Folk remedies lowering cholesterol.

Some symptoms, talking about the fact that you have high cholesterol, no. The man already feel the effects of this process. Pain in the lower limb muscles during physical exertion, chest pain, dizziness, memory impairment, all circulatory disorders in different organs due to narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels that supply the cells and tissues of oxygen.

Nature took care of mechanisms of regulation of cholesterol, it is excreted in the bile, naturally. Therefore Cholagogue all have the same effect, lowering cholesterol. Therefore, lowering cholesterol folk remedies, is achieved by the use of radish juice, vegetable oil, beet juice, these products have a choleretic effect. It should also be eaten at more foods rich in fiber, bread and wholemeal cereals, vegetables and fruits. To increase motor activity, increased physical activity and exposure to fresh air, it's all folk remedies for cholesterol.

Recipe №1. Lowering cholesterol using beans
This recipe is very effective and allows you to achieve the result that you will notice when passing control tests. It should soak the beans overnight cup (not less than 100 grams) in the morning, add a pinch of baking soda on, Boil. And during the day, eat the beans, in two stages. The duration of the course of this treatment, 3 weeks.

Recipe №2. Lowering cholesterol with the help of lemon and garlic.
In order to prepare the medical mixture, you need 250 gr. garlic, horseradish and lemon. All these ingredients are cut in a meat grinder. The resulting mixture, add an equal amount of boiling water, and put in the fridge for a day. Should take, one tablespoon of the mixture seizing one teaspoon of honey half an hour before meals and at bedtime.

Recipe №3. Lowering cholesterol using flaxseed
Flaxseed can be purchased at the pharmacy, and add to dishes that are eaten, for convenience, you can grind on a coffee grinder to powder.

Recipe №4. Lowering cholesterol using buckwheat flour
Take 3 tablespoons buckwheat flour, stir them into a glass of water, and pour the contents of the glass into 1 liter of boiling water and cook for 10 minutes. Take 100ml. two times a day.

Also on you will need to perform a diet that excludes foods containing cholesterol, such as butter and fat cottage cheese, egg yolks and fatty meat products. It should try to satisfy your diet fruits and vegetables rich in tartronic acid, which inhibits the formation of cholesterol. It is contained in pear and quince, carrots and radishes, tomatoes and cucumbers. You will need to step up exercise, lifestyle changes. And only in the complex using these methods, you will get the desired result - a healthy blood vessels, heart healthy, and as a consequence - longevity!

Before applying the recipes require specialist advice.


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