Where are the black stripes in life after white

The other day it dawned on me, where are the black stripes in life after white people. After looking carefully to those who have the Zebra, I realized that these people feel guilty for the happiness that you experience when you live in the white stripe.

They can't take their happiness, and live in expectation of retribution for him. Sooner or later, their intention is triggered and coming black days.

Atone a difficult period of life, people feel they have earned the right to happiness. The impression that many live in hell, earning vacation the colorful resort back to the usual grey hell.

Where is the wine? Guilt and shame — social feelings which are necessary for the person to feel belonging to a group important to them. For example, to feel its in the family, the child will always feel shame and guilt when doing something that doesn't approve of mom or dad.

Those who live in reality Zebra — people, eager to be good boys and girls in the eyes of their elders. For the sake of loyalty to his race, they unconsciously attract black stripes in life, as if apologizing for his momentary happiness.


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What these people forget? The older ones don't want their trouble. Parents always want their children to live better than them. But children do not learn from the mistakes of their parents, they copy what happened in the life of a senior. That is the style of Zebra stripes published...

© Mark Ifraimov


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