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The brutality of the Asian way. em>

The shocking incident occurred in the north-west of China - Mother Bear cub killed her and then himself - in a desperate fit of anguish to stop the "bear farm».

"That night when I went to a friend who asked me to take care of a bear farm in his absence, I could not sleep. Mountain wind brought me a strange animal voice, more like the bitter weeping. Suddenly I heard someone pushes the door. I asked, "Who's there?" But I did not answer. I was worried and started looking for something, than you would be protected. There is nothing more fitting than a broom, was not found. With a broom in hand, I went to the door and opened it sharply. By surprise, I gasped at my feet near the door was a small fluffy bear.

He looked at me, and in his eyes was fear and fright. "Come to me!" - I opened his arms, bear, slowly swaying, he came up to me, put a paw on my shoulders and licked my soft, warm tongue.

At this time in the house ran a few workers. Hearing the noise, I bear quickly hid under my bed. The workers asked me: "We ran a little bear, you see?" "Yes, he is here" - I pointed to the bed. They quickly caught the little bear, roughly dragged him, hung him by his feet and took a stick. Looking at the bear, I saw his sad eyes.

When it was daylight, the old foreman Zhang took me to show "Bear Country". In a spacious hall stood a 6 iron cells, each of them bear. I found it strange that each bear an iron abdominal band of stainless steel.

Seeing that I do not understand, Zhang told me: "This is to take the bear bile. Now bile costs 300 yuan (about 1300 rubles.) Per gram. " We have come to the same cell, Zhang showed me gesture: "Now begins the fence bile." Then I saw two strong workers began to pull thick ropes running from the abdominal band that gradually tighter and tighter bear clutched his stomach, causing the bear roared loudly and strongly. More precisely, it looked like the roar of a sob. The pain of a bear's eyes so wide, that it seemed about to burst, and four thick legs fought and scratched the ground. At this point of the tube inserted directly into the gallbladder, green liquid began to drip.

Workers gradually loosened the ropes, but immediately continued flogging, again pulling the rope. Again there was a sharp and loud roar of a bear. I saw the bear began to drip tears of pain, but he had no choice but to endure endless torment. How cruel! I could not look any further and went from there. Only then I realized where those animals strange voices in the night.

When Zhang left me on the street, I asked him in a trembling voice: "Do you still have humanity? It's creatures! "Zhang said indifferently:" We have no other way out, such work, there is an order! »

Having calmed down a bit, I asked him how often climbs bile? He said that everything depends on the circumstances, some - twice a day, at least - once in two days. From each bear per year can be collected in 2000 grams of bile powder for 10 years. " My heart ached with pain. Twice a day for 10 years! That is, if such a hellish torture to withstand 2 times a day, every day, day after day, year after year, it turns out - 7200 times !!! My mind refused to understand.

I said I wanted to leave, what Zhang told me that soon will need an operation bear, and in such a crucial moment, I can not leave, the director Liu left me in charge.
I was forced to go back to the room for the bears. Four workers dragged the bear out of fear, he roared. When he saw me, he recognized, and in his eyes there was hope. I could not hold back the tears. Suddenly the bear dropped to all fours and stood in front of me, begging for mercy. Zhang waved and the operation began. For reasons of economy, is not used in step anesthesia.

Bear lying, looking at the ceiling and began to weep loudly. It was so tragic that caused me pain in my heart, and I thought that he was calling to help my mother.

At this time, the Big Dipper angrily growled, slowly spread their legs and lattice got out of the cage. The workers were so frightened that they fled in all directions. And I was in shock and could not make a step, not to mention that to run away or hide, my feet froze. But the bear did not even look at me, she quickly went to the bear, trying to untie the thick rope with their clumsy paws, but to no avail. She just kept hugging teddy bear and licking his tears and blood. Bear was crying as if asking his mother to save him.

Suddenly she roared, the bear began to choke him with his strong paws. Through tears and choked roar. When the bear was dead, she tore his skin, and eventually tore and pulled out an iron tube with the gall bladder. "

What does the mother bear

"Moon" bears highly, smart animals with extensive vocabulary of communication. They certainly know what's going on.

In the case described, the mother-bear immediately responded to the cry of his baby - he cried out in pain when he first began to reveal the gallbladder. In a rage, the bear broke into the cage of his baby and did the only thing that was in her power to save him from the torment.

History awful. But it should be mentioned that it has shown a high level of intelligence of these animals. Bear realized that farmers produce over her cub same painful manipulations that have to withstand her own; that the flour will occur again and again. And I realized that death - getting rid of this suffering.

The publication The Daily Mail, to tell this tragic story, mentions that a bear killed herself in order to end suffering. But most of all, she did it out of desperation, after killing her baby.

saving the Chinese BEARS

In 1993, the founder and CEO of "Animals Asia» / Animals Asia Foundation, Jill Robinson opposed Chinese farms extracting bear bile.
Gill said: "It is a torture chamber, it is unthinkable torments of hell for animals. As you can see, they literally can not move, can not stand, can not turn around. All that can be enclosed in a cage bears - to lend a paw for food ».
Jill saw Asiatic black bears (known as moon bears) enclosed in tiny metal cages with rusting metal catheters, inserted into the abdominal cavity of the animals. Bile is withdrawn through the catheter, which is used in traditional medicine. Tools such medicine as Jill found out later, they can be easily replaced by cheaper and more effective natural grass and artificial ingredients.
Jill is tireless negotiations with the Chinese authorities to end this cruel industry.

FARM MINING bear bile in China

Breeding of bears on the "farm" for the extraction of their bile in China began in the early 1980s, when Chinese scientists have adopted the experience of North Korea's withholding of bile from living bears. It was believed that such an "innovation" to satisfy the demand for bear bile in the local market, but at the same time, help to reduce the number of those killed in the wild bears - they mercilessly slaughtered with the aim to cut the gall bladder and other organs. Over the years, the situation got out of control, and by the early 1990s in China were more than 400 "bear farms" in which more than 10,000 were tortured bears ......
The plan by 2000 to increase the number of bears on farms to 40,000. However, a wave of protests swept across the world when she opened the truth about what is happening in the dungeons chtó "bear farms" (not the last role was played by the intervention of Jill Robinson in 1993). Trying to take control of the situation with numerous farms bears, the Chinese authorities have agreed to reduce this number by 30%.

The Chinese authorities claim that by January 2008 the country closed more than 400 bear farms, ie, the number of concentration camps for animals is reduced - from 480 farms in the 1990s, to 247 in 1999 and 68 farms in 2008. However, the total number of animals on these farms remained the same - according to official figures, more than 7,000 bears. However, representatives of the Foundation "Animals Asia" fear that the figure is underestimated and actually farm-camps are about 10,000 bears.

Although the number of farms, wild bears, poachers continue to kill because of the gall bladder, selling them on the farm - the illegal trade in organs of animals thriving. According to statistics, over 20% of the rescued bears that come to the Center Moon Bear Rescue Centre, damaged or missing limbs. The growing demand for bear bodies, as well as a rapid reduction of habitats have led to a catastrophic decline in the number of these animals, which are today in the wild, there are not more than 16 000.

bear bile extraction methods

Since its inception in the early 1980s, no such thing as a farm for the extraction of bear bile, used and "developing" some monstrous "methods" by which "withdraw" bile from the gall bladder of animals. Any methods whose purpose is the production of 50-100 milliliters of bile, extremely painful.

1. Latex catheter
The narrow rubber tube inserted under the skin and through the surgical intervention is attached to the gallbladder. Farmer "withdraws" bile through a tube, which acts on the surface of the skin in the thigh bear.
"Lack of" latex catheters is that the tube is easily clogged with bile granules and other particles, so that an effective method that is not considered. Attempts to modify this method led to the emergence of archaic metal "vests».

2. Metal vest
The rubber tube connected to a bag to collect the liquid. It is located inside a metal box attached to a metal vest that holds the box under the bear's abdomen. The bile drips through a tube in the pack to collect the liquid, and every two weeks the farmer collects a savage harvest - empties bags.
As we found out after the rescue of two "farmers" bears in January 2004, this sadistic technique still used today.
In addition to the obvious mukam - pain, infection, - a metal jacket weighs more than 10 kg, and leads to a complete loss of wool and painful irritation of the animal. This method of "milking" bile dangerous for the very farmers who have to crawl under the cage from time to time to empty the package with the collected bile, - it is necessary to detach the metal box. As a result, resourceful fanatics have come to a new way - a metal catheter.

3. The metal catheter
The catheter, length of which varies from 12 to 18 cm, surgically implanted in a bear gall bladder, allowing the farmer daily "milked" for their prey. To make a "milking" bear food lured to lie on the bottom of the cell - in this way, the farmer has access to the abdominal cavity of the animal.

Often used metal mesh-like lattice-grill to clamp lying bear and keep it handy for fermera- "milker" position. Often farmers do not clean the grid - so the bears spend their lives in spread position. Defenders of animals from the fund, "Animals Asia" were horrified when we began to come in a variety of released bears, which are constantly kept under the pressure of such lattices - the animals were pressed to the floor metal cages for years.

4. The method of "free-dripping» ("Free-dripping" technique)
In recent years, the Chinese "bear farmers' invented the so-called" humane "method of bile extraction -" free dripping / oozing. " There is not used a catheter, but in the abdomen and gall bladder of an animal is done an incision (fistula or fistula), which bile drips. In fact, it is constantly an open wound.

During this "humane milking" animals are tortured, a similar procedure metallic catheter - a bear (and farm animals constantly suffer from hunger, as well produce more bile) luring food or water sweetened with honey to lie on the bottom of the cage. Farmer sticks tube (of course, no sanitation - disinfection is not provided) in the gall bladder of an animal, punching film, accrued over the wound-hole and collects bile arising directly into the outstretched the capacity.

Wounds and injuries, as well as of infection because of the constantly-open hole section is as monstrous as the rest, "outdated" methods; the mortality rate is very high among the bears. It's hard to believe, but the truth is this: veterinarians, who are trying to help the rescued bears in our shelter is often horrified to discover that many bears are victims of bile extraction methods at the same time.

4. The method of "pseudo-free dripping» ("Fake-free dripping" technique)
In January 2005, veterinarians Fund "Animals Asia" began to find bears victims of a new method of "milking" bile - a pseudo-free dripping.

Instead incision (a hole or fistula) in the abdomen bears, farmers are inserted into the fistula (fistula) Plexiglas permanent catheter, which is almost impossible to see, unless you examine the abdomen bear carefully pre-shaved it. This "innovative" technique contradicts the current legislation of China's bear farms.

Such torture can last for 20 years (!!!) - as long as the animal does not cease to "produce" the bile. Then kill him.


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