The cutest animals of 2015

Young the giant Panda before the first publication in the breeding center of giant pandas. Yaan, China.

A chimp with a cold drink. Shenyang, China.

A zoo employee feeds a four-week baby Jaguar. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Purebred Spanish horse demonstrates its become. International fair International Pre Horse Fair. Seville, Andalusia.

The common crane looks at visitors from its enclosure at the zoo Olenska. Ol'men, Belgium.

A hyena watching a herd of zebras. National Park of lake Nakuru, Kenya.

A baby seal on the rocky shore. La JOLLA, California.

Western lowland gorilla Kamba is on the branch with their newborn son Zachary. The Brookfield zoo, Illinois, USA.

Pelicans waiting for food on the beach Pescadores, located near the market in the Chorrillos district of Lima, Peru.

Farmer Zhang SanPiN astride his pig named "Treasure". Zhangjiakou, China.

32-year-old polar bear named Caesar eating watermelon in his cage. The Belgrade Zoo, Serbia.

46-year-old farmer Lisa Vella-GATT hugs one of his alpacas. Benfeita, Portugal.

Flamingos who have undergone amputation of the leg with the new prosthesis. The Zoo Of Sorocaba, Brazil.

Tropical fish swimming in the aquarium on the background of the passerby. Tokyo, Japan.

Competitions on dog-Frisbee, Moscow, Russia.

The baby Western lowland gorilla named Miuku rides on the back of his mother's Mbeli. Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.

Asian elephant Farina helps her newborn baby elephant to get up. Private zoo Pairi Daiza in Brouillet, Belgium.

Sparrows around feeders. Putgarten, Germany.

The male baboon looks into the lens. The zoo Safari in Ramat Gan, tel Aviv, Israel.

Monkey drink and sees his reflection in the pond. The Swayambhunath stupa also known as Monkey temple, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Young male deer face with horns during the annual rut. Richmond Park, London, UK.

Flamingos and their Chicks in the pen prior to banding. Reserve Fuente de Piedra, Spain.

The Minister gives the orangutan the peanuts through the slot in the cage where he arrived from Thailand. Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia.

A goat eats fresh leaves in the garage. Mumbai, India.

The sheet fell on the head of a horse on a Sunny autumn day. Forest near Alma-ATA, Kazakhstan.

The fern on the horns of a deer. Richmond Park, London.

Arthur ward and his Pyrenean mountain dog Cody at the exhibition Crufts Dog Show. Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Polar bear, who arrived from Russia in December last year, swims in the aquarium. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Woman playing with a kitten in the center of the city. Shanghai, China.

The wing of a butterfly, owl butterfly. This and hundreds of other butterflies for a month filled bird aviaries zoo San Diego in USA.

Cats on a remote Japanese island of Aoshima. One person here has six cats.

A Buddhist monk plays with a tiger in a Thai temple Wat PA Luang TA Bua known as the Tiger Temple. Their lives here more than a hundred.

Swans on partially frozen lake near the Russian village Harvest.

The Caribbean Flamingo enclosure in Antwerp zoo, Belgium.

Lemurs during the meal. Zoo Qingdao, China.

Animal parade at the 31st annual Feast of St. Francis and blessing of animals at Cathedral of St. John the divine in Manhattan. New York, USA.

Migratory starlings. Rahat, southern Israel.

Racehorse starts to fill up after anesthesia in the hospital for horses, Veliefendi. Istanbul, Turkey.

Sheep returning from pasture, surrounded the car. Tbilisi, Georgia.

Christine Lagarde, IMF chief, Lama photographed during a visit to Machu Picchu, Peru.

The Behemoth goes on a flooded street. Tbilisi, Georgia.

Cows waiting for milking, sniffing the cat. Farm in Granby, Canada.

On rabbits is checked whether it is possible to live near sites of recent bombings. Binhai International, China.

Thai veterinarian photographing two year old orangutan, during an inspection in Central Khao Patusan. Ratchaburi, Thailand.

Brown-headed Capuchin playing with food in his enclosure. Olminsky zoo, Belgium.

The sheep shakes after washing. Market before the holiday of Eid al-Adha in the Indian Bangalore.

A boy stands near the house with the iguana on his head. Salvador, Brazil.

Monkeys Indian sitting on the sacred images of the serpent and eats the fruit, left as donations to the festival Nagapanchami. Bangalore, India.

Bearded collie sitting on the tables for scratching. The second day of the show Crufts, Birmingham, England.



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