The largest World Expo Shanghai 2010

The largest World Expo in history, which will be held in Shanghai, will open May 1st. Builders and organizers rush to complete it in time.

The theme of the exhibition "Better City, Better Life", it should last until 31 October 2010. During the last months, in anticipation of the exhibition in Shanghai is actively completed major construction and renovation projects. Every day at the fair is expected to 800 000 visitors from around the world. Collected here are a few photos of Shanghai.

In this photo taken on February 21 in front of the construction works «Seed Cathedral», made of thousands of flexible acrylic rods. This is the main attraction of the pavilion at the World Expo UK in Shanghai. The exhibition will start on May 1 and will be operational within six months. It is expected that the exhibition will be visited by 70 million people. (AP Photo)

Workers at the construction site of one of the pavilions of Great Britain, known as the «Seed Cathedral». 20-meter high building in the shape of a cube will be covered 60 thousand thin transparent acrylic rods that will shiver in the wind. (REUTERS / China Daily)

China Pavilion (right). The picture was taken from the boulevard World Expo 2010 in Shanghai on January 22. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

Worker resting near China Pavilion during its completion of 8 February. (AP Photo)


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