Cherkizon brain

Probably no one there is no need to explain what a "Cherkizon." Many of the capital's residents older than 17 years certainly remember well about this paradoxical phenomenon, as well in other cities probably heard bad about it. Certainly, markets such as Cherkizovsky, in the 1990s - 2000s, there were many, but the essence of all this was undoubtedly dvizhuhi "Cherkizon."

It seems that soon heritage "Cherkizon" will be dealt the final blow new draft law "On industrial policy of the Russian Federation", the adoption of which will mean the collapse of the industry govnotovarov "Cherkizovo" scale.

Did you miss whether you "Cherkizon" during his years of inactivity? Nostalgic whether the cool morning, when wading through the cigarette smoke and the bustling crowd of people, you can proudly seated on the old "Zilovskoye" van uncle Ashot, who, flashing Fix offers you to buy a new sweat pants «Abidak» just 100,000 rubles (it Of course, on the pre-crisis rates)? Romantic, is not it?

I offer you a "tube-like" Pictures of the different years good old "Cherkizon", so dear to the heart of the capital's simple.

In the post 28 pictures.


Welcome to the "Cherkizon" - a paradise for the modern post-Soviet consumer, where you can buy anything - from "Snickers" to VCR «Filips» or «Sumsang»! Do you remember what brand was recorder or player, you bought on the shelves of the good old Cherkizovsky market?


And this is how "Cherkizon" looked at the beginning. There was a market in the early 1990s, on the site of a huge vacant lot next to the Electronics Research Institute "Delta". And pretty soon the market of medium-sized melokooptovogo "Cherkizon" has grown to impressive proportions, becoming one of the largest retail outlets in Moscow in the late 1990s.


Here, a young bride can buy a wedding dress, and wonderful times of dog hair to the waist after wearing wedding corset and then does not hurt.


To head the visitors in the light of the market is not precipitation, many tents were equipped with strong modern tents. However, with the advent of the roof of their function has become more decorative.


The range of clothing to "Cherkizon" just rolls over. Global brands side by side with little-known but worthy brands and, most importantly, a new jacket from Pierre Cardin can be bought for 300 rubles!


Hospitable sellers never deprive the attention of potential customers.


And it is good to understand the philosophy of the trading business.


A wide choice.


The atmosphere of well-being.


The friendly sellers.


And here is the goods delivered.


View from the side.


Many hats - good and different!


In some places "Cherkizon" arose a feeling that you are teleported somewhere on the outskirts of China. After a busy shopping could enjoy traditional Chinese food ...


... But not all exotic cuisine East accounted for the soul. In 2009, the mecca of crime and unsanitary conditions ceased to exist - at the request of the Government of Moscow "Cherkizon" was closed.


Began a massive operation to eliminate "Cherkizon." If "life" of the market, few people deliberately photographed, but the moment was captured on a large scale demolition. In particular, the photographer Dmitry Chistoprudov Canonicity made a lot of pictures of the liquidation process "Cherkizon."


Work in full swing.


The remains of the former luxury.


Single occupant.

Mannequins not in deeds.

Empty gallery ...


Children's department disbanded.

During the events surrounding the Cherkizovsky market closely watched in China, where the market was the "main Chinese market in Russia" at the time. The Chinese press reported that the mood in Beijing were very pessimistic, as the closure of Cherkizovsky market stopped working Russian shopping district in Beijing "Yabaolu" where mostly settled Chinese companies selling their goods in Russia.


However, enterprising dealers "Cherkizon" did not panic and quickly moved to nearby shopping centers, replacing rusty vans more comfortable plastic pavilions. The quality of products while remaining very "Cherkizovsky", although this time rate increased significantly. In some cases, skillful "Uncle Ashot" even contrived to palёnye "conversion" to put a price tag in the 1500-2000 rubles, which is not much cheaper than the original brand.


However, and this incarnation of "Cherkizon" soon cease, apparently, can terminate their existence. Recently, the Ministry of Industry issued a draft law "On industrial policy of the Russian Federation", according to which the quality of the goods will be given special attention. Ministry of Industry and Trade is preparing for labeling products of light industry chip-labels that can seriously oust shadow businesses and manufacturers of low-quality goods "cherkizonskogo level."


With chips planned encode information about the manufacturer and the supplier of the goods. And then read the information by means of special devices at customs checks in warehouses or sales in stores. Even by the standards of "relatively civilized" shopping centers bill, if fully implemented, will hit "Uncle Ashot" and Sino-Tajik goods.
According to representatives of the Industry and Trade Ministry, marking system will establish quality control of the circulation of goods and do away with dashing 90-mi and chaotic markets, collapsed. The idea of ​​a sort of "tax stamps" for light industry is not new. But now, for its implementation undertook thoroughly. And not only in Russia but also in the Eurasian Economic Commission.


Many old markets ceased to exist in their place so far - the ruins of the former greatness of crime and unsanitary conditions. Epoch dashing 90 is long gone, and despite the persistence of former adherents of the time, the old system has outlived itself slowly. It remains to get rid of a "Cherkizon brain».
And what do you remember "Cherkizon"?



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