Adventures of Belarusians in Russia: How to buy a car

The author of this story - Sergei, who works as a car mechanic in Gomel, in the car understands and has a firm belief that you need to buy used cars exclusively in Germany. But the growing consumer interest directed towards the east car market has not spared him. At first, deal with it, he had a repair and pre-fitting of Russian cars, and after him at the request of a friend had to go searching for the car in the Russian capital. And cars are not the most simple and cheap. What came out of it - on the first person.

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- To be honest: for all this time for me in the studio is not driven any good machines from Russia. One could be a bit better as the other, but with problems. Sometimes, at the request of "outbid" had tight SHRUS brew. In good these cars still had to put decent to bring to mind, but people just need to earn. I do not blame them - each with its own interest, but the fact remains that all the machines out-fitting, needed repair.

But one day, my distant cousin, a big fan of Toyota, willed himself Land Cruiser. Of the cars personally I respect only "hundreds", but he would most certainly 4-liter petrol Prado is not the poorest in the set. After analyzing prices in Belarus, he discovered that in Russia the same car you can buy for 5-6 thousand dollars cheaper. He persuaded me to go. Search decided in Moscow and the Moscow region, Odintsovo benefit we had a place to stay. I jumped into my "flea» (Ford Ka.- Note. Aut.) And moved into the path of three.

"Comedy" started already at the entrance to Moscow. At night we stopped at a traffic police checkpoint to verify the documents. In the darkness, I noticed two guys, sadly trampling about Audi A8. When he saw my passport Schengen visa and many stamps, the police said, "for the car?" We "included a fool", saying that there is, on business. He smiled and said that we can smell a mile away, and pointed to the very children: "Get out of your countrymen, from Mogilev. Powered by "shabashki", the customer has paid with their machine. Did she pledged. " At the same time Audi has been removed from the register for transit "room." With 99 percent certainty the guardian of order said that the car will be taken from them, adding: "The Belarusians like fools! Understand, this is Moscow, there will not be a freebie. Here, all the crime, Caucasians ... »

But unless we can stop such speech ?! Arriving in Odintsovo, we started to look for alternatives. On the phone, as usual, a wheelbarrow - fire, but in fact the interior burnt through, the "razdatka" in the "snot", then a box problem. In general, the two days we drove slowly, watching. On the third day of the "dancing with a tambourine."

We ran into Caucasians. They go, "Hey, brother! Great car, brother! Bury - will not regret it, brother. " I look and feel instinctively that it is better not to get involved. He wanted to see the VIN-number, they immediately began, "Hey, what are you looking at? Give me the money and take away the car! "I say, let's go to the traffic police," break "it. And so it began: "Listen, what to check? That tent, now it will issue - and drive home, there verify. " Then he drove reinforcements on deaf toned VAZ-2115, and I understand that it is time to retire. We sat down to move off - they are for us. It's no joke - they know that the money we have. But I once worked as a taxi driver in Moscow, the region know well, in general, we pull up on them. And if caught? Fraternal disperse hardly woulda.

The next day they decided to drive through the salons. Relatives of a sudden started to come the revelation that not everything is as simple as he thought. Especially with regard to prices.

On the fourth day they decided to look one car on the ruble. Only stopped there - gave 3,000 Russian rubles depeesniku. There is a law: if you stop - have to give.

The machine was not bad: imperfect but acceptable condition. It was bought by the local rich 20-year-old daughter, but she, the train from Land Cruiser refused, explaining that the machine is too large, shaky. Then it gave the security service. Buy cars new serviced only on the company's service, all documents mark in 2011, "skin-mug", there are a couple of questions on frivolous body. Price - 30,000 dollars. But silver and black like a relative. They went away to think and look for other options.

We decided to look one black. We negotiate and meet. Seller - a strange type of thirty, such as the half-breed, not a Caucasian, the focus is not, but something Caucasian in it. Fussy such eyes under sunglasses run. Machine polished, good condition, only the tires completely bald, beauty much procuration. He asked for it the same 30 thousand, and as I turned to rearrange his "flea", missed the moment when a relative of the wings of joy handed him a pledge of $ 250. The seller gave us his phone, I dialed it immediately - call went. We agreed to go to the traffic police to remove from the register. None of us, of course, not thought to get into his car. Drove away a bit from the place where the inspection took place, he gave on the box and disappeared. We call - the caller, of course, is not available.

To be honest, we did expect such a "kidalovo" could not. I say relative, "You're given $ 250 a complete stranger." There was still hope that the seller still come to the traffic police, but, as you know, it crashed against the harsh reality.

Frustrated, we returned to the Odintsovo. Another did not even have chosen, and have so much money profukali. Then the owner of the apartment where we lived, said: say, a neighbor sells Land Cruiser 100. A little older, diesel, but neat and tidy, I buy a new one. Sold in the '90s was "a real kids' habits and are now left, but we must pay tribute, which served only '' officials." I was startled, but a relative wanted Prado.

The next day, we decided to see another option. Here we are, I see from afar that something was wrong. And my instincts rarely fails. Machine rovnenko or scratch, sell two of these nimble. I say let the VIN-number look. Took out his magnifying glass, I see - the two digits in the room so neatly corrected, but the car removed from the register. Otvozhu relative to the side, saying that we should not even waste time.

At this time, the wife of a relative calls and asks to see Nissan Qashqai near the place of our deployment. It seems like we are at 17,000, while there are over 10,200 sold. I said to her: "You know that this price is unrealistic? Apparently the machine problem! "But she insisted, because the picture was all beautiful. Let's go look.

Pereda in the car was not made obscene. If the gaps are still exposed outside, then you open the hood - and all becomes clear. Call us, we tell what's what. She: Look another one near there. There is already a relative could not resist. During these days we are all on the nerves because you did not find what you were looking for, and here also it poorly represents that ride to watch the car, even those that close - it's not as easy as it seems.

That was a relative of his wife for the Qashqai, another story that deserves attention, but we'll get to our main goal.

After some discussion, we decided to go back to Rublyovka. The situation is predictable: since we returned ... But by some miracle we manage to lose $ 1,500 on the set price, and then another 200 Seller frankly admitted that he was told to sell the car for a specific amount. "I have, Belarusians, sorry. This is Moscow ... "- he added.

Money, we said, give up only after receiving at the hands of TCP. Tell him our story, the man reacted with understanding. Over 1,500 Russian rubles, we made a full diagnosis on the company's service manager, we opened the whole history of the machine. Relative disturbed that three year olds have 220 thousand kilometers, but it is not curled or kilometers, serviced regularly. In addition, we were given a set of winter studded rubber discs. Make out with our money. After the bill of sale made, the person was taken - such as it is already possible to exhale ...

But it would be too easy if the story ended. I told the guys that celebrate this thing better at home, but they did not listen to me. I went to Odintsovo on his car, and the two of them decided to come back with a stop at the market. We arrived, put the car and fell in behind the Daewoo Matiz. A relative had a heroic owner Land Cruiser Prado, got behind the wheel, turned back to leave, and then Matiz, received towbar, groaned alarm. On moans ran aunt, her uncle - in short, had to shell out another $ 300.

We arrived in Odintsovo, put the car in the paid parking (locks on unprotected pick out once or twice), but moved home only every other day.

Come out of the white stone, a relative got behind the wheel and, ignoring my warning about the custom of "depeesnikov" stand behind the hill, someone traveled through the solid. And over the hill - all as expected. Braked, saying deprivation. I am so and so, they say, guys, it's always worth 500 rubles. They laughed, talked about the fact that for now, just take a "right." Asked how many, said: "We are also the two." I ask: "Five hundred?" They laughed again: "Two hundred. Dollars. "40 minutes I butted them, then floated the argument about the existence of a common database and all said that a hundred - and more present. Agreed, have we gone further. Already in Belarus relative he managed a couple more times to get a fine.

Upon arriving home, we drove to the shop Prado, painted two elements (there were dents and scratches from small impacts on the bar), made a full polish and then shot down the final cost. I must say that the final result surprised us ...

After a calculator in hand, our financial peregonschiki knocked up his adventure: taking into account all the "stocks" and "zaletov" and body repair savings of $ 1,400. The costs could be greater if I had to rent an apartment, but it managed to escape. Is the game worth the candle - it's happy owner status SUV, which, according to Sergei, was glad to have that in Moscow they do return ...

- A couple of days after our return call friends - says our reader. - The boys went for the BMW X5 and simply do not get home: Bryansk they took the car.

There were three. Searched restyled "X-fifth", 3-liter. Found an option on the Internet, we go. I never got the truth, how much they get it, but the stories, if everything was okay on this machine could be "lifted" seven thousand.

In Bryansk they were stopped. The car was in the "transit", all documents were available. It turned out that the car is not enough that is listed in the hijacking, so once it goes to Moscow "double". As a result, the two immediately "tied" the third said he was not in deeds, that it simply brought up. It was when I went to pick up his car. Guys were held for five days in the bullpen to clarify, as soon as the car was taken away. The affair ended - I do not know, but the car they will likely no one will return, as well as money. In short, most of the guys were not "spoil". I say, "it is that you do not check?" Said checked, but not the traffic police, and in some companies.

I read on your site an article about "a hundred". Man rightly says that to buy a normal car in Russia inexpensive - it is necessary to try and catch your luck. And if a cheaper easier (very few people want to go into criminal schemes for a couple thousand dollars), then it is generally expensive cars guard. Going for the Land Cruiser, I was ready for internal problems. But we can say lucky, too.

Although not the fact that everything will be cheaper car easy. Just recently, the guys call me: look car. The boy works in a factory, he collected money, drove the "five» BMW old, 1994, 34th body. I took in Klintsy on the market for $ 1,250. I looked at the VIN-number and double it. Children ask: what to do? It was lucky that he drove to the house that he never stopped. Naturally, registered in the SAI such a machine no one will put, if not taken away. Sales of spare parts except. So good that the money is still small, but still pleasant enough.

Before us some guys went to Russia, too, like a Land Cruiser, another SUV. Bought, drove home, not reached 300 kilometers - the car broke. But it is also one of the light scenarios.

- The story ended with a choice of Nissan Qashqai to a relative of his wife?

- We came, I explained to her what was happening, that cheap it does not find a normal car. Her husband confirmed my opinion and I bowed to her to go to the car to Germany. My sister lives there. I called her and found a man who for 300 euro found a suitable option, together, let's go. Typewriter 2010 1.5 DSi, 108000 mileage, however, beaten on the right side: bumper, lights and boot lid bent, but nothing critical. With customs clearance, and will drive it cost $ 13,500 dollars. Autohaus picked. Its director, learned that I was a mechanic, has presented us two tickets to the Technik Museum Speyer (Technik-Museum Speyer. - Approx. Ed.). A trifle, but nice. I was very impressed with the museum.

In Homel, we have restored Qashqai - running, everything is fine.

- What can you advise to those who are still considering as an option to purchase a car in Russia?

- I advise you to think well. And if you are thinking, to approach this matter with the mind. It makes sense to go when there is someone to stay there for transport journeys and people who can help. Moscow terribly expensive to rent an apartment and a taxi can take a decent part of the budget of purchase. This is the first. Second, if you have, for example, six thousand, then it makes sense to look for the three thousand machines. If you take the car for yourself, you have to be prepared for the fact that nearly half of the cost will have to pay for a car to bring in decent condition. In my practice, no one drove the car out of Russia that it took - and went. This is Russia, everything is in Russian business in Russian, the service in Russian ... This is not Belarus, where are you in the car found a "school", the second - and ask for a discount. There's all clear: if you want - take it, do not want - do not take it. My personal attitude: for myself, I will never buy a car in the Russian market.

On the forums, people often each other's "teach life": they say in Russia that in Russia it is ... I want to advise them first to try what it is, and then tell others.

Why I do not consider the purchase of second-hand cars in Russia? First - this is the mentality of Russians. We went somewhere 120 kilometers per hour, I had a little machine, "strangling" it would not be desirable. And here we are, howling and rattling bridges, ahead of "Niva". Towards rides MAZ. Think "Field" move out? MAZ driver moved to the sidelines! Then, at a gas station, we met with this "Niva". Behind the wheel of some retired, and even in those years, people behave this way! And so everywhere: crank up all on edge. Why do they have if the accident is almost always a corpse? Because speed. As they say about Russia, they go on the road today in yesterday's machines with tomorrow's rate. Four years ago I pulled patsanenka of "Nine", 15, a passenger. We drove the boys quiet, not bothering anyone - and then it flies into the side of the VAZ-21099. It only drunk noses currently porazbivali. Standing, looking like corpses removed from the "nine", snot chew ...

If they do so in the "Zhiguli" old worn, the foreign car they even switched off the survival instinct: here airbags and all that. And they save you ?!

People are so relevant to their lives and personal safety, do not keep track of the machine. Their task - to squeeze all the juice out of it and sell. Therefore, no one will do repairs before selling the maximum "zafuflyat" to ask for a higher price. However, if you're lucky, you can run into a case where a person, for example, urgently needs money and he sells his car. But, believe me, no one in Russia will not sell you a car for next to nothing, even if the person alleged money to burn.

The second factor - is the lack of adequate roads. Almost all the cars that I do fit in - with a broken suspension. And go quickly, Russians, sloppy. Salt Plus - rot machine, on the body are often the big chips and other defects.

Third - is the lack of normal service. In the best case, if the machine is inexpensive, it repaired when "Ashot" at worst, with their own hands.

Fourth - it is a crime. We, Belarusians, basically relaxed in this part, people tend to believe, for us wildly much of what is happening in Russia. But once we look at them, you should be ready to face the crime. The more expensive the car, the chances of him running into the above. Therefore, the machine must be "punched" in the SAI. Our people wonder how such a machine is removed from the register, there are documents ... This is Russia, where everything is done in a jiffy. That is why there Belarusians trusting love and expect, naive and believe in fabulous profits.

Summing up, I want to say, if with a mind to go, the car from Europe is actually not as expensive as they seem. But this machine from Europe, where the normal road, where people do not repair cars in the yard at the knee and not all pursue the goal of "dorezat" and "drain".




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