Effective recipes of folk medicine for the treatment of hemorrhoids

The appearance of pain in the anal area, bleeding during bowel movements indicate the presence of diseases such as hemorrhoids. If the disease is a disease of the vascular plexus of the veins of the rectum. Patient hemorrhoids a person experiences unpleasant sensations and discomfort in the case of constipation, and during pregnancy and childbirth, the disease is acute.

To facilitate health and to cure the disease comes to help traditional medicine.

It has long been in people's ways of hemorrhoid treatment is used a variety of herbs.

Effective against hemorrhoids recognized plant persicaria maculosa. Of it boiled decoctions, tinctures are made, apply baths and compresses.

So, let's talk about hemorrhoid treatment pochechuynaya Highlander.

General information about the plant


Persicaria maculosa is familiar to almost everyone. It is an annual plant of the family Polygonaceae. Its leaves are linear, narrowed to the base. Fruit plants – triangular nuts, which covers the membranous perianth. The plant is propagated by seeds. This plant grows abundantly in orchards, gardens and fields. Not any contemporary know about the healing properties of this weed. To cope with hemorrhoids persicaria maculosa can in a very short time. Harvesting herbs is during the period of its flowering – from may to November. With proper drying, the herb does not change its color and does not darken.

Pochechuynaya grass, also known as the Highlander, likes to grow near water on moist soil. In the woods are also found white and pink blossoms of the plant. As a medicinal herb is used in the period of its flowering.

The composition of plants containing substances:

  • Flavonoids. Have antioxidant properties, prevent violations of the normalization of the cell cycle, can slow inflammation.
  • Organic acids. Ensure the death of harmful bacteria, normalize acid-alkaline balance in the body, promote the good work of the stomach and intestines.
  • Phlobaphene. Beneficial effect on all systems of the body, ensuring its operation.
  • Essential oil. Promote normal blood clotting.
  • The vitamin K Prevents bleeding. Actively used in the treatment of hemorrhoids.
  • Vitamin C. One of the powerful antioxidants that inhibits the growth of tumors

Medicinal properties of Polygonum pochechuynaya


In ancient times, our ancestors called the plant "gemorroynaya grass" because it is the treatment of hemorrhoids pochechuynaya Highlander showed proper results.

The plant has the following medicinal properties:

  • A hemostatic effect. Pochechuynaya grass copes with bleeding hemorrhoidal nodes. Contained in the plant vitamins and To stop the bleeding, prevent its further occurrence. Increases blood viscosity.

  • A drying and astringent. Certain tannins perfectly heal ulcers and wounds that are formed on the mucous membrane of the rectum, and also prevent bleeding. Included in the pochechuynaya grass antioxidants slow down the process of tissue destruction.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect. Flavonoids, tannins and vitamins plants eliminate the burning, itching, swelling in the anal-rectal region.

  • Laxative action. The essential oil of Polygonum pochechuynaya provide a mild laxative effect, eliminating the delay bowel movement. It constipation often provoke the development of hemorrhoids.

Application in medicine Highlander pochechuynaya


For industry pochechuynaya grass harvested in Ukraine and Belarus. It is collected during flowering, cutting off the top part of the plant. Dry grass is needed quickly so the plant does not lose its medicinal properties. Raw materials are dried in the open air or in special drying machine at 40 degree C. If not properly dried the grass blackens. The grass is kept at least two years.

Before applying in clinical practice the drug of Polygonum pochechuynaya clinically studied, and tested its action on animals.

In folk medicine the herb is used from ancient times, however, the official permission of use in medicine, the plant is undergoing clinical trials. Especially physicians noted a hemostatic effect of Polygonum pochechuynaya.

It has also been shown beneficial therapeutic effect pochechuynaya grass on the cardiovascular system, diuretic effect of the plant and anti-inflammatory effect.


Treatment of hemorrhoids Highlander pochechuynaya


Persicaria maculosa effectively helps in the treatment of even the most complex stages of hemorrhoids. Sometimes pochechuynaya grass to cope with those forms of the disease, when conventional medicines are not able to cope with the illness. In practice there are many examples when people from acute hemorrhoids could hardly walk, and helped him bath using Highlander pochechuynaya.

The grass in the treatment of folk ways you need to brew in large quantities and only fresh. The infusion should not be too hot to sear the skin. Baths with infusion can be done each evening, at night or with small breaks of course. After the bath you need to go to bed. There are occasions when after the procedure the hemorrhoids have passed completely, and the exacerbation never occurred.

Folk recipes for the treatment of hemorrhoids based on the Highlander pochechuynaya


Those people who earlier never was engaged in collecting medicinal herbs for use pochechuynaya grass in the treatment is necessary to acquire it in ready to use form. Before beginning treatment it is important to consider all contraindications and consult your doctor. This plant is recognized as toxic to farm animals, so care should be taken to use Highlander pochechuynaya and the right dosage.

The preparation and use of infusion of Polygonum pochechuynaya.

Infusion plants for treatment of hemorrhoids prepared as follows:

At night pour half a liter of boiling water 2 tbsp. chopped pochechuynaya grass. Insist the whole night. In the morning the infusion is filtered. Take 3 tablespoons throughout the day at equal time intervals between doses.

Infusion pochechuynaya grass significantly reduces the risk of bleeding and stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract, which can effectively eliminate constipation with the disease.

You can buy the tincture pochechuynaya grass at the pharmacy. To take it on an empty stomach before food for 40 drops over a long course.


Local treatment with baths and lotions with bleeding and inflammation of hemorrhoids


When the course of the disease is accompanied by bleeding and inflammation of the hemorrhoidal formations used decoctions pochechuynaya grass in trays and tools.

Prescription lotions:

1. 4 tablespoons pochechuynaya grass pour 500 ml of boiling water.

2. Use a water bath to prepare the broth for 40 minutes.

3. Strain and cool the broth.

4. Broth to moisten the gauze and apply to inflamed areas.


Recipe sit baths for hemorrhoids:

1. For taking bath infusion of Polygonum pochechuynaya to pour in the water.

2. Duration of reception of baths no more than fifteen minutes.

3. After the procedure the anal area dry with a clean towel.

4. To lubricate the anal passage and the area around the hemorrhoid ointment.

5. The broth can be used for hygiene after using the toilet.


In the absence of bleeding from the rectum apply a poultice of pochechuynaya grass. Poultices improve blood flow and enhance the outflow of blood, helping to cure disease.


Recipe warm poultice hemorrhoids:

1. To warm poultices used grass, which was left after straining the decoction, and infusion.

2. Warm herb applied to the inflamed hemorrhoidal lumps.

3. Leave the grass to cool down


Excellent poultice relieves pain, inflammation, itching in the anal-rectal region.

Enema with decoction of pochechuynaya grass effectively and gently cleanse the intestines and have a therapeutic effect. Often addicted to enemas should not be, otherwise you can disturb the intestinal flora.

Ointments and rectal suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids based on the Highlander pochechuynaya


Widely used in the treatment of hemorrhoids various ointments with a decoction of pochechuynaya grass. They effectively relieve the inflammatory process, reduce hemorrhoids, to numb and soften the skin on the affected areas.

Recipes ointments:

1. Dried grass grind into powder. Mix with cream neutral action. You can use Baby cream. The resulting tool be lubricated regularly fissures and hemorrhoids.

2. A decoction of Polygonum pochechuynaya mixed with equal parts of butter and honey. Grind the mixture and use an ointment intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

3. Powder chopped herbs, mix with vegetable oil and beeswax in equal parts. The resulting ointment can be used for external and internal hemorrhoids.


Recipes rectal suppositories:

1. A decoction of Polygonum pochechuynaya pour into molds for ice and place in the freezer. Apply before bed, gently inserting a rectal suppository in a rectum.

2. Powder dry pochechuynaya grass mix with beeswax and honey. Add a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Form of a mixture of rectal suppositories and put them in the fridge. Use before bedtime by introducing into the anus.

3. Candles can be prepared on the basis of fat and pochechuynaya grass. Fat is necessary to heat on a slow fire, after strain and three tablespoons of broth pochechuynaya grass. Add petrolatum and starch. The resulting mass is spread in a conical mold in the form of rectal suppositories and put in the fridge. Before going to bed to get the candle out of the fridge, remove the wrapper and gently introduce the rectal candle in the rectum.


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Contraindications for use pochechuynaya grass in the treatment of hemorrhoids


Application pochechuynaya grass in the treatment of such diseases as hemorrhoids, has its contraindications. The grass is quite poisonous, so it has some contraindications for use.

Treatment with Polygonum pochechuynaya is contraindicated with:

  • pregnancy;
  • thrombosis hemorrhoids;
  • tendency to thrombosis;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • diseases of the bladder;
  • kidney disease;
  • indigestion;
  • allergies.published

The materials are for informational purposes. Remember, self-life-threatening, for advice regarding the use of any medicines and methods of treatment, contact your doctor.


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