Ice and Fire (40 photos)

Game of contrasts: fire and ice. Fire can be a life-sustaining element, and a powerful destructive force. We, the people continue to play with fire, and used to try to control them. Ice closer to the natural state of the universe - a cold, motionless and lifeless. Earth's orbit lies in the so-called "Goldilocks zone", so that we can see frost, but it does not freeze completely. Collected here are photos of ice and fire from around the world.

People walk in the evening on the frozen lake of Menteith January 4, 2010 in Scotland. (Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images)

Tungurahua volcano spews ash and lava January 11, 2010 in Kota, Ecuador, 135 km from the south of Quito. (CECILIA PUEBLA / AFP / Getty Images)

Orange icicles in January 11, 2010 in Winter Garden, Florida. Florida farmers continue to spray fruit trees with water in an attempt to save them from the frost. (AP Photo / Orlando Sentinel, Red Huber)


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