Minute of animals

If you believe the International Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the more than six million people attend approximately 1,300 zoos and reserves every year. People love to look at the animals, but how pathetic creatures that live in the environment to which they are by and large not adapted, because many of the animals are wild ...

Little monkey Francois, born five days ago, at the hands of the vet clinic in the zoo, "Taronga" in Australia.

Zoo in San Francisco. Giraffe calf and one of the employees of the zoo.

Three Sumatran tigers frolic in the San Diego Zoo. This species has been recognized endangered tigers, so a little more than 300 tigers are left in the wild, while the rest were sent to various zoos in the world.

Leather hippo on a sunny day. Berlin Zoo.

White rhino cub surrounded by his family in a zoo in Germany.

Panda in Chinese zoo. How I love pandas and how I am sincerely sorry for them ... Still, everyone wants to chance ...

Zoo Belgrade (Serbia). Little cub kangaroo was sent to the incubator after his mother dropped him out of the bag, scare emus.

Mother and baby orangutans. Mom 27 years old and the cub is only 6 months old.

Dolphin in one of the German tanks.

Once again, the Berlin Zoo. At this time, the lens hit dromedaries - mother and daughter.

Cub Gorilla "sunning" on the back of his mother at a zoo in Germany.

Cub North Chinese leopard at the zoo, located in northern Germany. No one knows how many leopards exist in nature, but for the development of the population used the blood of those leopards that live in zoos.

Mobile Zoo in the north-east of Krasnoyarsk. Animals there are no care and water for a long time, since many workers simply do not want to work ...

Caesar - one of seven lions, which were transported from the Romanian and Austrian zoos in the new habitat, namely the reserve southern Africa

Zoo in Boston. Cub lemur in the hands of a veterinarian.

Harrison Ford and his family at the zoo.

Harlequin frog named in the zoo of Panama.

Mother gorilla shows her newborn baby to visitors. Zoo in Rotterdam.

Giraffes at the Zoo Hannover.

"Bear fashion model" in a Swiss zoo poses for a photo.

Burrowing owl on her arm volunteer.

Amur tiger in a zoo in Switzerland.

Zoo "Taronga" returns to the ocean two adult Little Penguins, after they have received medical care at the clinic at the zoo.

Bored Sumatran orangutan at the Singapore Zoo.

Yellow mongoose under anesthesia before checking the health of producing in the surgical department of the London Zoo.

Zoo in western Tokyo. Baikal seals in a pool.

Young Malay bear, born in North America in the San Diego Zoo.

Polar bears at the zoo in Germany.

Family mandrills in the Munich zoo.

Elephant five days old, who was born in the Berlin Zoo.


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