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1. Stockholm, Sweden. September 24, 2010 Julian Assange can rightly be called a man of the year. He showed the world how the Internet influences on world politics. Four years ago, I created a resource Assange WikiLeaks, specializing in publicizing confidential information. Published in the past year, US government documents have become a real information bomb. Compiled on the basis of leaks from the Pentagon's "Afghan dossier" revealed that the US actually lost the war in Afghanistan. In autumn the whole world looked and compared the official data released by WikiLeaks about the situation in Iraq. Now - with enthusiasm following the secret springs of American diplomacy thanks to the emergence in the network of correspondence employees of US embassies around the world with the State Department.

2. Manezhnaya Square, Moscow, Russia. December 11, 2010. Meeting dedicated to the memory of fans of "Spartacus" Yegor Sviridov, who was killed during the conflict with the people from the Caucasus, turned into a major clash with the police and riot police. On Manezh Square in Moscow, came about 10 thousand. People, mostly football fans and activists of nationalist youth groups. The most aggressive attack on people of non-Slavic appearance, despite attempts by the police to stop the violence. After riot police managed to disperse the crowd, fighting continued in the subway. As a result of the riots turned for medical aid 34 people, seven of whom were hospitalized.

3. Whistler, Canada. February 17, 2010 Russian skiers Nikita Kryukov (left) and Alexander Panzhinsky (right) finish in the final sprint classic style at the Olympic Games in Vancouver. Russian athletes finish line almost simultaneously crossed. But the gold medalist was declared a hook that on the testimony of the photo finish slightly earlier put the foot forward. Having won the Russian national team for the first Olympic gold and silver, Kryukov and Panzhinsky interrupted series of setbacks the team that in the first six days of competition could boast only one bronze medal skater Ivan Skobreva.

4. Cape Town, South Africa. July 21st, 2010 whale weighing 40 tons jumping on the promenade deck of the yacht. Sea Monster interrupted the romantic journey of an elderly couple taking their ship for his brother. Ralph Motes and Paloma Werner noticed a whale when he was a hundred yards away, but decided that he swims by or under the boat podnyrnet. Instead, the mammal's tail hit the water as if welcoming another whale, soared into the air and flopped to the deck. According to Ralph and Paloma, a whale was almost destroyed the yacht. Fortunately, the body still resist, and they remained intact. Most of all whale got thirsty.

5. San Jose Mine, Chile. September 17, 2010 walled up underground Chilean miners look for them in a deflated chamber. August 5 at the mine near the city of Copiapo in Chile's Atacama Desert collapsed rocks, leaving 33 miners turned immured at a depth of about 700 meters. Only after 17 days it was found that they are alive: after the eighth exploration well drilling rescuers found attached to a note from borax miners. Total of imprisonment lasted 69 days - 12 and 13 October of one of the miners brought to the surface in an escape pod on a specially drilled pits.

6. Jungle, Costa Rica. 2010 This image Hungarian Mate Behnke made him the winner of the prestigious International Competition wildlife photography Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer 2010. «I spent many days taking muravev- listorezov - says the photographer. - In Costa Rica, near the house in which I lived for six months, I found six of their settlements. Nearest ant colony is 200 meters from my house. For them, this location was ideal, as they are often able to go and see my garden, picking flowers and plants. The most interesting - is that they crawl to the surface after sunset and are most active at night. I shot them from a height of banana leaf, using a tripod and flash. And no bait. "

7. Paris, France. October 16, 2010 On this day in the French capital, participants riots attacked even peaceful passers-by - the city stirred up a demonstration of trade unions protesting against government plans to raise the retirement age. The strikes and protest marches attended by hundreds of thousands of people as civil servants and private sector workers. The result was a series of riots small concessions from the government, but the essence of the pension reform has not changed: the French will retire in 67 years.

8. Dolginin village, Ryazan region, Russia. August 4, 2010 This summer, throughout the Russian raging fires that engulfed more than 200 thousand hectares of forest and deprived the property about four thousand people. On the forty-degree heat of the villagers, volunteers, firefighters and the military put out the fire in the home. Peat fires near Moscow accompanied by the pungent smell of burning and caused heavy smoke in Moscow and nearby cities. The World Meteorological Organization says that the extreme weather events in July-August 2010 in line with expectations of climate scientists, although it does not connect directly to global warming fires.

9. The volcano Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland. April 22, 2010 Icelandic volcano in the light of the aurora borealis. This spring Eyjafjallajokull located 125 km from Reykjavik, I woke up after two years of dormancy. The eruption was so powerful that the cloud of volcanic ash covered much of Europe and nearly paralyzed air traffic for a week. In late May, the volcano became quiet, and in July and completely relaxed.

10. Arghandab River Valley, Afghanistan. June 7, 2010 Colleagues to help the wounded in the explosion Staff Sgt Cromer (right) and another unnamed soldier of the 82nd Airborne Division, US Army. During the operation, a platoon of US soldiers came across a part of the mobile phone with a wire leading to a nearby empty house. When viewed from the house one of the Afghans as part of a patrol threw a stone into a pile of sand in the yard - check whether there are mines. Followed by a massive explosion. Five wounded and one dead were evacuated by two helicopters.

11. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. April 7, 2010 The participants of riots in Bishkek were taken from a grenade launcher in SWAT. On this day, the Kyrgyz opposition supporters stormed the parliament building, seized the capital's television center and set fire to the building of the Prosecutor General. In the evening it was announced that the transfer of power to the opposition and the establishment of an interim government of national trust. But even after that, in Bishkek and other cities continued fires and looting - from looting suffered major shopping centers, markets and even the Government House. The death toll in the unrest has exceeded 80 people affected - and a half thousand. Second Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, like deposed in 2005, Askar Akayev, fled the country. The head of state Roza Otunbayeva began. However, the long-awaited stabilization of no avail: a few months in the south of the country there were bloody ethnic clashes.

12. Venice, Louisiana, USA. June 11, 2010, American oil-coated brown pelicans waiting for sending in veterinary rehabilitation center, where they will be engaged in cleaning specialists ornithologists. The largest US colony of these birds, which are a symbol of Louisiana, was covered with oil spill off the coast of the state. April 22 in the Gulf of Mexico after a 36-hour fire oil platform sank BP. Oil spill lasted for almost five months and amounted to 4, 9 million barrels per day. As a result of the disaster 320 miles of coast appeared covered with oil, killed about 6,000 birds, 600 turtles and 100 dolphins.

13. Hollywood, California, USA. January 15, 2010 Sandra Bullock kissed Meryl Streep at the award ceremony of the Guild of American film critics. The winners in the nomination "Best Actress" at once both were named: Meryl Streep - for the film "Julie and Julia" and Sandra Bullock - for the painting "The Blind Side." During the award actress first played the tough competition, Crouching each other warlike grimaces, then immediately kissed.

14. September 7, 2010 The crew of the Tu-154, which at an altitude of 10, 6 thousand. Meters refused avionics and electrical system, made an emergency landing on an abandoned airfield in Izhme. Since radio and navigational equipment out of order, the pilot had to land the plane almost blindly. To get to the runway was only at the third attempt. When boarding the plane suffered minor damage and none of the 72 passengers was injured. Two aircraft commander Evgeny Novoselov (second from right) and Andrew Lamanova (fourth from right), President Medvedev awarded the title Hero of Russia, and the rest of the team was awarded the Order of Courage.

15. Moscow, Russia. March 30, 2010 The people at the station "Park Kultury" unable to hide his feelings. The day before, here in the crowded car there was a second explosion that morning in the Moscow subway. The first bomb exploded in the train stopped at the station "Lubyanka". Victims of Dagestan suicide bombers Jennet Abdurakhmanova and Mariam Sharipova became 40 people, another 88 were wounded. Responsibility for organizing the attacks took the leader of the Caucasian Islamic underground Doku Umarov. The explosions occurred on the tenth anniversary of militant attacks on the convoy of the Perm region in the Chechen OMON Jani-Vedeno. Then 43 fighters were killed, 15 were injured and nine missing.

16. District Muzaffargarh, Punjab Province, Pakistan. 7 August 2010 flood victims are trying to grab the chassis helicopters deliver humanitarian aid. In anticipation of new rains locals hurry by all means to get out of the flooded villages. At the end of July to the beginning of the monsoon rains in Pakistan, started the worst flooding in 80 years, flooding about 20% of the country. According to the authorities, by the disaster killed about 1,600 people, injured - 12 million.

17. St. Petersburg, Russia. November 17, 2010 The crew of the legendary cruiser "Aurora" shortly before the reorganization. December 1, 2010 the ship had planned to withdraw from the Navy and to transfer the balance of the Naval Museum. Team - 2 officers, six warrant officers and 30 sailors - had to be completely dismantled, as "PP", he wrote in the report "Aurora Fish» (№ 46 dated 25 November 2010). Apparently, the text Julia Gutov and beautiful Picture Story Tatiana Plotnikova have drawn attention to this problem: Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has decided not to eliminate, but only to reduce the crew - service on the cruiser will continue to carry three soldiers, and the status of "Aurora" as a warship and the relevant sources of funding will remain same.

18. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. January 20, 2010 On this day seven years Kiki was removed from the rubble. He and his sister Sabrina decade lucky they survived after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12. Children spent nearly eight days without food or water under the rubble next to the bodies of dead relatives. His salvation they owe to the heroic efforts of the rescue teams in New York.

19. Madrid, Spain. July 12, 2010 Spanish fans solemnly greeted the national football team. The prediction came true octopus Paul: wards of Vicente del Bosque won the World Cup in South Africa. In the final match of the "red fury" with the score 1: 0 defeated the Netherlands national team. The only goal of the match in the 116th minute, scored the Spanish midfielder Andres Iniesta. Spain, which until then had not got into the final of the world championship, she won the World Cup. Over a million people took to the streets of Madrid to welcome the victors, who traveled the whole day around the city in an open bus.

20. Grove Village, Russia. April 4, 2010 The faithful met on Easter Sunday in a small church in a hundred kilometers from Moscow. This year, all Christian denominations - Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants - celebrated in one day. About 3, 5 million people across Russia took part in the night service. In more than 20 thousand. Temples, churches and monasteries have been a variety of celebrations.

21. Warsaw, Poland. April 17, 2010 Papal Nuncio in Poland, Archbishop Jozef Kowalczyk (second from left) conducts a funeral service for 96 killed in plane crash near Smolensk. More than 100 thousand. People came to Pilsudski Square in Warsaw bid farewell to President Lech Kaczynski, who was the next day, along with his wife Maria was buried in the cathedral Wawel Cathedral in Krakow. The Tu-154, which was flying the Polish delegation to take part in memorial events at the memorial to the victims of the Katyn tragedy, crashed April 10 during landing.

22. International Space Station. November 15, 2010 American astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson aboard the ISS considers the Earth from a height of 350 km, while the new panoramic cupola consisting of seven transparent windows through which one can well consider the complex structure of the clouds, the ocean, as well as to monitor the ongoing work in open space, without using external cameras.



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