The world of ice and permafrost (59 photos)

Let's fast forward to Yakutia and plunge into the icy tale.
Winter there is a very colorful and crystal, never ends.
Enjoy watching.

Well, the mystery, "the underground ice" here too:

The tale of how the Lord has kept Ms. Winter cold Chyskhaan and all life on earth

"Once upon a time, when our area has reigned warm grace, disaster struck - attacked unbearable flame cutting everything hot. To save the earth supreme deity Yuryun Aar Toyon rim with North Star ice maiden Muus Kudulu. She landed on top of the earth - the Arctic Ocean. So she became the mistress of the Arctic Ocean. Then travel around the world to stop the heat and bring order to the land. Wherever he sets foot - everything is covered with ice, chained disease, the bodies of dead animals in the impenetrable armor and freeze all living things.

So she came to Yakutia, is not blocked her path Oimyakon rock. Then she saw the last remaining living being. At the top of the highest mountain with a flower, pinched in the trunk, I stood a lone mammoth. But he did not spare the gigantic power of the Virgin, it is also icebound.

Realizing what had just destroyed the last living thing, Muus Kudulu was in despair. In the hearts she snatched the flower from a frozen mammoth's trunk and forcefully tossed it into the sky with the words "name you Cholbon Kuo! Now and for ever and ever here is your place. With the mammoth you have met every twelve months, I'll send his soul to you. And it shall be accomplished at this time the nature of the change on the ground! »

With these words, Muus took Kudulu soul lifeless mammoth, sucked it into himself, and went back to the Arctic Ocean. There, arranging dance with polar bears, to let her out yourself back.

The soul of a baby mammoth that has ended up in human form, rolls out on the backs of the bears. Ms. Winter, watch this action immediately grabbed and bundled up the baby in a warm fluffy blanket of snow to protect it from the gigantic forces Muus Kudulu, because it is against their will could freeze again baby. So Chyskhaan grown and strengthened over the warm bosom Yryun Yllyuktey. With each new month of its small horns grew larger, and the star that shone on his hat, called him more and more into the unknown.

Ms. Winter had great difficulty to restrain his impulses. Only her persistent reminders that we must first prepare the land, giant reassuring: "It Cholbon Kuo- Morning Star - light beckons you enlistment. But wait a little, first I have to leave. When everything is ready, I will call you. And at the end of the ninth month, when you have evaded the ground and turned into water of the great river Lena reach the Arctic Ocean, you will meet with his Cholbon ».

And so it happened. To protect the earth and its inhabitants from the incredible cold, which carries Chyskhaan, Yryun Yllyuktey hid everything warm blanket of snow. With each new wave of her magic wand, on top of which he sat bullfinch, bird showered his more down, turning into snow. And to wrap up warm blanket the ground came a giant Chyskhaan. For many months he reigned there until spring came. Lord of the cold melted and carried by the waters of the river, he reached the Arctic Ocean, where, as foretold Muus Kudulu, waiting for him Beauty Cholbon Kuo.

Gone from the earth under the feet of them, they took them by the hand and raced off high in the vast sky. Subsided land of their beautiful love, froze in the night in suspense the great miracle - the birth of a new life and the new year. Hot Sparks flew their passions into every home, lighting fires of love.

But their happiness is short lasting. When it comes time Chyskhaan again and again hit the road, bringing severe frosts, because they help to maintain the existing order of the universe and today. But before Ms. Winter as a merciful mother, every year carefully envelops the earth in a fluffy snow blanket that protects all life from his gigantic strength. A Cholbon Kuo - a beautiful morning as the North Star, and since then shines in the sky as a sign of undying eternal love, hopes and expectations ... »

Near Yakutsk there is an amazing place - the Kingdom of Permafrost occurs Chyskhaan ... Here, the symbol of Cold Yakutia Santa Claus, who arrives on a sleigh from the Great Ustyug. From this place Winter begins its march across the expanses of the country. Winter begins with Yakutia!

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