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Last year, we discussed the unusual designs of the Soviet automakers that have not been found to continue on a conveyor line. In today's ranking, we touch on a similar theme, but suffered a more modern turn of the automotive industry. We bring you the 10 best prototypes of Russian manufacturers, issued from 2002 to 2012.

Of course, the most active company in our eastern neighbor is "AvtoVAZ". Most participants of today's top-10 - just the products of this manufacturer. Since the beginning of this century, "AvtoVAZ" is actively looking to expand, and the designers try their hand at a variety of ways. Company managers often promised that soon the market will "replace the classic," "new Oka" and even the successor of "Niva", but the recovery in the model range of "AvtoVAZ" begins only now, after the intervened company Renault.

So, here are the top 10 most striking concepts «made in Russia» (sort by year of release):

VAZ-2151 Classic Concept (2002)

As written in 2002, car magazines, "this machine in the near future may become the successor of the VAZ-2105 / VAZ-2104 / VAZ-2107". Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), this was not to happen. The car has remained a concept. VAZ-2151 was built on the modernized platform "five" and was the overall dimensions slightly larger VAZ-2104 (test model has been presented in the station wagon).

The concept had an impressive luggage compartment volume of 500 liters (the "Quartet", by the way, - 375 liters). Although created in 2151 demonstrative purposes, he was completely ready for production facilities. The rear seats fold down and out of the concept could be done fairly roomy car. Under the hood - 1, 7-liter 84-horsepower engine from "Niva". The maximum speed - 165 km / h. Many motorists immediately noticed that the car is a bit like touring Fiat Stilo.

GAZ 3115 "Volga" Prototype (2003)

In 2003, GAZ think seriously about the issue of vehicle class D. Prior to that, the "Volga" on the dimensions and purpose were usually in business class (E). For demonstration and testing purposes, Russians gathered prototype GAZ-3115. Design frills sedan is no different. Appearance of a novelty was similar to a usual "Volga". Although the rear rack remotely resembles the Opel Astra.


The drive was back, but in the design of the chassis, much has changed in comparison with the serial specimens passenger gases. For example, in 3115 it established an independent "mnogoryichazhka" a powerful stretcher. The prototype had a petrol "four" capacity of 130 liters. s., but after the launch of mass production planned to put more powerful engines, including a V6. For some reason the conveyor 3115 and did not get.

UAZ-3165M Prototype (2003)

Repeatedly Russian (and Soviet) designers tried to combine in one car SUV and minivan. One such attempt was a concept UAZ-3165M. The car was a four-wheel drive korotkokapotny minibus with a wheelbase of more than 3 m. The machine was never given to the test, but the manufacturer claimed that UAZ-3165M is capable of carrying up to 13 passengers.


The production version of the model was planned to be equipped with 2, 9-liter engine UMZ-249 (4-cylinder) capacity of 132 liters. from. and 5-speed manual transmission. Also, the developers are ready to install the 3165M 98-strong turbodiesel. But the car never went into production and was only property stands at various exhibitions.

VAZ-1121 "Oka-2" concept (2003)

This relatively good-looking hatchback was to be the successor has long been outdated "baby" VAZ-1113. Above the car running in the SEC "AvtoVAZ". In 2003, the Russian and international exhibitions booth Russian producer decorated prototype model.

When you create a prototype avtovazovtsy great savings. For example, the handle of the door "removed" from the VAZ-2110, and the exterior mirrors - with "five". Some elements of the front lighting Russians "borrowed" from the previous (at the time) generation Ford Fiesta. On the new "Oka" was planned to be installed as the old engine, and new powertrains. The manufacturer even named the price of a novelty - to $ 5 thousand. But to buy it to someone and was not meant to be.

"Lada Silhouette" Prototype (2004)

In the early 2000s, the management of "AvtoVAZ" conceived the release of a new car on the European classification related to the segment D. But later it was decided to develop a machine lower class (even C +), which would meet modern safety standards and was attractive in appearance. Excellent plans. What was the result?


A conceptual turned "Lada Silhouette". The model was created in 2004 and in 2005 demonstrated to the public. Already at the Moscow Motor Show, it was clear that the wait for her on the road is not necessary, t. To. The company said that the release of "Silhouette" will begin in 2015. Even today, this figure seems too far away, and in 2005 it was synonymous with the word "never."

GAZ-2705 "Gazelle Convertible" (2005)

Certainly visitors of the Moscow Motor Show 2005 was pretty surprised. Russian automakers and so do not often indulge the audience even conceptual gigs, and then an open version of its model presented GAS. And the roof is not removed from the "Volga" as it may seem after reading these lines ... The exhibition brought open "Gazelle"!

The machine has been conceived as an exhibition 9-seater minibus sightseeing and ceremonial. According to the developers, such vehicles could potentially serve as a delegation of the outdoors, and in large rooms. The model won first place in the category "Special prize of an exhibition in 2005 for originality of design."

Lada C Concept (2007)

Well, we got to one of the most interesting developments of "AvtoVAZ" - a concept hatchback with a straightforward name C Concept. The car was designed as a show car for the Geneva Motor Show 2007. No plans for mass production of this model, alas, was not. Body concept in the style of "charged" hatchback. Perhaps someone exterior of the machine seems too congested, but the designer with Concept is to pay tribute for a really interesting and unusual in comparison with other Lada appearance.


According to official figures, the overall length of the hatchback is 4208 mm, width - 1835 mm, and height - 1548 mm. It is close to the 3-door model with a class. Among the scant information that shared "AvtoVAZ" with the media - 2-liter engine, which is capable to disperse the car to 210 km / h. Other characteristics have not been officially published. Now the concept is in the museum of the Russian manufacturer.

Lada Kalina 4WD Prototype (2007)

Five years ago, "AvtoVAZ" decided to experiment with its popular model - Kalina. The Russians decided not to reinvent the wheel and just added a four-wheel drive car. "And what, Subaru can, and we can not?" - Probably thought avtovazovtsy and put on a 4WD wagon model. Like most concepts and series development work was carried out on a prototype SEC "AvtoVAZ".

The car will automatically get all wheel drive. Externally 4WD modification differs from the basic version of the new grille and bumper pads on, wheel arches and sills. Under the hood - 1, 8-liter "four" with capacity of 100 liters. from. and 5-step "mechanics". Before serial production of Kalina-wheel drive, it never came.

Lada C-Cross Concept (2008)

One year after the publication of a single instance Kalina 4WD Russians also showed a unique prototype crossover Lada C-Cross. The car was built on a platform of "Project C", originating from the roots still "Silhouette" (see. Above). In the "AvtoVAZ" I was told that the car could go in a series. A bitter experience of Russian journalists responded: "Come on!" And rightly answered later by the "Project C" decided to abandon the platform of the future, the underlying C-Cross, I went to the museum.


But the appearance of the crossover was quite acceptable, even by European standards. Many Russians were waiting with hope the ad price new. The modern car with off-road performance at an affordable price ... Is this not dreamed of those Russians who had little Chevrolet Niva? Looking at the queue for the Duster, it is clear that the prospects of such machines in the post-Soviet space is very large.

Yo-mobile (2011)

In February 2011, the founder of the "e-AUTO" Mikhail Prokhorov has promised that the certification of e-mobile will be held in May 2012. Well, Mikhail, less than a month before we will know whether you hold the floor. The idea of ​​the project is very beautiful - Affordable, economical, clean, modern, attractive looks pretty car. The first working party e-crossover promised by the middle of this year. But it is too early to talk about when we'll see this sensational car on public roads, and see it at all.

Russian experts have already called the ambitious plans of "e-AUTO" unworkable, and many believe the whole undertaking and does a spectacular PR move Prokhorov. Employees prestigious magazine "At the wheel" argue that the application designers are too ambitious in conception and implementation time for such an inexperienced and low-budget team, which is the "e-AUTO".

As you can see, even in 10 years, Russian producers have been some very interesting projects. Unfortunately, not all live up to the idea of ​​a real incarnation. Well, let's hope that in the hands of such a giant as Renault, the largest Russian company "AvtoVAZ" finally start producing high quality modern products. And before that we will see a lot of pre-production samples, which may not be waiting fate machines described in this article.

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