013.jpg princess or not cocoa

- The name of the Prince of Petrograd, let us return here. What we carry? Location?
- From Novosibirsk. 256 megabytes of data for certified Internet His Excellency. Scientific, weather, news, business and private correspondence, - he reported to me, knowing that Customs does not like jokes.
- Open up, let's see.
- With all 256 megabytes will look?

- Open, will understand ...
I get out of the cab, going to open the container. Zvereyut guys. My official St. Petersburg's license carting data. All data carefully sealed Novosibirsk customs. Not pouch, of course, but the relationship between Peter and Novosib generally friendly. It was hoped that its own, native St. Petersburg Customs without inspection skip.
- Raid against piracy, - finally I explain if apologizing, the customs officer.
- Well, look, your job ...
It is a pity that I can not pull germoshlёm with a sweet smile and wink at the officer. We have basit by changing the hardware voice and without waiting for leniency.
The officer held out from his stall to the body of my KAMAZ thick and heavy lead sleeve with a force shoved connector into the socket 256-megabyte «Western HydroMechanical» and launched a bloodhound. Gurgled up his sleeve, but under the skin often lead rattled micro-gear screw.
Good bloodhound shoveled a quarter gig of forty minutes. The fact that St. Petersburg Customs good bloodhound, I had no doubt. However, Bert, my guard, look after her, so been dumped counterfeit I was not afraid.

Carting data - revenue, but the fragile nervous rabotenka independent girl. The hardest thing was - to fake license. A plutonium KAMAZ I borrowed from dad. Do not become poor. Recently, however, a nerd dad offered to connect the principality broad channels through which data will flow. That something is the expanse Pirates: Who will protect these channels? Other pundits scare supposedly background radiation is reduced, and soon it will be possible to exchange radio signals again. Fuck you. At my age work carriers megabytes is enough. The main thing is not sleeping on the counterfeit. Many palilis. After all, in the transportation of pirated files, you can get rich in an instant.

...- So so so. Come visit.
The officer beckoned me into his booth.
- What have you got? - He stabbed a finger at the same screen.
On the mechanical needle monitor sported a mysterious flourish. Service information bottom of the screen is reported that this file 013.jpg with my propeller.
- I do not know - honestly I do. - Dystrophic boa holding up the tail head? Children kalyaki-Malaki. From the private correspondence?
- Are you kidding me? Three hundred kilobytes children kalyaki-Malaki ?! The prince's daughter that you drew?
- Surely it. Golden youth ... - clearly I said, trying to cling to the saving straw.
- Okay, the examination will understand.
Stale tut-

Nuclear ammunition! Because of this garbage - for examination ?! I cursed the unknown artist to me (it is likely still the prince's daughter), who painted this nonsense and sent God knows who Peter. Expertise - it sucks. Very bad. Firstly, the CB-shnaya examination reveals that no smell, no customs sniffer - guarded Bertha undocumented tank inside the screw 16 decaliters of counterfeit data. Second ... until I have enough and the "first." What exactly is filled with hidden partition, I do not know and will give a lot to know it's not because of the St. Petersburg knyazhbezopasnosti.

Well, I have a license, consider profukali. To save the life of his ne'er-do.
Well, my germoshlёm me. It gave odds of ten seconds before the customs official, who unscrewed the heavy helmet, going to the booth. I rushed to KAMAZ. In a civil suit is not particularly rvanesh, but I tried. The siren wailed, when I was sitting behind the wheel. I turned the key and press the pedal to the floor. My truck - not glamorous SUV shielded cabin, where you have to throw off the SCAF.
Plutonium engine raskochegarivaetsya 2 microseconds. Wheels screeched, the car jerked away, something hryatsnulo behind. I really thought firing me after stalks of yadrenamatov, en-no. Good connectors from WH, strong. During my machine on the three-meter jump lead leash MIM - mechanical needle monitor. Hopefully, the customs officer was in pressurized helmet when his cabinet collapsed. I may kiberprestupnitsa, but not a killer.
But I'm not sorry bloodhound. I gave the command Bertha strangle the stupid reptile, whose flair for abstract painting ...

Chase was not. It seems that no one expected from me this Fortelle. Where wind - question was not. Now I was the only direct way to the base of the pirates. First, when he wakes up the Petersburg Bureau - nobody except anonimusov, not hide from it. Secondly, in a hidden tank screw these guys have the files. And if they learn that their files have flowed away to God knows where, without getting to the customer - to find and bang me before CB-Schnick is a matter of honor. Better still return voluntarily. Let drained files back to their caches. It is unlikely that this will please them. But I'm not one of them empty-handed. Tea, among the 250 certified megabytes find something potsennee winner daub among young downs. What is not useful, it is necessary to pour. It's a shame, of course. Though I grew up in a non-poor family, but even we are all strictly observed rule: if the file downloaded from the Internet is not useful - zaley it back. And there cubic meters of data - in the damp earth mother. But nothing can be done.

After such experiences wanted to relieve himself, which I did, izvergnuv of rainbow light stream itself. Civil suit reacted standard in surprise whistle empty pipes. I'm sorry, dear, do not be crap. Princess not cocoa.


Prince St. Petersburg and Putinburgsky again pressed F5. DUTY whistled pipe. Operational tank emptied and refilled. The same content.
- Again F5 from a sieve! - HE swore and banged his fist on F1.
In the doorway appeared Advisor.
- Eleven - Prince growled. - Why have not updated Internet?
- Only Novosibirsk segment Emge. Data packets are not reached.
What a ...! Only the prince was only knows why he was waiting for news from Novosib-sky cab.
- Carrier caught smuggling and ran into hiding. These were his. His search takes your KB Emge.
Radiant Philip, being in good mood yesterday graciously allowed to replace the reports unpronounceable "sir" abbreviation, and only now realized how stupid and it sounds familiar.
- Notice of loss have already been sent to Novosibirsk diplomatic mail - continued Advisor. - I think we get lost packets in about a week, Emge.
- A week ?! - Duke's eyes flashed a bright light, and escaped from the mouth of a stream of infrared radiation reached parquet and burned it fresh mark. - You call a broadband high-speed Internet ?! Who six months ago, I promised to expand the channel with the Lyubertsy-Butovo Principality of up to 2 gigabytes in a day? And ?!
- Not enough machines Emge ...
- Dear Sir! - Radiant irritably corrected.
- Not enough trucks, sir. Really, that is not reported to you at once, along with Her Highness the Duchess Anna of the Princely Stables lost another plutonium KAMAZ.
- Not a word about the princess! - Philip snapped. - While not catch both !!!
- Yes, sir ...
- What's new with clever?
- Disappointing news, sir. Background reduced. The fall over the past day another 10 micro-roentgen per hour ...
- I think I will soon feel it is his skin ... And I can see how you lybishsya there, under the helmet, the muzzle of your smart-ass. But you do not wait, zhruschey sruschy corpses and shit. In our age of radiation you enough.
Another prince belching oplavila fireproof flooring, and a volley of eyes experienced strength suit councilor. The Diving Bell survived the onslaught. You can not say about the EA. In his pipes SCAF Duty growled and ran at him is not data.

Captain pirate base was sitting on the floor refuge tucked under him one of heavy legs and fed fireflies. The little finger of his glove from which rained radioactive grain of frost - a favorite delicacy yarkokrylyh - Provocation was funny. I remembered as a governess blurted us that you need little finger bulge when my sister and I were playing in the ancient noble princesses and pretended to drink hot liquid from small porcelain cups. Masha was furious and almost burned governess stare at my sister's birthday was no little fingers on your hands. Princess Mary was quick-tempered at all (though, I just remembered, that he had never seen it burned someone look not figuratively, but for real) and ran away from home for a year before me, when my father's paranoia became unbearable ...
I merged all the data pirates who brought with her. They were loaded server is now on full and wildly spinning its gears. Some of the results of primary processing captain had reported.
- The radiation is reduced, Your Highness ...
Dragon shit! How does he know who I am ?!
- Can you remove your suit - confirmed the cap. - You do not need it.
My physiology, like all noble ladies tweaked very successful mutation. We are not afraid of radiation. Moreover, we live without it can not she - our bread. Our skin absorbs gamma rays, the body digests it and to yield less energy intensive wave: light and heat. From the eyes, mouth and other orifices ... physiological ... And my sister, for example, when she was in good spirits, soft light streaming hair. But the people behind it have nicknamed "Dragon". Of course, envy and anger. Without being pinned down by heavy spacesuits and excessive stiffness, my ancestors quickly took power over the people in their hands. "The Princess and the dragon." This would be an oxymoron twisted inside the brains of ancient storytellers.
- Soon we will not need the SCAF - said with conviction cap.
- And we die out - quietly stated I razvinchivaya unnecessary disguise. Exposes to the pirate, I was in no hurry, but germoshlёm bothered me considerably.
- Radiation on your age enough girl. But your relatives, and may become extinct before the background will return to normal. Human normal - he said. - If you are also stupid as your father.
- Well, as I understand it, I also do not long to live there?
- Why would I kill such a beautiful girl, escaped from the father-tyrant? - It seems that the first time he looked up from his fireflies and looked at me. However, a look inside his helmet I do not succeed.
- Just remember, rape itself will not give!
- I will not be easy to do that in SCAF. As you can see, our base is poorly protected from the radiation, and thus it is suitable for you. You can stay here.
- As a hostage? You are unlikely to blackmail dad my health and life. We were sooo hard quarrel.
- As a guest. Till. Maybe then agreed to become our carrier? You have a great car with a first-class screw.
- A. Well, yes. Do you need a carrier. And you ... you have thrown my damn suspicious graphic image painted with shit in the open section of the screw.
- That is not shit, it's mitt.
- What?
- Mitts. Fingerless gloves. These were before the Cataclysm. And some noble person thereafter. People, she know, they are useless. Before send someone a glove meant to cause a fight. It was a hello to your papa.
- You tossed me the file, so I slept on the customs, and I ran to you ... - I missed a deaf ear to his lecture.
- I arrived. No, it was not in my plans. But it turned out well, too.
- And if it had not happened ?! - I flew into a rage. - If I did not run away from customs?
- Well, you would be returned to his father. Live and is healthy. Worth a try. Although it is unlikely that ordinary customs officers had a chance against the princess.
- Carrier you currently still not amassed. In the city I no longer drove data. My license has been canceled, so it was a fake.
- Do not worry, we still have a reliable connection to the city. Svetlyakova mail.
- Mess.
Fireflies - whether devils, or fairies, tiny creatures with black leather upholstered calves, bright shining in the dim light of the tunnel base their thin wings and flickers frequently blinking eyes wide-facets, replaces the face. The only ones besides us, fights ... precious people, animals, adapted to the radiation. Just eat them not to background radiation and radioactive frost generously strewn in the morning terra firma. But the fireflies were stupid, moreover, unlikely to be carried away in their legs at least Kbyte chest, so that to convey information was useless.
- I'm not kidding. We found that the flashing of facets depends on the properties of frost, which they feed. By feeding specially prepared crystals of frost we load data into fireflies. Moreover, just as we load them with the flight program. See ...
Cap fed one another crystal fireflies and the bullet flew to the server stood nearby, stuck shnobelem-facet coming up to him in an ideal opening of the connector and zamelteshil.
- In a server is an ancient device - Photomod - for some reason, continued his explanation of the cap. - It decrypts melteshenie firefly and translates it into data. A little animal can carry only up kilobytes of data. But we have a whole Svetlyakova "farm» ...
As if to confirm his words, behind the captain one of the pirates carried somewhere steady blue light shining egg firefly.
- Clear. Listen, why do you need me? Do you have fireflies. You now have a quarter of my KAMAZ-gigabyte screw ...
- ... And it protects your guard.
Well yes! How could I forget?! Bert ... Good dog. A wonderful dog! I've never felt such tenderness for the watchdog program.
- I'm sorry, I'm hungry - said cap, went to the wall, he pressed the button and put the pipe in his suit opened aperture.
- What's your name, what, Captain?
- Mark - though reluctantly, he murmured after a moment. Perhaps his mouth was already full of this slime, which is released people who are ready to receive food.
- And I am Anna.
Well, surprise. Who does not know the name of St. Petersburg's Princess. Mark did not answer. As the pipes are already running some human victuals. I would not want to know what it is. From the Pope I heard that people do not disdain meat of the corpses of their fellows. Not all learned to do without protein food, and it was after the Cataclysm napryazhenka.
- Very nice, damn it - I'm cursed.
Unable to get used to the spectacle of a physiological bias, I turned ...

- On the stuffing! All for stuffing comin! I know how you love to eat each other, Swarm!
Taking a bath strontium, Philip Radiant came even more excited. Metal zippers are not in a figurative sense.
- First of all - clever for stuffing - not appeased Prince. - Nichrome not think. I! I guessed why he reduced background. And I find a way to set things right. Himself! Found !!!
Newly-born Archimedes jumped out of the bath in what was (yes to anything was something), and ran into the throne room.
- Eh ... divorced, divorced more than we need ... noble ... That translate into a range of life-giving crappy rainbow. Such background prosiraem! No joke, two hundred X-rays! From grandparents got. We prosiraem ... Do not worry, someone will fall under my retrenchment ... What we've got nuclear weapons, the adviser?
- One large, one medium, a dozen midget.
- On Sunday at the site will be a feast with invitations for the nobility. Cook the middle ... no, a big cook! Walk - so to walk. You naedites me! ..
- Sir, the landfill is not designed to charge more than 100 kilotons. Tribune collapse. And I fear not only the rostrum. Palace Your Excellency also get.
- Construct new.
- But Emge, a large charge - it's NC! Heirlooms, give your grandma!
- Old woman is no longer useful.
- We and the average for special cases, something cherished and midget - New Year ...
- Here let remain: average - for special occasions, midget - the New Year. All Advisor, prepare fireworks until I have prepared from your well-done hamburger to the delight of your relatives. Inform: the presence of all the noble ladies of the principality required! But the magnitude of the charge is not necessarily anyone know, it's okay? And another thing - said the prince, looking out the window - Command combatants to shoot all the fireflies. These creatures also translate product ...
Advisor shook as permitted helmet, his head and walked out. Strontium bath do not go to the benefit of the sovereign. Trying to tread carefully so as not to crush the SCAF severe refractory tiles, advisor went into the bathroom and pulled the plug out of the bowl. Piped radioactive liquid flowed.


- Good morning, Your Highness. I have a gift for you.
Mark walked in without knocking. Actually, the knock was not at that: a pirate refuge in the cells had no doors.
- Turn your back!
Cap obediently and very clumsily turned his back on me. Wow.



- What?



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