Christmas story

The time was already 10 pm when the authorities eased our team. So I rushed home, with his last strength, having to buy down the road just a bottle of champagne.
And what I saw?
A Christmas tree is not removed, the apartment is not that cute festive atmosphere that accompanies the New Year, and my wife is sitting on the couch with a frowning countenance, his eyes fixed on the screen, where the tigers were hunted for Leonov.
 - I'm sorry, my dear, you know Parfenov. He did not release me until the last moment ...
I really felt uncomfortable, so delayed, but it is! This in my life was not there, no one bothered to nastrogat salad!

His wife looked up from the screen and looked at me, putting in his eyes all the contempt accumulated during standby.
 - You're a rag, - she said softly. - I married a rag! I hate you! Thee is a nonentity Parfenov pushed around, and you can not answer him. Who will respect you if you do not respect himself?
Something in her words seemed familiar. About "respect" are often used to say her friend Natalia, ripe buxom lass, throw me quite unambiguous views.

 - Natalya was? - I asked
 - Yes, there was! - She nodded and looked defiantly at me. - What can not?
 - She's taught you well to meet her husband from work? In the holiday.
 - Yes, how can you celebrate? People having fun, happy, hope that next year will not be so, but much better, and you! ..
She turned away.

I could not tell her that until the last minute we Parfyonov is developing a new strategy. This model was to give excellent profits in the coming year, but under one condition: absolute secrecy during the preparatory phase. In planning the campaign was devoted to only a narrow circle of employees, and the main work has begun to boil, when at two o'clock in the afternoon all the ordinary workers were sent home with a wish of success in the new year.
I earned good wife did not work, she studied at the courses web design, and if not this bitch Natalia, from which she returned, all larded envy someone else, everything would be okay.

 - Let's outfit Christmas tree - I suggested. - And somehow uncomfortable.
The wife did not move. She continued to stare at the screen, which ran Leonov with soapy ass. Sighing, I walked over to the tree and opened the shoe box "Salamander", which from time immemorial, our family held a toy.
The knock on the door. I slapped his forehead. I forgot that I was called to work with the Bureau of good offices and ordered the home of Santa Claus.
 - Open - I asked my wife and said through false tone: - I can not imagine who it could be?
She trudged to the door.

There stood Santa Claus. The air immediately smelled the unique smell, which is standing at stake laundry dried by sublimation in the cold.
 - Good evening, my dears! - A deep bass voice he said, and went, treading softly patterned boots, into the dining room. - I congratulate you on Happy New Year!
 - Thank you, - we answered in unison with his wife, feeling doshkolyatami on the tree.
Santa Claus looked around, saw the unmade tree, the complete absence of a table with a white tablecloth and asked.
 - Well, you do not meet the New Year? The tree is not dressed up? Do not have time, sorry ...
 - To meet him - his wife muttered, and turned away.
Santa Claus took a shoulder bag, pulled up a chair and sat down in the middle of the dining room, picturesque tilting floors satin coats.
 - What happened that? Tell me, my dear.
 - What is there to tell? - I roused his wife, knowing that she had found a sympathetic ear. - Is this life? He disappears for days at work and bring money - a shame before the neighbors. I spin I, as I can not see the rest. We go to the "Zhiguli" in the Crimea were once two years ago when he was a graduation practice. And yet.
 - Work? - Sympathetically asked Santa Claus?
 - I study.
 - It is a good thing - he nodded and turned to me. - Well, what do you say, falcon?
I, for some reason, I immediately wanted to put this old man with kind eyes and about the strategy, and about hope, but I restrained myself and only murmured:
 - She is good. Just her Natalia winds.
 - Some such Natalya? - Santa Claus raised shaggy eyebrows.
 - A friend of her. He lives with Azerbaijanis, the owner of several shops in the market, the money he slept it generously, so she teaches wife wits.
 - Clearly, - Father Frost frowned. - So, you say, good sense teaches? Well ... And you learn. In fact you are the husband.
 - Yes, already I taught - I waved a hand - nothing is impossible. Against this Natalya against the scrap no reception.
He bent down to his bag, rummaged for a long time, and pulled out a bundle of some bars.
 - Here! - He said proudly, shaking beam. - Birch. Just cut.
 - What is it?
 - Like what? - He asked the question. - What, the cane had never seen?
 - No, - we answered simultaneously.
 - Oh, that you take? City ... - and turning to my wife, told her softly: - So so cute. Throw off neatly panties DELAY yubchonku and lie down.
 - Where? - She could not believe her ears. I was all in a complete stupor.
 - Yes, at least here - Santa Claus thumped his hand on the padded arm of his chair, making the air thick dust soared, making him wince and sneeze.
 - But let me ... - I began.
 - Oh, you queer man - he shook his head - I want to help you. Is Santa Claus poor teaching? Come on, darling, do not sit around. You know how much I still have to make a visit?
The word "visit" seemed ridiculous in the mouth of the patriarchal old man, that I turned away so as not to laugh. And when I looked at my wife, I realized that something strange was happening to her. She walked to the chair like a sleepwalker, and Santa Claus looked at her good and sympathetic. Since the boa looks at the rabbit. It takes a rabbit boa happiness. Here boa and rejoices.
We had to do something, somehow intervene ...
 - Let me ... - I began. But no sooner had.
The wife has to get out of her panties, she stepped over them, and lay down on the bar chair, sticking out his neat zadik.
Santa Claus, grunting, rose from his chair, clapped his hands and on the rods, such as in a businesslike lifted her skirt. I was silent, unable to move.
 - I think that thirty rods instruct you, honey. It's quite a bit, and very good for the soul - Frost persuaded her, although she did not think to give up.

Whip whistled through the air like a crossbow bolt. On the white ass of my wife were the first pink stripes, and she gasped loudly.
Apparently the pain led her out of the hypnotic trance, and she cried:
 - What are you doing? I also hurt!
 - Of course it hurts, - he has agreed to Santa Claus, ohazhivaya her buttocks. He flogged steadily and slowly. What do you think, for your artistry you will drink honey?
Rod went smoothly, already wife screaming hysterically on the same note, but, oddly enough, did not move from their seats. And the old, but sturdy grandfather continued his notation.
 - Did you allow yourself? As my husband and I applied for? It is you that dog podzabornaya? The dog and the bone is thrown, and her husband all the more necessary with goodness and kindness. Do not contradict, speak evil, and to carry out that you have to do honor to the hostess.
Ass has changed color to red, swollen, some strips. My poor husband howled loudly and banging fists on the upholstery.
Santa Claus suddenly stopped spanking.
 - Rest a bit. Desyatochku already received. Soon we will continue. Uprel I'm with you.

My tongue finally tack from the sky.
 - Stop it, please - how can I say harder than Santa Claus. - We have not been invited to this.
But his wife suddenly looked at me with such hatred that I immediately stopped their claims. Santa Claus just grunted and pulled out a bag vast new batch of rods.
 - And now, my dear, for girlfriends get-razluchnits for chatter sueslovnuyu for slander on his krovinushku, husband and master, who for you and breadwinner and protector.
Rods and hail fell on purple ass, but his wife is not a bad voice screaming and sobbing and moaning, so that my heart is torn apart.
With the cry: "That you for your utter nonsense!" Grandfather Frost finished second portion.

My poor little wife could not even move. She and hung on the arm, coming to himself. Finally, she whispered, barely audible:
 - It hurts ... Enough.
 - No, it is not enough - said firmly Santa Claus. - Said thirty win, then all to accept a single reed. And udumala wriggle!
I do not interfere. All event seemed a nightmare from which there is no escape. And you know that sleep and wake up forces there.
Again, whistling whip.
 - Asked for forgiveness from her husband, under the rods for a spoiled holiday for tree nenaryazhennuyu, because the rules are not blyudesh, our grandfathers bequeathed.
 - I'm sorry, forgive me, fool! - Cried my favorite. I rushed to her and kissed her hands.
 - Well, what are you saying! You are for me the best, nicest woman in the world!
 - I want to leave you! - She cried, suffering from intolerable pain. - Natalia I have to look began. Nobody do not want! You're my favorite! Sorry!
 - Natalia - in the whip! - He concluded Father Christmas, and two sweeping chords finished flogging.
His wife was lying motionless
 - Get up and go to the corner. Wait for half an hour so until we have with your spouse talking to men. And turning to me, he rebuked: - Just you are weak in spirit. Can not be so. Be a man and master and remember - you're responsible for it!
I listened, but the corner of his eye squinted at an angle, in which her nose, was the wife. Ass whipped my wife poured all shades from red to violet, and I could not admit that the spectacle to get a decent brush masters of psychedelic direction.
 - Well, I have to go - heralded Santa Claus. - Yes! Almost forgot. Here you gifts. Opens when the clock strikes.
He threw his bag on his shoulder, opened the door and disappeared in the darkness of the entrance.
Approaching his wife, who was standing in the corner, I knelt down and gently, her lips touched her ass bursting with fervor.

The door opened, and the apartment burst into another Santa Claus. Small shoots, in a shabby coat and beard shifted to one side. His red nose was clearly not frost, and alcoholic origin.
 - Whew! - He whistled in amazement. - Where do I got?
Digging in his pocket, he took out a greasy piece of paper:
 - Your address? Santa Claus ordered? Happy New Year! With new happiness! - Duty, he rattled off, looking around the table.
 - Santa Claus was already - I said to him, not understanding.
And then began to beat the chimes.
 - Glasses! - I cried.
His wife rushed headlong to the sideboard, took out three glasses, shot a tube and we clinked glasses.
 - And what gifts? - She asked suddenly.
She got a huge pink bag, and I - dark blue, smaller.
My wife pulled out a red satin heart-shaped pillow. And the heart of the amazing quality like a whipped ass.
And in my bag lying belt. From soft genuine leather ...


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