Ice world (26 photos)

At a certain time of year, ice formations can be seen in different regions of the cold.
This beauty is not available to many, mainly scientists and the few adventurers who do not stop the significant physical and financial costs.
This beauty is worth it.

1. Blue River, Greenland

This river is a paradise for Greenland kayaking. Petermann glacier meltwater (Petermann) fill low-lying regions of the stunning blue water.

The river changes its form every season, depending on changes in the flow of meltwater. The bright blue color of the river caused by glacial silt.

2. Glacial waterfalls on Spitsbergen (Svalbard), Norway

The name Svalbard (Spitzbergen second name), a Norwegian means "cold shores". Svalbard is an archipelago in the Arctic in the north of Norway and Europe. It is located about 650 kilometers north of mainland Europe, midway between mainland Norway and the North Pole. Despite its close proximity to the North Pole, Svalbard is relatively warm, thanks to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream, which makes it suitable for housing. Generally, Svalbard is the northernmost inhabited region of the planet.

Svalbard Islands occupy a total area of ​​62,050 square kilometers, about 60% of which is covered by glaciers, the edges of which go deep into the sea. Giant glacier Bråsvellbreen (Bråsvellbreen), located on the second largest island in the archipelago called North East Land (Nordaustlandet), stretches for 200 kilometers. From 15-20 meters high ice edge of the ice fall hundreds of waterfalls of meltwater. These waterfalls can be seen only in the warmer months.

3. Crystal Cave, Iceland


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