33 impressive fact about the brain. Be careful, listen to fact number 32!

The human brain - a mystery over which still scratching their heads a lot of famous scientists. It is the most studied and most poorly studied organ in the human body. It would seem that there ... accumulation of liquid sulfur, nerve cells and their processes, but the human brain is almost can not afford to imitate even the most powerful computer.

Nevertheless, scientists have worked tirelessly to find more and more evidence that could help us shed light on the main organ of the human body. Today, the team has collected online magazine for you 33 exciting facts about the brain. Down with the boring and gray books on anatomy. Next, conquer new heights of knowledge! Yes, item number 19, I was saddened ...

1. To train memory - a useful thing. When you do something memorable in your brain forming new neural connections.

2. Half of our genes describes the complex structure of the brain, while the second half describes the organization of the remaining 99% of the entire body.

3. The brain uses about 20% of the total amount of oxygen in the body.

4. The human brain is 60% from fat.

5. The pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Albert Einstein stole the brain of a brilliant scientist and preserved in formalin solution for about 20 years.

6. It turns out that if surgically remove the frontal lobe of the brain, it does not appear in your right mind and memory.

7. Lack of sleep and insomnia have a negative impact on the brain, which leads to a deterioration in the process of thinking and slow reaction.

8. Number of dopamine, which produces the brain during orgasm, comparable to that produced by a heroin addict.

9. 5 minutes of lack of oxygen leads to irreversible brain damage.

10. Sometimes it is good to forget. Such removal of unnecessary information helps the nervous system to maintain its flexibility.

11. The taste receptors in humans are not only in the mouth but also in the stomach, intestine, pancreas, lung, anus, testes, and brain.

12. The smell of chocolate will activate theta rhythm of the brain that causes sedation.

13. Music as a positive effect on the production of dopamine, like sex or great food.

14. Scientists have noted the negative impact of diets and starvation in our brain. This exhaustion of the body can cause the brain to be "is" himself.

15. When you wake up, your brain generates energy, which would be enough for an ordinary light bulb.

16. According to the research, the brain evaluates the refusal as physical pain.

17. The manifestation of violence in the family has the same effect on the brain child of the war on the brain soldier.

18. After scientists became aware of the existence of many brain parasites, they have ceased to deny the possibility of a zombie apocalypse.

19. Your brain develops to 50 years.

20. The child's brain can use up to 50% of all of the glucose in the body. For restocking children need a lot of sleep.

21. The human brain is in its consistency resembles tofu.

23. A person can not tickle myself. The fact that the human brain perceives only at most external stimuli.

24. When you start to learn something new, the structure of your brain changes.

25. A sense of self-confidence can be called stimulating a certain part of the brain.

26. This year was conducted an interesting experiment that compared the performance of the machine to the work of the brain. The study revealed that the fourth most powerful supercomputer took 40 minutes, 1 second to simulate the activity of the human brain.

27. American inventor Ray Kurzweil believes that only by 2023 personal computers reached the computing power of the human brain.

28. Alcohol had virtually no effect on memory and does not cause multiple sclerosis. Just when a person gets drunk as a lord, his brain temporarily lose the ability to remember. He may not know his native mother.

29. Scientists have proven that even the weakest sense of power reduces the person's ability to empathize.

30. The human brain consists of 100 billion neurons and a trillion glial cells.

31. The largest number of nerve cells a person is observed at birth.

32. Long conversations on the mobile increases the risk of brain cancer.

33. Sfenopalativnaya ganglionevralgiya - a scientific term that means "Brain Freeze».

To paraphrase the German Erich Maria Remarque's classic, who said that it is shameful to live on the planet Earth, and nothing about her to know I'm safe to say, ashamed to live in your body, and nothing about him to know. Do not be greedy! Share your knowledge with others! Make sure to tell about the interesting facts of your friends.

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