So vymahal! 19 interesting and unexpected images of your childhood heroes then and now.

We have grown and matured with them ... They have already become members of our friendly family who always gather at the TV screen. Then many of them suddenly disappeared from sight. But where are the idol of our childhood? What was their fate? Information and entertainment web magazine decided to find missing. We present to your attention the 19 exciting pictures of children - actors of foreign and domestic cinema. It's crazy, many of them do not even know! So vymahal ... Pinocchio, is that you ?!

«6 Sense" - Haley Joel Osment

«Little Red Riding Hood" - Jan Poplavskaja

«Blue Lagoon" - Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins

«The Adventures of Pinocchio" - Tatiana Protsenko

«Jumanji" - Bradley Pierce

«Curly Sue" - Alison Porter

«Spy Kids" - Carmen and Juni Cortez

«Terminator 2" - Edward Furlong

«The Tale of the Star Boy" - Pavel Chernyshev

«Star Wars: Episode One" - Jack Lloyd

«The Adventures of Pinocchio" - Dmitri Joseph

«The Guest from the Future" - Natalia Murashkevich

«Bell» - Doveyn Chase

«Captain Hook" - Amber Scott

«The Adventures of Electronics" - Yuri and Vladimir Torsuevy

«Home Alone" - Macaulay Culkin

«Harry Potter" - Emma Watson

«Harry Potter" - Matthew Lewis

«Courier" - Fyodor Dunaevsky

Time goes by, and we also do not stand still. The girl from the movie "The Ring" definitely changed for the better ... Show me these interesting and sometimes unexpected images of child actors now and then your friends.

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