Russians on holiday in Belarus for the New Year

Traditionally, New Year's visit to Belarus army of Russians. If we believe the Russian Ambassador Surikov, a million people, not less. Residents of the neighboring country occupied motels and hotels, went shopping and cafes, and then exchanged impressions on the Internet. Did the citizens of Russia New Year's holiday in Belarusian? We studied the reviews on forums and social networks. The general trend - the majority of users say call our vacation cheap language does not turn.

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"People are sad, somewhat puzzled»

- We decided to go with her husband and daughter in Minsk on a winter vacation. Book "kopeck piece" through an agent. Peter went from 11 hours, got to Minsk, call agent, and he does not answer. The horror! Eight in the evening, we are on the street and there is no place to spend the night! In hotels prices are just APB - says a resident of St. Petersburg Catherine. - Accidentally found another agent, apartment found super. On New Year's price - for $ 80. In principle, not bad. The apartment was right in the center, great view from the balcony. But the prices are certainly not the same as before. Straight Europe, and salaries sovdepovskie. People are sad, somewhat puzzled. Perhaps a hangover, or maybe the fact that 3 of all to work.

"President Hotel", "The Soviet service in the worst manifestation»

Another Catherine left a devastating review of the service and the work of staff in the "President Hotel", which spent several holidays.

- Was paid Room Double Premium - got in the end view of the roof of the neighboring buildings - talks about his holiday it. - Under floor heating in the bathroom did not work, poor ventilation - windows that open. Leading in NY as he could try, but the organization is bad, the menu is also not the best. Guests stood in the doorway at the entrance to the restaurant for 5-7 minutes, waiting for the administrator to show them where their desk. Morning 01.01: have used the service in-room breakfast. She was very unhappy that worked in New Year's Eve. Breakfast is always cold (ordered scrambled eggs). Stale bread, cold coffee.

Rooms are cleaned two days reminded staff that they need to work. Debris was removed from the room, but left a full bucket in the bathroom. B does not change or refuel. A set of tea, coffee replenished even after reminders. But at the maids always had time to chat and discuss clients in the corridor, do not hesitate to guests.

Restaurant: buffet at the stated check-in they changed the rules when we got the money clients. Without telling anyone, of course. 01.01 Dinner: a glass of juice, vegetable salad sniffy (apparently, from vegetables to New Year's table), overcooked rice mixed with peas and corn, and a piece of meat, 100 grams Lady administrator for all claims only spread her hands. Not even apologize! Where did all the money that people pay for the check ?!

More we had not had lunch and dinner, which the hotel was, I think, be glad. Someone taught staff to work? No one has ever smiled guests did not say thank you, and so on. The result - the Soviet service in the worst manifestation, disgusting tasteless food for the big money. As a hotel with such a service could get 5 stars?

"Guys, this is kidalovo!»

Muscovite Alexander is extremely dissatisfied with the level of service in a sanatorium MIA "White Russia", which has decided to celebrate the New Year.

- Guys, this is kidalovo - openly declares it. - Do not go here in any case. As the number of rooms in the camp, and the food is the same. Take quite a lot of money: 1800 [Russian rubles - approx.] per adult and 1,300 per child per day. For this money, give a narrow bed in the room and close the food so that the child was sick. We were forced to go back to Moscow on the first day. Sorry for the money spent and time.

"Even if I wanted to, nothing to complain»

Positive feedback about the Belarusian New Year on the Internet nothing at all. Here is one of them - on vacation in sanatorium "Chenki».

- We have gathered to go on vacation rather late, so the place was not all spas. And besides, we had it in the Gomel region. Chose this sanatorium. We traveled by car. We arrived at six in the morning. We were immediately settled. Number caught in one building on the 4th floor. Number of standard categories. An area of ​​about 13-14 meters. Two beds, bedside table, TV, refrigerator, entrance hall with wardrobe, balcony, double glazing. Everything is new. For registration took us only an hour: since seven in the morning and worked discharged minute ticket office with the registry. All very clearly and politely.

During the tour for two to eight days with Christmas twinkle paid about 19 thousand., For medical procedures - about 10 thousand. I think that is very inexpensive, and for the money did not think that you can get so much in terms of treatment, plus accommodation with meals. Less than a thousand dollars for two people for 8 days with meals and a huge number of medical procedures!

I also want to thank you for the beautiful Christmas light! Everything - from the festive table, which is simply bursting with food, to the entertainment program - was at the highest level. A bunch of contests, good dance program. Leading fellow, knows his stuff. Even if I wanted to, nothing to complain about. Excellent celebrate the New Year.

"Children with their wives in tears»

Someone Den visited the recreation center "Orsha" and failed in the New Year to take a steam bath. Catastrophe!

- Book a bath for a week, made an advance payment. And then we learn that the room did not work. Children with their wives in tears, but we no one thought about this report, although the phone number at the reception was - he complained. - I asked the book of complaints, which I brazenly refused to give. Instead, the board went into a drunken man, presented the administrator from him no clear explanation I got.

That's the way lunch ...

Some Russians say in their reviews that Belarus - certainly not abroad, that all of us as well as them. Moot. In one of the public holidays of tourists from Russia have parked in the center of Minsk their cars dashing, "in the Moscow". The reaction was immediate.

"We had lunch. Makes the machine from the local cops. Makar had time to remove his car with a tow truck, we got off with a fine of 130,000 Belarusian rubles, honda driver was less fortunate of all "- on New Year's adventures in Minsk wrote in Instagram Muscovite Victoria Glaznova.

"Next year - also in Belarus»

Julia relaxing taken seriously: New Year's tour with a visit to Belarus in Brest and Minsk booked in the fall.

- We decided to go to NY in Belarus. All booked in September to pay 50% and waited for the New Year - she writes. - Happy New Year banquet was held at the restaurant "Belarus". Very good ... Entertainment program - leading, Santa Claus ... New Year's Eve on the Russian and Belarusian time! Tour were satisfied, the next year too, probably, in Belarus, Grodno. Said to be very beautiful.

"As if from the Soviet Union, but it does not bother»

A resident of Yaroslavl Larisa Orlova spent New Year's Eve at the hotel "Agate" and generally quite happy.

- Smiling and helpful staff. Clean, towels changed daily. Rooms comfortable, without glamor. Daily soap and shampoo local production laid out in the bathroom. Yes, that there was a bathtub. Generally the hotel as if from the Soviet Union, but it does not bother, but rather, on the contrary, somehow calms - she writes.

"Perfect cleanliness and lack of Asian hordes»

- The main impression from the trip to Minsk - visit the local theater Gorky - says blogger comrade-nobody. - I watched it, "Woe from Wit" with Rostislav Jankowski (this brother Oleg) as Famusov. But apart from him and the whole cast is matched brilliantly! It did not weaker Arts Theater. And the day before went to the theater at the Yanka Kupala "Pavlinka." Comedy based on the play of the same Kupala. In this case, all the easier, as comedy, originally designed by the author, apparently, over the populace. Nothing special. Both theaters immaculately refurbished. Theatre bitter somewhat resembles Lenk, but after the Spirit - MAT old school.

Visited several churches and Orthodox Cathedral. On the last day gallop ran the museum of World War II and the main art museum. Impressed by the broad avenues, streets, designed with due respect to the proportions of the number of storeys and width. More likely to hit the turn Bobruisk Street to Independence Avenue. It's just great, especially in a light haze of fog. The entire center reminds both Tver, Kutuzov, and Victory Square something like the Lubyanka. Good looks uniform number of storeys, but she may not have enough landmarks like Moscow Stalin skyscrapers. One or two would not hurt.

Of note, you can enjoy low cost of public transport, food, the almost complete lack of outdoor advertising and the lack of "Asian hordes" on the street, in the service sector. Cleanliness perfect everywhere! And not only in the capital.

Managed to visit the Mir Castle. It is some distance from Minsk. Something about 90 km. Castle finished with a taste for provincial museum remakes such shovels. Boring. Pleasure to deliver only climbing the towers and walls.

Obvious drawback - the lack of normal catering. National cuisine at a reasonable price my friends managed to try just outside the city. In Minsk, prices in the cafe in Moscow, and the quality is even worse.




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