"That donkey will call, the deer"

One day, an employee of the zoo
Why is the former sales manager dedicated his life to animals.

Frosty morning at 7:30 hours. Zoo Animals Samara out of the warm pavilions and stick their faces out of his cell. They already know what will become of their "father", who will play with them, feed and will clean their homes.
"With animals better than people»
27-year-old head of the department of mammals Sergei Belov is sent to a cell with ungulates. Graceful deer runs around the cage rubs its branched antlers of the wall and moaning as if something complains. An employee of the zoo animal petting, soothing and says they need a little more patience.
"It is better not to approach the deer, he was angry because he was fed up with the horns, which are about to fall. I'll check on the night of my "children", and proceed to clean "- with a smile says Sergey and examines all the animals.

Four years ago, Sergei worked as a sales manager. He even could not imagine that devoted his life to the animals of the zoo. But the love to our younger brothers, planted with childhood parents, proved to be stronger. Do not hesitate a second, Sergei came to the zoo and wrote an application for a job. The argument he had one - working with animals better than people. Since then, he has become a real "dad" to all mammals Samara Zoo.
"Zoo animals - it is a prison. So I try to spend more time with the animals, arrive early to play with them, to cheer. Visitors come always with a sense of delight to us, because we have so many interesting animals - recognized Sergei. - But my feelings for him again manifested in compassion and the desire to somehow improve their lives. If you manage to move our zoo to another place where the animals more space - I'll be the happiest man ».

A loving atmosphere
Female black jaguar Noir lies motionless on the genera erected to house and monitor the actions of Sergei. Head of the Department of mammals sprinkles sawdust dwelling cats and doing the same thing in the cage of her chosen one - Cupcake.
The male jaguar plays with a broom, which removes from the cell Sergei wet sawdust. Animal bites and stick firmly grasps her teeth. Zoo Worker teases muffins, an animal like that. Cleaning turns into a game. Noir indifferent fun watching her lover and slowly move around the cage. She soon give birth to babies.

"It's an amazing couple. When we brought the male to Noir, afraid that she will not accept him, because he had just taken from the mother. Cupcake immediately climbed to the Noir searched milk. Our black beauty surprised look: one eye on us, the other on him. Then he started licking cupcake as a cub, well, and later fell in love. That day now expects the addition, - says Sergey. - In our zoo atmosphere of love. Cougars, Far Eastern leopards and jaguars live together in pairs. I have never met such other zoos ».
At the time of delivery jaguars fenced off the wall, through which the animals still see and feel each other. However, Cupcake by pitifully myauchit night and asks for his "other half." But, according to Sergei, the separation will not last more than two months.
Go into the cage of a lion
Head of the Department of mammals is sent to one more representative of the cat - lion Caesar. Sergei calls an assistant who will monitor the actions of the king of beasts, he suggests the order in the animal housing.

200-pound lion in no hurry to get out of their warm room into the cold. In winter, Caesar built a heated booth, there is set a small podium with sawdust and straw. Head of mammals says that the lion is different from other wild cats. He - messy and goes to the toilet anywhere, while other members of his family to observe cleanliness in the cells.

The lion is suitable counterpart Sergei and oversees the actions of a predator. At this time in charge of mammals shovel cleans houses the king of beasts. Among the debris comes across a large bone, which is required to give predators for cleaning teeth. Sergei takes away all the garbage in the cart and into container. Along the way, he says that working at the zoo for four years, but each time comes to predators, everything happens as if for the first time.
"Before you go into a cage - you need to mentally adjust themselves and soothe. Animals, of course, accustomed to me, but do not forget that they are primarily dangerous predators. All the locks, bolts, door cells need to check several times before and after the harvest, "- says Sergey.

Head of the Department of mammals displays a log, which he placed in the cage of a lion, so he sharpened claws. Predator was quickly ripped from the fasteners and is now rolling on the floor.
"Of course, a couple would be our Caesar, but has nowhere to go, no places in the zoo. For this reason, we have a lone tiger and bear. Unless relocation and make a real animal park, in Novosibirsk. Then, perhaps, my dream has come true would be: have started the polar bears, and more would have made a rustic patio with dwarf animals ", - says Sergey.
Lazy camel
Head of the Department of mammals checks how the pasture ungulate. Colleagues Sergei chase circle Lexus Camel, who scored the extra weight over the winter. Animal stubbornly stand still and do not want to run.

"Lexus we bummer! But my colleagues know how to make it move more. They have long worked with horses at the racetrack ", - says Sergey and petting a pony.

Sergey accompanies ungulates in their cells, ensures that animals are not slipped on the ice. Camel in a warm fur coat slowly comes into your home.

Time for dinner
At lunch hour. Head of the Department of mammals goes to the kitchen. Fruits, vegetables and bread Sergey cuts on large parts.
"We make a diet, focusing on the menu of the Moscow Zoo. On Monday, a must-do for animals fasting day. Other days can treat curds monkeys, they love them. But the main thing - it's vegetables, fruits and bread ", - says Sergey.

The couple hamadryas looking toward the kitchen. They already know that soon they will be fed. As soon as the Sergei appears monkeys happily greet him, shouting and stretch their paws through the cage. Lapunder John takes out of the hands of their breadwinner banana and gently clean it.

"From apes to be careful. Some visitors to play with them, give them to touch his hair, phone, keys. Recently hardly stole the monkey car keys, which handed them a guest of the zoo. Points they'll break a lot of cases it was ", - says Sergey.

After feeding the monkeys, Sergei comes to visit the Far Eastern leopard Olympics. Cub lives in a separate warm room. Sergei feeds small leopard rabbit meat. Olympics jumps on hand to Sergey and begins to bite him. In the hands of an employee of the zoo there are traces of the sharp teeth of a predator.

"Interesting fate of the leopard. In December, it was born from a local couple Hana and Felicia. Due to the severe frosts of parents and daughter had to separate: often the cub out of the kennel cage. Veterinarians Zoo decided that the kitten to live in warmth, or sick. Shepherd Piper shared milk and saved a kitten from the bitter cold ", - says Sergey.

debugging porridge for bears and 8 hens tiger
The special shovel feeding predators - buckwheat porridge with vegetables. It's Thursday, which means bear Umka boiled sweet porridge. Sergei carries lunch for clumsy, with whom he quickly manages, although not yet fully awake.

Tiger Sergey chicken feed. In the winter portion of predators increases. Striped feline eats eight birds and then looks at her quizzically breadwinner.

"Our Tiger does not like looking at him during lunch. Usually he takes everything in his house there and cope with food. Apparently, education does not allow for all watched him eat, "- Sergey jokes.

For foxes, raccoons, wolves, Sergei comes into the cell. Foxes are twisted around his legs, "the Pope", asked the food. Head of the Department of mammals gets a bucket of chicken wings and thighs, puts their animals. Foxes do not start eating, wait until Sergei will go.



After all mammals dined, Sergey makes a detour, checks whether all appetite coped with lunch.
"Until the evening I watch the animals, and then write a job changer night. There's bound to point out, to not forget about the water, the animals tested, which did not have the appetite. I myself have to be on duty at night now, although less frequently. After all, I have a few months ago had a son. In the zoo with animals to nurse first, and then come home to one more child ", - says Sergey.


Sergei leaves the zoo when it's already dark. Pets escorted his "daddy", sticking his snout out of the cells. For four years, the mammals used to Sergei, for them it is almost a "brother of blood»




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