Who really looks like, and who do so, "passed by»?

"Liz and Dick": Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan

No film, even if he is the most spectacular in the world, is not able to return the "sunk boat" on behalf of Lindsay Lohan on the surface. Recently, the actress again was charged with several counts, and early next year, it can ring out behind bars. On top of a TV movie "Liz & Dick", which Lin had pinned such high hopes, he failed miserably. Critics believe that the similarity Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor is not even a fleeting and illusory, plus her acting of disgusting (as critics did not accept the writing and directing the picture, but Lin that does not help). Ranks among the spectators only confirmed the negative opinions. In general, the first photo was clear that Lindsay is now the most to ourselves, what really nothing to the movie, especially for the women's cable channel ... Similarity version «Glamour»: 7/10

"Grace from Monaco": Grace Kelly and Nicole Kidman

Grace was the personification of the "cold beauty" until 1982. , When her heart stopped forever. Alfred Hitchcock himself idolized talent this blonde removing her in three of his films, well, now there is none of his or her own, and in today's world, people are looking for a replacement. No one better than Nicole does not fit the usual description of the Grace which is why Kidman got the role in the film "Grace from Monaco," which will be released in 2014, and which will be shown the brightest part of the life of this blond woman. With all due respect to Nicole, superficially it will never come close to Grace, but her talent is undeniably there. Similarity version «Glamour»: 6/10

"Diana: A Love Story": Princess Diana and Naomi Watts

Actress Naomi Watts was very excited when she was offered a role in the film "Diana: A Love Story," but, well prepared, she is said to witnesses, shone on the set and it was almost an exact replica of Lady Di. The film with its participation will be released next year, but appreciate the resemblance princesses and actresses can be right now. Both women are very charming and comes from both the good and the heat, so I think Watts coped with this role at 100. The similarity of version «Glamour»: 9/10

"7 days and nights with Marilyn" Marilyn Monroe Michelle Williams

Despite the fact that Michelle Williams almost absolute antithesis of Marilyn Monroe, the actress played well in the film "7 days and nights with Marilyn." She managed to convey not only the facial expressions of the legendary blonde, but her sweet voice. I sincerely believe that it will be worse (I wonder Scarlett Johansson could play as well, and that all the polls say that she and only she fits this role). Similarity version «Glamour»: 9/10

"Her Heart": Marian Pearl and Angelina Jolie

Sometime in between militants Angelina Jolie loved to play complex roles. The role in the movie "Her Heart", where she played a pregnant wife captured and executed shortly journalist, was one of these. For this role, Jolie tried on a wig and wearing lenses. Similarity version «Glamour»: 8/10

"Clock": Virginia Woolf and Nicole Kidman

For his role as writer Virginia Woolf in the drama "The Hours," Nicole Kidman was awarded the "Oscar". This is certainly not the best but not the worst indicator of skill. The photo and video it simply unrecognizable: Nicole disguised for the picture, making the nose, like Virginia, and the actress completed the image of an English accent. Similarity version «Glamour»: 9/10

"Factory Girl": Edie Sedgwick and Sienna Miller

Two of the actress and so very similar in appearance, and if you try and make up for Sienna Eddie, they are not distinguished. In the movie "Factory Girl," Miller showed very good all mental anguish Sedgwick and, of course, was incredibly like her (although a couple of pounds for the role, she never took off). Similarity version «Glamour»: 9/10

"Cadillac Records": Etta James and Beyonce

In the musical creation, "Cadillac Records" singer Beyonce got the role of the other singers - Etta James. BBC did not plump for the occasion, but still got her a nomination for the "Golden Globe". Flying at the ceremony, as plywood over Paris, Beyonce was not upset, but sarcastic comments that she played probably remain in her memory. Etta James felt that Knowles bad coped with the task and looked like it just a hair color. Similarity version «Glamour»: 5/10

"Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher and Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep - a brilliant actress. For his role in the film "Iron Lady", she deservedly won his third "Oscar". Similarity version «Glamour»: 10/10

"The Queen": Elizabeth II and Helen Mirren

Another brilliant actress "old school" perfectly played the role of Queen Elizabeth II in "The Queen" (2006). She also was awarded the "Oscar" and received positive feedback from the Queen of Great Britain. Similarity version «Glamour»: 9/10

"Kennedys": Jacqueline Kennedy and Katie Holmes

Game Katie Holmes in the miniseries "Kennedy clan" did not impress critics, but apparently she approached for a role like no other. Similarity version «Glamour»: 7/10

"Frida": Frida Kahlo and Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek as well as the artist Frida Kahlo, Mexican, so bring her image before the cameras for her was not so difficult. From the beautiful Salma retrain as a pretty woman. Similarity version «Glamour»: 8/10

"Jobs": Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher

Photos from the shooting biopic "Jobs" are encouraging. All those who had previously been skeptical admitted that the spitting image of the young Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs. Let's wait for the film, Ashton could really grow as an actor, and this role will be his sign? Similarity version «Glamour»: 9/10

"The game has changed," Sarah Palin and Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is remarkable blended in the film "The game has changed" and the original (Sarah Palin), it is almost indistinguishable. Similarity version «Glamour»: 10/10

"Walk the Line": Johnny Cash and Joaquin Phoenix

Similarity version «Glamour»: 8/10

"Walk the Line": June Carter and Reese Witherspoon

Similarity version «Glamour»: 6/10

"Runaways": Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart

In 2010, Stewart made the first attempt to get away from the image of Bella Swan with the help of drama "The Runaways." There sprightly young actress played rocker Joan Jett, who personally monitored the filming and highly praised Stewart. Similarity version «Glamour»: 8/10

"When we hang out together on the set, I had a feeling that I was talking with his mirror image»


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