17 places on the Earth where winter is like a fairy tale

Frost, ice and snow sometimes create miracles and can arrange a fabulous landscape literally out of the blue. Frosty patterns on the Windows and crunching underfoot, the snow, the aromas of mulled wine and gingerbread, Christmas markets and skating rinks in the open air, the winter has something to compete with the other seasons. We chose 17 places in the world where you can see beautiful winter, like a fairy tale, to leave the snowballs, build a snowman or at least make the "angel" in the snow: Amsterdam, the NetherlandsAmsterdam canals is beautiful at any time of the year. But in winter, when snow caps lies on rooftops and barges, on trees and lampposts along the promenade, they acquire a special charm. At this time the whole city turns into one big fabulous scenery — like a disney fairy waved her wand, and you were in some kind of cartoon. The feeling intensifies when kept cold long enough, and feeds turned into a giant skating rinks, where with equal frolic and delight adults and children.

 Bled, Sloveniathe Main postcard view of Slovenia — a small islet with a picturesque little Church of assumption of the virgin Mary in the middle of lake Bled in winter and asks for desktop Wallpaper. In the clear frosty air fine view of the high chapel, in the surface of the lake reflected the blue sky, and against the backdrop of Alpine peaks covered with snow-caps. Versoix, SwitzerlandInfrequently, every few years, you may be lucky enough to witness the stunning natural spectacle in winter Switzerland. Wind, water and frost over night is able to transform the waterfront of lake Geneva in the real possession of the Snow Queen. The next morning, and the boat, the trees and lampposts, benches and railings — the entire promenade is transformed into a giant Park, the bizarre ice sculptures.

 New York, USAWrapped a blanket of snow, Central Park in Manhattan, becoming one of the most beautiful places in new York. The leaves fall, opening the review, and the skyscrapers seemed even more closely surround the most famous Park in the world. Winter should come here to watch circling on the ice the crowd, to go to the zoo or just stroll along the snowy walkways and feed the ducks, which the ice in the ponds does not bother. Plitvice lakes, CroatiaWinter in Croatia falls almost to zero, and the famous Plitvice lakes are empty. A great reason to come here at this time of year, to wander on snowy trails and enjoy the waterfalls, frozen whole, and to enjoy the beauty of nature alone. Tallinn, Estoniathe Snow gives a special charm of a miniature old town of Tallinn, and in winter you can spend hours wandering the alleys and squares, to look at the cathedrals and shops, hiding from the cold in a cozy cafe. The most beautiful city views from the observation deck in the Church of St. Olaf (in snowy weather it can be closed) or with fortified walls, accessed from the street Gumnaasiumi. Tbilisi, GeorgiaTbilisi Residents are not spoiled by the snowfall, and snow that lasted for at least a couple of days and already the holiday. So don't be surprised if you see a solid in the form of adults, quite childishly playing in the snow under the plane trees on Rustaveli Avenue or in one of the city parks.

 Trakai, LithuaniaTrakai — cute town in the middle of lake Galve in a half-hour drive from Vilnius. Closest to the city island sheltered largest medieval castle in Lithuania. In January-March when the lake is thoroughly frozen, at the foot of the castle to organize a large ice rink, and round cut snow skiers and kiters. Shirakawa-go, JapanLost in the mountain village of Shirakawa-go has long been cut off from civilization and therefore to our days have preserved their original appearance. It is recognized as a UNESCO Heritage site and in recent years has become a real star of tourism in Japan. Travellers flock here to see how the Japanese lived centuries ago, and enjoy a scattering of traditional houses-of mink, which is picturesque at any time of the year and in the summer in the emerald setting of rice fields, and in winter, when the village lights Shine as a necklace, on a background of dark silhouettes of the forest and mountains.

 Munich, Germanya Small German towns — from the town of Mittenwald to Rüdesheim and Cochem — as one under the snow. But a big city in winter is not less beautiful. For example, Munich, where the center ice skating under the open sky, held Oktoberfest gives platform to the Tollwood festival, the famous hofbräuhaus beer hall is open every day but Christmas markets organize not one, not two, but two dozen. Stockholm, Swedenin the Winter, when the trees are bald, and at the fore of the bright facades of houses, the Stockholm looks very elegant. And by Christmas when the shop Windows Shine with lights and balls, and from the door of the cafe waft the aroma glega (Scandinavian mulled wine) and cookies with ginger and cinnamon, the old town becomes a little fabulous. And walking on snow-covered promenades and alleys, it is easy to imagine that somewhere here on one of the roofs, really lives Carlson. Harbin, Chinathe world's Major ice sculpture festival takes place in China in January-February. In the last century thousands of workers from year to year erected in Harbin a fabulous giant city made of ice and snow. This idea — was a Buddhist, because everyone knows in advance: in March, from luxurious castles, palaces and sculptures will be no ice. Salzburg, AustriaFrom Salzburg, close to many Austrian ski resorts, and the trip here is a great way to diversify leisure. Winter evenings, when the Windows glow warmly and the old town's rooftops covered with snow, it seems like Salzburg is full of gingerbread houses, but far above it rises the gingerbread fortress — Hohensalzburg castle. Cesky Krumlov, Czech RepublicCesky Krumlov is a Charming nestled in the bends of the Vltava river within a three-hour drive from Prague. As in the capital, there is plenty of medieval houses, castles and churches. But unlike Prague, Krumlov is a quiet and cozy town with a population of only 15 thousand people, and here it is nice to escape for a day from the bustle and noise of the metropolis.

 Cambridgeshire, UKSnow in Britain — an infrequent visitor, and even 5 cm of snow cover virtually paralyzing life in the country. But because of the high humidity in cold days the trees are sometimes covered by a thin layer of ice and frost, making every garden, Park and grove in amazing fabulous area. Alba, Piedmont, Italya Tiny Piedmontese village in the vicinity of Alba in the snow are gorgeous. Tourists and summer rarely gets to these parts, and in the winter, when the grapes long harvested and processed, life here is grinding to a halt. The perfect place to for a day to escape from people, to walk alone and enjoy the peaceful views of the Alps and the snow-covered vineyards under the snow look like someone decided to brush the hills. Cottage, countryside, RussiaToo for the beautiful winter to the Russians to go far not necessary. Although our cottages are rarely adapted to the cold weather, this is not a reason not to for a day out in the village, to barbecue, cook a mulled wine or grog, and plenty to lie in the snow.



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