Alex Kurilko: "it pains Me to remember many things, but I'm not sorry»

Anatoly Golubovskiy
Six million eight hundred fifty two thousand nine hundred twenty five

Alex Kurilko — writer, actor, Director, winner... not to enumerate all long and this is not the most important. For it happens that from a man just past the regalia and left. And Alex was very interesting, lively and non-linear. At first I wanted to build it "correctly", but then I realized that it would be "wrong."..

-Alex, in the 90 years he could turn absolutely on-to another?

-Hit where it hurts? Yes, he could. Therefore, trying to justify their existence on this sinful Earth. Because many of my acquaintances, friends, classmates anymore, but somehow I was alive and even moderately well-fed. It seems to me, Lord, for me, and left me to once told about the time, and not only about him... Or why. He got me some plans... Space, if not God. Something there, probably

-What moment was critical?

-By and large, I since childhood, could read and write, another thing is that when I was a kid…

-Reformulate. The way of life that was addictive. I know

-Had to mimic the environment. It is clear that with the boys about the Baudelaire spoke. But I will tell you, in those circles, I met with representatives who read more than people with two higher educations. Of course, in those places to do nothing special, and those who wanted to read have developed, some of them know several languages... the Philosophy of love, studying psychology. Well, it's all sort of activity is essential. So they're not stupid people

-Yes, about the stupidity of the question. The question in the application of their skills and abilities

-Probably, Yes... As for the tipping point — it is 99 minutes, but I'm about 300 times told Neelov this even better tell, because his eyes saw it. I came with my two forehead, said, "in Short, take it, it's really fucking artist." Nikolayevich and a bit on the lookout — th for tipki came, but for the mind:
-All right, let's get through the exam…
-Yes what kind of exam it is krasavella really works, how to start cheto there to soar, all lying
-Well, let him come to the exam
I sat in silence, knowing that the boys are in dialogue, absolutely not the level that I have already developed quite unflattering opinion, but, nevertheless, came to the exam, passed the first brilliantly, then as second... Now there are several versions — Glushko, Voloshenyuk Neelova that he was the only "for" and the rest "Yes, we fuck this thug, he will not learn, it is the gift is not necessary, etc»

-Which of your subpersonalities, roles, the most close to you — an actor, writer, Director? Or are they equivalent?

-Clearly, the writer. It helps, he is nobler than the actor. Actually, it's my personality — actor, writer, radio host and just people — lazy Kurilko, who does not want to engage in — fighting among themselves. But lazy Kurilko pushed into a corner. So, the writer helps an actor — he comes up with lyrics, often the actor uses already written. But the actor writer does not help. Whenever you need to tell something about my novel to the publisher, which to me completely unfamiliar, "to include" a charming charismatic person and serve as unparalleled work — the actor goes somewhere, and the writer sits, bleats that, "well, it's about life.. well, read". Something like that happens. So I position myself as a writer

-You could much better monetize their talents and inclinations, but chose a slightly different path. Writing in our Palestine now is not the paid. We have zhvanetskogo "writing as writing, is when it is already impossible to tolerate". Your call are from this category?

-I'm afraid so. Don't even know what to compare it to... let's try gambling. I just can't live without it. Can't stop writing, I feel really bad. Moreover, I sometimes don't even know what it is. I write lying down, or rather reclined, as Pushkin, his office is still there. And here I take a pen, notebook, things the old way, I'm not typing, and four hours to turn the handle, without writing a single sentence. My girl looks, and an hour or three to three and a half asks the question:
-What are you doing
-Mmmm. I have a job.
Thank God, she understands everything, but there are such moments. And sometimes — poured and just don't have time for hand. I bought a voice recorder, but it was not my method of Scripture…

-Not work?

-No-no-no-no. Because when you say a lot of words-parasites, it happens again…

-You mentioned that you can three or four hours to get back to words and lines. And then can be watered. As you see, something that pours at this time is the authorship of Alex Kurilko or the issue is very controversial?

AAA. Understand. Even support a theory that some channels are opened and you are at this moment something to be. But I don't really like the statement "it's not me, that through me, God or somebody else." On the one hand, too loud, and on the other I don't want to share! It's me!!! Sat four hours and gave birth to the idea of every phrase. I'm not that possessive, but... greedy to share authorship))) "thank you, of course, that you give me the astral plane opened," — say the sky, but got through that I. Connected, energy spent... it's work... sorry, don't have my notebook, you'd watch it as it happens. Written text draft, with corrections and a bunch of "just in case". Then it is rewritten to "underwear". Then he has been writing in a notebook with the gold pages, then given a print to my girlfriend, she is gaining, I rule and I give her. And then, as moonshine triple distilling with additional filtration, it falls to the reader. I also have a notebook with notes and phrases, and as soon as it ends — buy a new one. Rewrite it from the old. Over time, a phrase no longer like. But some wander from Notepad to Notepad 15 years. I never used, not used, but they're still close, so, you know, checking the time. And some who at first seemed ingenious, a year was seen empty and trivial "at all, I could write".

Twenty three million five hundred nine thousand seven hundred sixty five

-The interaction of personalities in combination with the true laziness of Alex Kurilko?

-I asked myself this question and know that in fact the brain consumes same amount of calories, and even more, in comparison with the work physical. Well, it would seem that you did? Sat — wrote. Chasik. But there are moments when a feeling, as if three cars unloaded. And to the question of laziness, as in everything else Alex wouldn't lift a finger. Thirty hours will squeeze into a new Shoe, but a spoon will not take. I takoooe contempt for physical labor... and this is not a fantasy, nevertheless from the age of sixteen worked. First Shoe factory opposite the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Then it was impossible to use child labour full time, like four hours, but no one seriously is not checked. Vpahivat I full day, but the salary received by the student. First worked as a picker shoes the third category — stretched canvas boots size and fullness. The first month I was tired so came, fell on the bed and fell asleep without having eaten anything and not stripped. Woke up, somehow taking a shower, driving sleepy to work, there was lunch. But gradually got used — we get used to everything, and after two months is not tired, after three could easily go for an hour to smoke with the men, go, and then twenty minutes of peace to sort out the fact that during that time came off the Assembly line. And again in the Smoking room. A month later, agreed with a partner (and we had to work two) that will work for half a day. Then — a day later — in a week. Of course, covering for each other, no one knew anything. But as soon as I ceased to be tired, lost interest.

-In early was it? You was really interesting?

-Yeah. It was stubbornness: I can, I will not give up. And only found sporting interest. Because the money they received, I could earn in twenty minutes. In another true life. People from that life now sometimes find when they meet. Five years ago, the only one on the street asks: "what are you, where are you", and I, hiding his eyes, the answer is that, as they say, work in the theatre. Because for them — it does not work. Actors, singers, musicians they call "waiters for the soul»

-Specific psychology. The merchant — huckster, the waiters, the Chaldeans, the actors waiters for the soul

-Yeah. There are some who watch TV, and tsedyat through his lip: "Uh, the only people who are not engaged, but would not work". Plowman. Hero of labor... Yeah, so I answer "in the theatre", and he eyes widened: "Really?? You're a clown?". I explain that, no, this is serious, this is the theater, and somewhere deep down the idea: "but still, Yes."

An interesting substitution of concepts. Curiously, when and where it came from: if you don't plow in the literal sense of the word — it seems like it is not working...

-Father of Larchuk — one of my co-host once said: "Sashko, ti W does not plow. Plow — TSE if something, robes svoimi hands." And to talk the language of broadcast is not work.

-You have a disdain for physical labor

-Stupid, which doesn't do any good — Yes.

-So maybe it's not contempt, but understanding that you put into the process yourself, and the impact will be if not zero, very low?

-Certainly. For example, when he came to the Studio and quickly took in the first rows, around talking about the star disease. That was 15 years ago. Why? Because I chairs not dragged when after class I had to set the record straight. All thought it was because I zazvezdilsya. No. Just think that everyone needs to do their job. I understand that this position is difficult to accept. But for me, physical work is, for example, to come to the village and chop firewood. Because it's a novelty and a thrill. No matter for whom, even if no fruits of this labor will not use. It is now a sport, for 15-20 minutes. But when you realize that this work can be done by anyone, why should I waste my time and energy?
Of course, working people may feel that he works hard, makes something useful and tangible, the same chairs which we now sit, and I did, you see, despise? Let not him I despise. If this work brings people something useful — please. But I do not know how. So, let's going to do what I can. "Let them at the Bolshoi sing and I will operate. That's good – and that's right»

-Well, actually, the hardest work is intellectual. And the easiest way to reproach in the reluctance of the "work" of man, when the smart strain broke. If you do well on that matter: I can say to dig a hole or the same to chop firewood. As you sit down, write

-Yeah. But that's not all you know, the fact of the matter is. Moreover, I do not pose as a hereditary aristocracy. I've worked with. In a Shoe, then a loader for three months. I know what physical labor and I know he's not interested in me. More precisely, as long as you get tired physically.
As soon as there is sport, there is nothing to overcome, no obstacles, everything.

-Comments from is one thing. And inner feelings this happened to you zazvezdilsya?

-Never. Many friends who will read this will not agree with me. But I always have been. In kindergarten, in school. And accept yourself just the attitude. I either rebuild the team under him, or my team loses. In childhood, I was cool, could be interesting to retell a movie or a book, even a classic. The boys then try to read and there is not all the fun is. But if you suddenly happened situation: "Oh, come Leh! Tell me summat funny", replied: "I, a clown? Maybe even sing it?"I have nothing to anyone must. Now, is ask for a photo or a book to sign, and I understand why it is needed, the question takes a little time, please. But when it starts "come on, smile" or "hug me", then I'm sorry, am I obliged? Okay, I'll smile, and you sit in a pose of a Swan. Conflict begins, and I don't like conflict, to bring down the veil. Because people think "artist, a writer, a celestial". Yes, the same people and me sometimes offends.

-Do you believe in prednachertano?

-I'm a fatalist to the core. As Lermontov. Only he almost set up, what they say, die young. I have, incidentally, the same thing was thought, on the strength of 35 God give me. Feared figures 37 and when turned, relieved breath, "thank God, 42 the time is." Until three years ahead)) I think all have long known. Moreover, I believe in all this stuff about parallel universes believe that there is a world in which Kurilko has achieved more of what dreamed. The most important thing for a person, here I am with Oscar Wilde I agree 100% — is self-realization. Man came into this world, and must Express itself in full, to share my experience, maybe past lives, to leave a scratch on the bark of life, as he said Sergei donatovich — and leave. By and large, we're building a giant ant farm. And for something and someone needs it, see how much is already built? Maybe once was like that and someone stepped on it, maybe now he's less... There are, however, ants-parasites are the larvae of the uterus males who think that everything is just for them, but it's a different story…
I do believe in the supernatural, while I can't say I believe in God. Don't go to Church, I don't need…

That is, I believe, but not religious

Yeah, I don't need to wear a cross or read the "our father", all in the shower. Even take a Bible I can read with respect, but understand that all this people were writing, there was some editing, censorship. History is written by the winners, at the moment is Christians, and they write what is convenient to them. Moreover, we know that religion works in tandem with the state and will preach what he currently need. Be fruitful and multiply? — Certainly. Caesar from God, and so on…
For example, I do not consider suicide to be a sin. Don't know, maybe it is. But to say "this is wrong" — what is joy? — "In the Bible". So what? Who knows, we are ignorant of all laws and unable to comprehend, and that's good. Now, if we knew for sure... but not yet, and without the control of slipping in your pet is to mark territory, more females further down the list. And yet, if we rise above it and realize how vain and fleeting that it is not for you live…

-Can we just all went about it the wrong way, machine civilization and all that comes out of this?

-Yes, this is a topic which is now come and only realize that at the time was a mistake. Of course, you can approach this with humor, but in the process of writing connects actor improvisation. A good actor, improviser includes the Director, playwright, and Director. Now, my trouble is that when I write, often think about how it will feel my reader. Not delayed if I'm with a very smart period? Isn't it time, to do as Disney it while watching sat in the hall with a stopwatch, and if within two minutes, heard laughter, then cut a piece of his tale. Because it is believed that every two minutes to sound of laughter. Then you can go back into serious. This respect for the audience, the readers. Or not to play longer than two hours — the same respect, because physically the person ceases to perceive the information. All this should be taken into account. On the other hand, I have splashed out the anger, especially journalism. Write, and then to me: "Alex, well, 22 pages an essay is a lot". This kind of stuff written by 10 well to 15 thousand characters. And I — 60. That is, three to five pages of people master. 22 and, see, no. And I said, "Let popashet". Continue the dialogue with the editor:
-You have the most interesting at the end
-And let them go with me all the way what I owe him on a silver platter, squeeze to serve? Let popashet, focus. Yes, there are places tedious, is where you need to stop and think. Come to the twenty-second page three of the hundreds started to read — so to me they are all more expensive not to finish reading.

-It is almost a reference to the recent correspondence in FB with Valery Hait...

-You know, we with Valery Isaakovich regularly amazes each other that set out independently and in parallel to those messages that try to convey to their readers and friends. "Alex, I'm literally the same...", "Valery Isaakovich, and I about the same...". We have such a unity of souls and thoughts that is simply amazing. Apparently, due to the commonality of ideals — Benedict Sarnoff, Stanislav Rassadin, if you touch the literary critics. Writers — Pushkin and Dovlatov. In General, I am suspicious of the man who claims that his favorite writer Dovlatov. Starting to think that he is not a very high intelligence. Explain. The fact that Dovlatov loved by many. But very few understand how he's a poet, knows how much literature, how educated and well read. Dovlatov, too, all supplies in the form of light, and you know that easy to read — not so easy to spell. The simpler — the more complicated. Yesenin only the last couple of years began to write poetry, which many condemn, because they are simple. These critics claim that Yesenin your gift propyl. The same Dmitry Bykov believes that this complete degradation. I personally say that the last period of Yessenin — brilliant, not afraid of the word. Yes, there is a simple word Yes in the "Letter to women" he said nothing new: "you remember, you all certainly remember..."Simple words about simple things. Without any of these "my head like a kerosene lamp..."But it's something called Pushkin and what came myself, when I stopped using kissing, Persians, cheeks. Although they said that Derzhavin descended into the grave, blessed and lyre left, but! Alexander raised the lyre, but he reset all the strings and began to play — talking and writing — available, normal, human language. And, although many writers say that, well, we all came from "the Overcoat" by Gogol — no. We got out of uniform Belkin.
Moreover, Russian language has absorbed a lot, and as a literary language was of course French, English, German heavy. So, for a long time we repeated the Germans, only in his own way. Then I went to English. And only then, after Maupassant, time French began to write easy and melodious. Short clear phrases, and unexpected plot twists. This is Babel, Kataev, Ilf and Petrov…


And he. However, Zoshchenko was still a goal — down. After all, you need to be able to subtly keep the Golden mean — to consider the preferences of the reader, but at the same time do not stoop to his level. Dropped — all. It is understandable that most need the jokes below the belt, they worked and always will work.
So, Dovlatov sometimes too... he's back to where it started))) Many people that claim to love Dovlatov, I think so, because it is a very funny writer, he's funny, easy to read. But don't pay attention to the construction of the phrase. Do not notice the rhythm. Dovlatov after all, put up additional obstacles, for example, are not repeated in the sentence of words beginning with one letter. Because the writer Dovlatov came out of the poet. Actually, I think, and somehow write a work on this topic: good writers work of bad poets. Maybe a good poet, it will be difficult to write prose, though he did write brilliantly, for example, Pasternak, Mayakovsky, Lermontov... But unfortunate poets — they know all the laws of poetry, you know that the phrase should be music, there must be a rhythm now, Dovlatov everyone knew it. And some things may not be controlled. If you read, taking a certain rhythm — it's blank verse, really. Just rhymes no…


-I swear. Re-read, definitely. It is now studying the one person — academician Dry, he himself says, and so, he first noticed it... "got Up, Cup of coffee. Gauloises... yeah, then at some point, like the rhythm gets off, then comes back again and goes in a rhythmic pose. Why did he do it? That's Bulls... but, no, Bykov better not to touch…

-Not like?

-You know, he's educated, smart, charismatic, talented parasite. This something awful. If it said fool, I wouldn't pay attention. And when he says an educated man, and speaks well — you listen — and says it is a youth, and he was popular and young people to listen to him, believe him, that Bulgakov wrote the novel for Stalin... But the Bulls to all the honored teacher of Russia... I understand that he needs the PR, but not so well. I quickly realized his secret: he takes a subject and turns it takes. Of course, this is all dumbfounded, a clever person can prove everything. So the Bulls is a treacherous enemy and must be fought with him, even I heard

-So, you think he's an opportunistic provocateur: catch a trend and pushes it out to the maximum?

I don't want to offend people, not knowing him personally. Maybe he's different. Maybe this all seems to me. But I have the feeling that everything he does is for attention. All praise Putin? And I tortured "Citizen of the Poet", and the idea is not originally his, but whatever. Now there Orlusha for Ephraim writes, is an ongoing project, just changing the names. So talented after all, he parody. The poems are beautiful, he is the strongest lyricist, a great lecturer, a great teacher. I'm sure the lessons he's quiet, and not because afraid of him, and really interesting to listen to.

-He remembered, even a sort of easy-going prose is, together with Certenoli written

-about Lenin?


-By the way, fiction is his weakest side. Unfortunately. Maybe it's why all the other deals to attract attention to their books of account, although unlikely. The poet he is really good. However, poetry now need a very limited contingent, even the prose is now in a crisis situation. But in General, books, as such.

-Literature as a whole

-Yeah. Literature, as such, and I don't just mean paper books am talking about. I say: "stop buying books, but I read with the electronic media". But what are you reading? News feed…

-I dare to say that before came to the Square, were roughly of the same opinion. But come and see — a lot of young guys and girls read, and read much, much more than me, and this ratio is not due to my sverhskorostey, and because of their keen interest. Maybe now is the time of separation of fractions? Light — up, heavy — much appreciated

-Maybe this is the case, and plus the changed presentation of information. Why read a book when you can listen? Why listen when you can watch?

-Thin point. Audiobook, it does not say — announcer feed, and what remains of the primordial atmosphere — unknown

-A movie — so in General. If someone will look at the English version, be sure that Tolstoy wrote just a love story. Classic triangle Karenin-Vronsky Karenina. There is, however, a line Levin, but it is poorly constructed. A novel of something so strong that it simultaneously tells three stories, moreover, they overlap and influence each other. And, most importantly, involve three layers: spiritual, physical, and…
I have a terrible manner — I write, as they say, when one thought leads to another, one — third, but on paper it can somehow returning back to track. And it's kind of a stream of consciousness, but the Central axis is retained. And I'll be back in the end to what started and answer questions. Sometimes it seems that too going in the direction, and if you remove a piece of it, then nothing lost. But without it, the reader will not work the way that I passed

Thirty six million thirteen thousand five hundred thirty six

-Improvise to tell stories, and present them in a nonlinear — so interesting

And this, of course, too, but on stage, I simplify everything, even his own monologues. My "Crime classics" written more literary, than what I do... and by the Way, Yesenin said before his death: "I just now realized that writing simple is the hardest". Maybe that's why we Hunt and found a common language. When he entered the circle of writers and poets, and they have their own mafia, your circles: circle "Neva", relatively speaking, will not take in his crowd of people from the "Friendship of peoples" — so Chait said something like: "If they create their own mafia, we will create your. Because it's disgusting. No word in simplicity, all artsy, all heaped up...»
I had a period when performed simultaneously with the WHC providers and in the theater. In the theater: what we are all difficult how difficult, we are given the role! How deeply we penetrate into the image... But all of this is transferred into reality, eats — all my friends are good actors Holy shit what a complicated life. And Comedy club — all the light, I'm on the same things. No, they also solve them, but in another way, not complicating, it's just the way to live. Laugh at your own vices, weaknesses…
You know, we did not interview, and conversation, in essay all is so left, it's cool to see how I came to this thoughts on what maze wandering. I ironically call my essay a "study" or "investigation." Even ranks them as if I'm a private detective and I want to understand a particular issue. This is the most interesting.
We initially know who the killer is. But we are interested in how detective Columbo would come to this.
I was invited to work in the newspaper "Today", I was "literary conversations" on the radio and initially went the traditional way, and then began to break out the flags. But otherwise, differently nothing new to create... Oh, now go…

Seventy eight million six hundred twenty thousand seven hundred ninety nine

No no, come on, it's also interesting. Why you went there. Not how, but why?

-In the morning "Show in the big city" I'm not that stupefy themselves, but mow a fool like a shallow womanizer, except the Chicks are only interested in the headstock

Well, not in the morning

-Aha. But to the primitive: "Good ucrra!!"— a sonorous and fervent voice of the Komsomol, it is unclear what rejoicing, when half the audience is mad in traffic jams — I don't fall. Often broadcast in a bad mood, not hiding it. If the air did nothing, I said, "Well, why so blunt?"— and stuff like that.
One man with a radio, listening to it, he said: "If in the Soviet time you spent 15 minutes like you do 3 hours, you'd be banished to the 101st kilometer from any radio station and introduced in all black lists". I swallow letters, "ecau", sneeze, use slang words can tell you how things really are. To someone on the "Melody" say something damning about our bright reality? Yes the person from applying for a full. But as we Lercocet "Europe" hooligans... Well, misbehaved. For example, fair, right, and called the name of a Chinese athlete on other radio stations sounded the Liao Hai, Liao Hui. But really, he was Liao X*y. As we said, beating this point — I was in it uncle Grisha. Called the Director and inserted to the full, having concluded his speech, a brilliant phrase: "I could give a fuck what he fuck!!! The word* * * in the air to say neh*th". But the name is good and China is common, it is still somehow connected with money.
Yes, I break a lot of things, but have returned and the classic stuff, those who heard in childhood. "Radio theater", "the microphone is the author of" — it was to revive. It is a pity that "nostalgia" station is small, and not very popular, it had no resonance. But I did it. Maybe someone will pick up. And I will continue I like to do it. Now audio books so make — play in the role. Read Khabensky Pechorin, Maksim Maksimych — some Porechenkov, not by morning, be mentioned. It has its own direction, have to play with voice, so you can see it.
And then began to Livesey. This is when the whole hour talking about the fact that nobody cares. Man's soaring career, and we have him here talk about the future, about the history of "Doctor Zhivago". Is it necessary? And I, regardless of this, an hour loaded his similar problems…

-And we're so nice sitting)

-Would be standard questions — we would be finished very quickly

-I'm not interested to ask about this

-I reply. I'm so tired of this monotony, you made the space, but the Smoking just put))

-Lesh, I'm curious to ask people about what they do not ask others. Sometimes I read interviews and think, "Well, seeeem! What about this? The man stomps on it, for the hundredth time to a given issue, well, he'll answer it?»

-No, he, of course, reply, as the person polite and well-mannered. But if the journalist of the ten questions asked, eight the same I recently responded to me everything becomes clear. If I was preparing for an interview, say, Rosenbaum, then I would try to figure out what he was asked about his Pitbul, much more, not to be original. And not just different. By the way, many people think that Rosenbaum was just trying to copy Vysotsky. And, maybe on a subconscious level it is present — not in the manner of writing or execution, but what is, perhaps, Dmitry Bykov rights from century to century some replays, they were and probably will — send relay batons. That is, a person of a certain level of understanding and profession as it appears a successor, who can argue with the previous one, can deny and even belittle. Kant — Schopenhauer — Nietzsche. Nietzsche, who adored Schopenhauer, then life put it in. But at the same time and Kant. Because you got to beat the teachers, rebel against the father, according to Nietzsche. The son must kill the father or surpass him. Two ways... Oh, where're we going…

-All the rules)

-You know that we either repeat the mistakes of the parents either do everything in defiance. Or be an exact copy of the father, or its complete opposite.

-Not just know, but with tears and snot scraped, not to repeat

I feel you, me too. So, on the transfer of the baton. Dying Pushkin and Lermontov. It would seem, completely different, they cannot compare the lightness of Pushkin and Lermontov heaviness — that I'm on the poetry, not prose. Heavy compound rows, but still pretty pessimistic, gloomy fatalistically. He obviously was attracted to the darkness. Counteraction. Because I loved Pushkin. "No, I'm not Byron, I have another" is actually "no, I'm not Pushkin". Byron-nj more copied Pushkin and Lermontov, taking the baton from Pushkin, was afraid of the comparisons.
And Rosenbaum. Sometimes, wishing to flatter him say something like, "you are our second Vysotsky", and he doesn't want to be the second Vysotsky, he wants to be the first and only Rosenbaum. Although semenycha loves and respects — he grew up on the Beatles and Vysotsky.

-Well, a man with ambition, comparison may be flatter in the beginning and then — thank you

-Certainly. But on a subconscious level — take his poems and plays — he often repeats themes. It is clear that in its own way. Vysotsky main message: there is an obstacle, we will overcome it, even at the cost of his own life. He had all the songs — shake me, and I'll leave. This is the main message of his life, he wanted freedom. At Rosenbaum a different setting. Such example. Vysotsky has a song about an abandoned ship. At Rosenbaum similar theme. But first — all left and never came back, and the second ship is catching up with his squadron. A reflection of the conflicts in life. U semenycha "you're my friends, why you left me?". Friendship for Vysotsky was very important. Rosenbaum also is a loner, despite the fact that he has lots of friends. Vladimir Semenovich thought that he had many friends and was constantly looking for the betrayal of one betrayed, second, third... In the last year of his life with him the theater was laughing through one. Was Taganka tradition — each year they filmed their actors. Is showing on the screen laughter, all welcome applause, "Ah, Venia!!!"there's Zolotukhin — the same. Vysotsky — a deathly silence. How many times have pierced wheels of its car, and its the same, it stood on the site of the theatre. Of course, all of this he was wildly upset, all his life he was looking for a true friend. First Zolotukhin wrote, but something went wrong, then another... the Only song, with its text — a Song akin to the words of the ascension, it's not a coincidence:
No glory and no cows,
No wobbly crown of the earth —
Send me, Lord, the second —
So pulled to sing with me!
Please do not love stolen,
No glory that day —
Send me, Lord, the second,
That was not so alone.
Anyone understand me,
Not often, just once.
Of the wounded lips of my raised
Bullet and sound the horn.
And let my partner singing
Forgetting that we are strong together,
Me paling from the competition,
Will cut at the table.
Forgive him.
Let him to the grave
Loneliness surrounded.
He went to God, the second —
Like me and him.
He lacked friendship, it was a very lonely man who expected his support and cover. The only person who really has long been a near — Vsevolod Abdulov — there were constant conflicts, when Vysotsky used drugs. Abdulov was not accepted. But a friend is one who even in such a situation, if you chose and it's your will, I will support you. Not forced to grovel…
Back to the question, who I have positioned themselves. Given my acting, radio and writing services, invited me to work in the newspaper "Today". Maybe she's not the most popular, but some five hundred thousand subscribers she has. Plus someone buys. This means that there is a small stand, through which it is possible to say something. Something important. Took literary conversations, Yes, a little, some seven thousand characters, not particularly dispersal. But I will try, no straining, to convey to people is important, from my point of view, things. And I will continue to do so on radio. With the morning air, however, gone — too busy, but there is a "Sabbath Smoking room»

Sixty four million one hundred sixty one thousand six hundred sixty four

-Do you have a good for playing with the name

-In this sense — Yes. And I think it's no coincidence, because here not only the epigram of Pushkin, which was already used proverb "alive, alive and kicking". Vladimir Dahl writes that the roots of the game in splinter, which is passed around the circle, saying the same words. Who goes out — he lost. When you say "alive, Smoking" — it is either about a man who had to die, God knows when, but somehow survived, or have not resembled about yourself. So the name is not random, and life as it goes according to it. Not the Royal something or there is a Winner and Kurilko, well and good. And yet, the Smoking room — a place where smoke and talk. Exchange information for life say

-What himself now would you?

-Only health. Kind of corny, but I understand that I had neither time nor health, and the courage to do what you want. All the time you need to go against traditions, against the majority. Often want to convey an important but unpopular idea, difficult, unnecessary for many people. Overcome serious internal barriers. Not talking about the social preferences of the society. Bulgakov in the diary is "why wasn't I born a hundred years earlier or later?"The Chinese curse "may you live in interesting times". On the other hand, the Japanese have it good wishes in the crisis manifests itself most interesting. We got three changes, losing loved ones, relatives, friends... You know

-How not to know. The 90 was recently. And we had to do something. Kind of started, but not that. And again not the same. And came to the theatre and things, what do you do now, but after almost twenty years. And was not afraid then...

-You know, I often said, "But if you were lazy, and received his secondary education and then higher, and then the second highest, then it would..."Come on! And how much experience I would not have purchased? Bad, hard, but very necessary. Ask: "Regret?"It pains me to remember many things, but I don't regret, because every writer should have his own war and he has to go through it. Not through war, through hunger, impoverished childhood, through the terrible trials. Because the person who is OK — well what did he write? Near Pushkin were good poets, who remembers them now? But the fact that Alexander Sergeyevich childhood was complex — he was dark-skinned. The blackamoor. Not like everyone else. And dad didn't approve of the practice of literature, at that time it was unacceptable to make money by their own labor — to humiliate themselves. It is better to pledge the estate, to incur debts, but in any case not to admit that you live on any hard-earned money. Natasha Goncharova he wouldn't give for two reasons: first — that he, the writer, the second as to whether up there, he's well-liked? And he had to bring a note from the king that he likes Pushkin A. S. and what he's doing.
Now, I have long wondered: "guys I've been through so much, why are undermined health — broken nose, resuscitation and much more?"And somewhere after 2005 came another topic: "Why I, a person who thinks and writes in Russian, was born in this time and in Ukraine?"So, is not accidental, it should be. Clearly, I write in Ukrainian, I would be a hundred times easier. No, the Russian-speaking writers, not squeeze, just try to play, to speculate. But in a strange way that man writes is not the official language, while living in that state. I love Ukraine, our values, respect the history and know it, unlike some who so love their country, what a damn know about it. Such direct patriots — not be distinguished from Mazepa, Khmelnytskyi and which one was the position.
Summarize. I am a writer, but acting to me is necessary because I have the opportunity:
to check on the people your texts
-try to share some thoughts.
In General, the acting, the Black Square is also a kind of tribune from which may have something to say. Many people consider me a comedian, a humorist, but in the most ridiculous sketch, there are 2-3 minutes of very important information. Actually, for those touching moments or clever thoughts to play 20 minutes of fun. It's worth it. Apparently, we need now. We live in such a foul time that the writer, in addition to his skill of writing and have to be able to speak beautifully, to be charismatic, witty, smiling, to sing, dance, step, twist fuete, doing a few somersaults on the bars, walk on my hands, fuckin ' and all this only in order to be able to hope that his book will buy and read, God forbid, and God forbid, they will have the patience and mind to extract a few intelligent and important thoughts. In short, a classic: Oh, the times! O mores! Or even better from Pushkin: what a world, cruel heart…


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