Treatment of gout with traditional methods

Nature around us is fraught with tremendous force. The trees and grass, absorbing the sunlight and feeding on the juices of the earth, accumulate in addition to a variety of chemicals that can help in the treatment of disease (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and also the life-giving power, sometimes the current is much stronger than traditional medicines.

Use the healing power of plants was carried out in the folk medicine of many peoples throughout the history of mankind. In Chinese folk medicine the use of force qi (vital energy of all living organisms) is the Foundation of treatment. Healers of the ancient Slavs, who studied the effect of herbs on the human body, also used this effect.

But like any such tool, traditional recipes from gout are quite specific treatment that requires the person designating such funds, comprehensive knowledge concerning the influence of herbs on the body of the patient. According to the claims of traditional healers, a certain influence on the perception of the treatment of gout with traditional methods has the zodiac sign under which a person was born, the phase of the moon when collecting herbs for the preparation of the composition, and also at what phase of the moon is the treatment.

Even without considering these nuances, traditional treatments of gout are quite specific system, having a number of advantages over traditional medicine in terms of safety of treatment, and disadvantages, expressed in the distrust of some people of certain methods of treatment.

Therefore, using the popular treatment of gout it is necessary to observe the body's reaction to applied treatments, and in the case of a long absence of improvements to seek medical help from professionals.

Treatment of gout people's methodmethod to notice that the gout treatment basically is aimed at relieving symptoms of the disease without affecting the underlying cause of disease. Do not be limited to removal folk remedies only attack of the disease. Without a comprehensive approach, the disease will progress, and the attacks will become more and more intense.

The existing folk remedy for gout can be divided into means to relieve an attack of gout folk remedies and folk recipes for the treatment of gout to eliminate the causes of disease and normalization of metabolism.

To folk remedies to relieve an attack of disease can be attributed to the following recipes.

To relieve an attack, it is recommended to prepare a decoction of dried plants, mixed in the following proportions:

  • Calendula flowers, cornflower, buckthorn bark – 1 part
  • Nettle leaves – 2 parts
  • Willow bark, horsetail, birch leaves – 4 parts
The ingredients to chop and mix thoroughly. Then take eight tablespoons of the mixture and pour a liter of hot boiled water. cooked should be boiled in a water bath for 15 minutes and let stand for an hour. The tool then filter and drink one glass every two hours until symptoms disappear.

There is also a recipe of an ointment to relieve arthritic pain. For this homemade take unsalted butter and melt it in a frying pan until foaming. Then in melted butter put alcohol in the same volume as melted butter. After mixing, the composition is ignited and waiting for the complete combustion of the alcohol.

Ready ointment is placed in a glass dish and store in the fridge. For best results when rubbing the ointment into the affected area is recommended to carry out this procedure in front of the heat source (e.g. battery).

One of the most well known folk remedies for gout of the feet are fish compresses. To do this, take two pounds of fish scraps, clean the meat from the bones and cut into small pieces. After that, all meat is divided into ten equal parts, distribute plastic bags and placed in a freezer.

Shortly before bedtime you need to warm up one sack to room temperature, put on the leg. From top to wear warm socks. In the morning the used bag must be discarded. A complete treatment using all the cooked meat to relieve pain.

Another popular method of treating gout in the feet are the baths of medicinal chamomile. To do this, take 100 grams of dried chamomile, 200 g of common salt and pour ten gallons of hot water, stirring to dissolve salt crystals.

Useful advice

For delaying the accumulated salts away from the joint to insert fresh cabbage leaves, replacing them as they dry.

Another way gout treatment on legs folk remedies are the packs from the needles. To do this, take a pound of fresh pine needles, pour boiling water to one inch above the level of the needles, and then insist one hour. Then steamed over low heat in a water bath for one hour. The finished composition can be applied as compresses to the patient's joint. After applying to the skin, it is desirable to provide the affected joint warm. To use the tool best for the night.

It is recommended to use baths of medicinal sage. For preparing such a composition, take 2 packs pharmacy of medicinal sage (weighing about 200 g each), poured into an enamel bowl and pour six gallons of water. This composition should be brought to the boil and cook for ten minutes. After that one liter of broth cast in a separate dish, and the residue is cooled to the maximum bearable temperature and poured into a tank for taking bath. In this part, you must soar sore hands or feet. As the cooling broth in the basic utensils you need to add left hot composition. Make the procedure, preferably just before bedtime, the course of treatment is usually one to two months.

The above methods of folk treatment of gout is mainly focused on removing the symptoms of disease without affecting the cause of the disease. To cure gout folk remedies it is necessary to use other means to improve metabolism.

Joomla treatment of gout treatment of tophi in gout folk remedies also used iodine. With its use, prepare special formulations for massage and foot baths.

To prepare a therapeutic composition will require 10 ml of alcoholic solution of iodine and five aspirin. Crushed pills will need to add the solution of iodine and stir until dissolved. About the normal reaction will be to witness the discoloration of the resulting composition.

Thereafter, the resulting substance can be spread on the night the sore place and keep warm (for example, wear warm socks).

Cooked with iodine and baths. To do this in three quarts of water add three teaspoons of baking soda and nine drops of iodine. Baths it is desirable to do before going to sleep, after the procedure, providing heat where it hurts.

Gout treatment mainly travami the most popular recipes of folk medicine for the treatment of gout is aimed at relieving symptoms. Tools to implement a comprehensive treatment gout folk remedies at home.

According to several reviews of patients, the correct treatment of gout folk remedies can lead to positive results, in some cases even surpassing traditional methods of treatment.

The main purpose of the herbal medicinal formulations is to improve the process of metabolism that will help eliminate excess uric acid, cessation of the formation of tophi and the beginning of their gradual destruction.

One such treatment folk remedies is the intake of a decoction of the following mixture: one part of the fruits of parsley, two parts peppermint leaves, dandelion root and fennel fruit, three parts of buckthorn bark, corn stigmas.

The crushed components are mixed decoction, take four tablespoons of the mixture, placed in an enamel bowl and pour half a liter of boiling water. After that, the dishes need to close the lid, simmer on a water bath for 15 minutes, then cool, strain in new dishes. The resulting broth should be diluted with boiled water to two cups. Take this remedy twice a day two hours after eating one Cup. The course of treatment is usually two to two and a half months.

A useful technique of decoction of leaves of bilberry. To do this, take the dry leaves of this plant at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 100 grams of boiling water, cooked broth insist on for half an hour. Then the composition, strain and take 100 ml three times a day.

You can also prepare the following herbs: mix 20 g herb St. John's wort, chamomile flowers, lime colour, colours an elder black, pour in a porcelain dish, pour boiling water, cover and 15 minutes to boil in a water bath. Then the broth to cool, strain into new dishes, the remnants of raw materials squeeze. Ready broth before use, dilute with boiled water ten times. Taken three times a day for 100 ml.

You need to pay attention to the fact that according to the majority opinion of specialists in folk medicine, the best patient help those herbs that grow in the area of residence of the patient. Various recipes with exotic ingredients may be of interest, but as "place of residence" of plants does not coincide with the area of residence of the patient, such means may not have the desired effect.

You can bring one of these recipes that, judging by the composition, can be attributed to the means of Mexican healers.


As a quite effective method for the treatment of gout folk remedies recommend tea from a string. The plant brew it and drink instead of regular tea. The most effective is the use of fragments of plants, which is in the process of Bud formation.

For its preparation take 50 g agave, garlic, hot peppers, bone marrow from tibia of cattle, are crushed and ground. After that, the composition is placed in a glass dish, pour 200 g of alcohol and insist for one hour. Then in the received structure add the two tablespoons of solution of iodine, 200 g of camphor oil, 50 g of badger fat, 50 g of turpentine and 300 g of alcohol.

Cooked means insist five days in a warm and dark place, then strain into new dishes. Ready means rubbed into the affected area before bedtime every day for a month.

Considerable attention by many specialists in folk medicine, is given to the use of the sick apples. The obvious fact is the content in these fruits substances that contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body. Different sources give different variants of use of these fruits. In particular, I advise you to just eat apples for an hour before eating or two hours after. There is also a recommendation to prepare a decoction of apples. One large Apple cut into slices, pour with half a liter of boiling water, cook on weak fire for ten minutes, then let stand for one hour. Then the composition must be filtered in new dishes from the vegetables raw.

Ready means you need to take half a Cup three times a day between meals.

A significant role in the presence of remission of the disease is proper prevention of gout folk remedies. This disease, if symptoms do not disappear without a trace. With proper treatment you can eliminate the cause of exacerbations, normalize metabolism and reduce deposits on the joints, but because the body already has a tendency to this kind of failures in metabolism. Failure to comply with proper nutrition and methods of prevention the disease is likely to return.

There are a few recipes as folk remedies to maintain normal metabolism after removal of an acute attack of gout.

To make one of them need to take half a Cup of berries of bilberry and cranberry, add a slice of lemon and pour a liter of boiling water. To insist the convoy needs at least eight hours. Ready broth should be taken half a liter a day, dividing this number by several times. This composition facilitates removal of uric acid from the body, and is a General tonic, full of vitamins.

To use such a composition can be every day for an indefinite period of time.

For the preparation of other similar tools will need 200 g of chopped onions and a pound of ground cranberries. Mix both components and allow them to steep in a tightly sealed container in a cool dark place during the day. Then you need to add one kilogram of honey and mix thoroughly the resulting composition.

Ready means taking half an hour before meals for one teaspoon.

Thus, there are many techniques how to cure gout folk remedies, it is very difficult to select the best of them, as the fact of storing the referenced recipes over many years suggests that their use probably had the desired effect, otherwise they'll be forgotten. At the same time, before selecting any such tool, you must have an idea about the effects on the body of each of its constituent components, since the number of available recipes can cause some damage. And in any case it is necessary to control the body's reaction to tools. Prolonged lack of positive dynamics it is necessary to seek the assistance of traditional medicine, so long as too much national resources.


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