accept a military school. A Communist began in '89. At that point, everything is valilos, the CPSU was pure fiction, but I was not married to a single rocket at. More precisely, I did not live with his wife. This is an important moment. As responsible for the distribution of goods and consumer products that came into our shop, she was entitled only to party members and party secretary. Banda wives do not trust anyone, because the lady realized that every husband is a wife, and she will distribute a towel or a jar of Indian coffee in its favor. I see the point pristine. And it was erected on a pedestal. He began at once and Communist Party secretary and, I was hung up all the joys of accounting and distribution of towels and other benefits. Six months later, being drunk, party card, I have burned, leaving only the first of a page with a photo. And then he filed a report on the dismissal. As a result retired in '91. Captain, Chief of department of combat control missile division, deputy chief of staff. That same year, the Union collapsed

-The most vivid memory of the army

-I Do not know ... Today one may seem so, another tomorrow. But I do not regret anything. She gave me a lot. I even managed to catch the army-an army. Every six months - range in Kazakhstan, combat training, travel, combat duty. Of painful memories - work in military receiver. The last six months after the report I dosluzhival it boss. When the guys came conscripts from Chechnya, Dagestan, there were heavy night. I do not think I will ever talk about it in detail, but it was everything: knives, fights and everything else. That is really hard. It is much harder than not to sleep, eat or do not have a dog in Kazakhstan when we were there forgot to exercise.
But so much more happened to the good. Great friends. And one very important thing, which I was taught to the army, although I realized it in time: do what do not want to hate, but it is necessary.
And yet - I learn to look after themselves. In college, the army guys quickly deducted * are applicable, and in the literal sense, unscrupulous. Such remedies are not family, not my mother, who can own up to fifty years old moron wash socks. In the army, this is simple - you are very quickly becoming the object of a wild amount of ridicule, humiliation, and, in the end, harassment, if you do not understand that there are a number of your comrades.

-A whether to do what you hate to do?

-Required. Of course, one must strive to live the life he wants to live. Engage in and enjoy the thing that pleases. Ho. It is a utopia, it is Adam Smith, the commune and, ultimately, Communism. That is nonsense. My personal opinion. We live in those degrees of freedom that are themselves set, plus the Criminal Code, the Constitution - it is clear from this, too, can not escape. So, even in favorite work - and I love radio, I can not imagine myself without it, and I hope that it is still relevant in this case as a person - but that is associated with it, there are lots of things that are repugnant to any freedom-loving and creative person. The routine, monotony - this is also a radio.

-Vstavat at five o'clock ...

-This Is the most hassle-free. Try six months in a row to listen to music for eight hours every day. And then I'll talk to you about the love of music. You in fact there are days when you do not want to listen to?

-Of course))) Anyway - long)

-And I - no. But this is - on a primitive level) On the whole, I mean - you can not break your rod over his knee, doing what you do not want to do. However, in any, even the most delicious for your business, there are things that you can not shift the execution of anyone. More precisely, it is possible to cheat, slovchit, but then you stop being a professional. And once you realize this, comes the understanding that either you do everything, or again will be at ease, not in their profession.
Then, the peasants there is another point. Now I do not know much more than I can in his profession. And I did not lead immediately. He did a lot of things - the same Army served and enjoyed there some things, although initially no desire to become an officer a rocket had. And then I got on the first session of the two triples, and I was very well x * enes. "What is this I'm a moron? Not able? "How many years later, after the first attempt to go on a motorcycle," Do not ever be able to. " And then I saw a passing virgins and "Stop. She drove. Heifer. And you're here all of myself as a rock 'n' roll, and suddenly - no? "And so on. I am therefore convinced that the guy should not just be able to do what you do not love, and love to do it. If it's necessary.

-So fad "I can still something and I'll prove it»?

It's not a fad, and I do not always use them. But if I want to, I try to do it. It does not always work. I can not stop. But never has there been such that I said to myself: "Everything. In this direction, I reached a certain peak and that is enough. " I always something missing. On the other hand, "something is missing" can be quite satisfied. Because of this, in particular, it has not developed athletic career. I've been involved in the struggle, but after 8-9 years longer winning city or national competitions and coach any claims, as he had on me certain. I've been upset losses after 30-40 minutes, and he once said to me not to be a great athlete, because there is no anger in me. I told him: "Nikolai Pavlovich, I'm not worried. Probably not this thing inside me that makes sporty athlete. But I tried and did everything I could, "When it became clear that this is not something for which I live and fight definitely was not such a thing, I threw it away. And not even because of the fact that he no longer win, but because it has found a banal unwillingness to read books - I'm tired to the point that began openly blunt. I feel - I do not want to read it. And it has always been my phobia. I still read like a swallow, do not accept any e-books, I have to flipping, to rustle, to smell of a book, and so on. Then suddenly started to feel really degrade, no offense to be said professional athletes - they must have all been there. Someone finds the ability to combine intellectual baggage with sports. I have not found, and opted for physical education - football and stuff. And I never regretted.
Another thing is that when touched the radio, at first I ooh * Enel. "Well, Jan turned to be a great musician. I do not become a great writer (in school because the book he wrote about Indians, my mother, they are still kept). But then all heaven: I love music, I can talk about it and put it on the air. " I snagged a time when the DJ is something represented the terms of the playlist. Vinyl, of course, is not found, were audio cassettes with which we played and the music and advertising. Although vinyl station can have and still. Anyway, in 2003 he visited a US. The game, of course, not dance music and oldu. Potrekovaya not were mixing.
I do not very well understand people when they start to talk about some milestones when something there they influenced, some book ... I do not know. I did not. Everything is formed under the law of energy storage and transformation of quantity into quality. And on the way to something new - no matter what - I always do a lot more things wrong than right. I just made them in an amount such that any attempt is successful. I can not shoot ten

-A we never know how many times a particular successful person vlupit forehead against the wall, it's behind the scenes. The Company sees this Statement icon and wandering and searching, as a rule, are not particularly interested in ...

-Of course. People who have achieved something his hard, know about it. And how to explain that you vpahivat 14 hours a day, can not sleep at night and you have a huge number of facilities and mistrust, and that you pay attention to the criticism. First, no one needs, and secondly, not productively ...

-I do not know)) With regard to the complexes and hypochondria - just fun. Because, if I say, "I have no complexes," I do not believe

-Bezuslovno. We all have them. A man without complexes - medically ill person, no offense. This diagnosis. As it is no complexes? Do not take offense to anything? So it is too complex))

-There are some complex, from which I would like to get rid of? Since there are currently lovely and family, and have specifically prevented

It's not complex, and the character of the property. Do not make hasty decisions. On the other hand, this is my advantage. I make decisions very quickly. It is not always correct. Therefore - like I would like to get rid of, but because to make quick, then quickly decide or do not decide quickly. And yet I find the right one. So that's a purely practical way to come to everything that is "mine." When when I say wrong decisions and results, often commenting on the "guys, I just do not know it. I tried it. personally. and there - stupid crap. " I never in my life did not manage to implement any scheme, learning from the mistakes of others.
In the army, when the part was in the desert, in the fence it was the only hole. And each new call, I said that everyone knows about it - guard battalion, it is not necessary to climb through it. Still two weeks some cunning soldier, thinking that he was a peculiar, climbed into the hole. And I understand it!)) Because the very same) And I will certainly different

How did being integrated into civilian life?

-Herovo. I come from a parallel-perpendicular to the world in which to fulfill the agreements, because in another way - in any way. And hit his head on the pillow intricacies and variations of dialogue "do not know", "maybe", "like", "I did not mean it", "You got me wrong."

That's all. All.

Why is that?

Why not?


You. It Was.


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