Who has not dreamed of being a princess and marry a prince?

Who has not dreamed of being a princess and marry a prince? At the moment everything is possible, the crowned heads marry with ordinary people. They no longer ruled the country (in Europe), do not wear dresses with crinolines, prefer business class car, are on state support. In modern conditions the royal family needed more "beauty" than the rule. A striking example of this royal family of Sweden.

In the struggle for existence of the royal house is ready to go to great lengths - including changing the rules of succession to the throne. According to Swedish law on succession of 1980, the throne passes to the eldest child of the King, regardless of gender. Previously, he held the throne of the elder son. Because of this rule, there were two exceptions - Queen Christina in the XVII century and Queen Ulrika Eleonora in the XVIII century. The subjects love their king and his family. To at least a glimpse of the wedding of Crown Princess in the summer of 2010 in Stockholm attended by people from all over the country. The operation of the Royal Household in the field of public charity is highly appreciated. Swedes love watching television broadcasts, such as the celebration of the birth of Victor.

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf. Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus was born April 30, 1946 at Haga Palace in Stockholm in the family of Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. By the time the family has already had four children, but all the girls, so that the newborn appeared eldest son and heir. In 1947, Prince Gustaf Adolf died tragically in a plane crash at the airport in Copenhagen. After his father's death in 1947, he engaged in the education of Carl Gustav mother and grandfather, who in 1950 went to the Swedish throne as King Gustav VI. Along with the proclamation of his grandfather King four-grandson was proclaimed heir to the throne. He attended school "Broms" in Stockholm, and then - guest house "Sigtuna».
Prince served for two and a half years in the armed forces for a special program that provides training in all military branches with special emphasis on the navy. September 15, 1973, after the death of his grandfather, Carl Gustaf became the Swedish throne. He rules under the motto "For Sweden, and in step with the times." In accordance with the entered into force in 1975. The new constitution the king were in fact nothing but ceremonial duties.

Gustav VI

In 1972, then-Crown Prince Carl Gustaf met at the Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany interpreter Silvia Sommerlath. In March 1976, they announced their engagement. The wedding took place June 19, 1976 in the Cathedral of Stockholm.

Queen Silvia was born December 23, 1943 in the family of a German businessman Walter Sommerlath and Brazilian Alice Sommerlath. From 1947 to 1957 the family lived Sommerlath in Sao Paulo, and then returned to Germany. Silvia Sommerlath in 1963 graduated from high school in Düsseldorf and then in Munich Institute for translators. After graduation she worked at the Consulate of Argentina in Munich. In 1971-1973 he worked in the organizing committee of the Olympic Games in Munich. Queen of Sweden is actively working in the field of the disabled, it is - the chairman of the Royal Wedding Fund, whose funds go to research to help athletes with disabilities. The head of the International Children's Fund (World Childhood Foundation).

Queen Silvia

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Ingrid Alice Desiree was born on 14 July 1977 at the hospital, "Karolinska" in Stockholm. Victoria graduated from elementary school and high school in 1996. After within a year she studied in the Western Catholic University in Angers (France). From 1998 to 2000, Victoria resided in the United States, where she studied various subjects at Yale University, New Haven, Conn. In May 1999, Victoria had an internship at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, DC, and then served three weeks in the Swedish army. In 2000, she took a course at the Swedish National Cathedral College.

Princess Victoria

As heir to the royal throne, Victoria acts as regent when Carl XVI Gustaf can not fulfill his duties as head of state and monarchs. Such obligations, in particular, include official visits, presentation of the Swedish royal family and at public events; Victoria also runs its own program, under which assists in the resolution of international conflicts, participates in international peacekeeping and supporting people with disabilities.

In May 2002, the Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that Victoria's affair with her personal athletic trainer Daniel Westling, who is the owner of Balance Training, which has three of the gym in the center of Stockholm. The company currently has about 100 employees. Rumors about their wedding there in 2009. In accordance with the provisions of Swedish law on succession to the throne, the government must approve the marriage of Prince or Princess of Sweden. Otherwise, prince or princess lose their right to the throne. February 24, 2009 permission was granted, the wedding took place June 19, 2010.
February 23, 2012 Victoria gave birth to a daughter, Estelle, Duchess Estergotlandskuyu, ranks second in the order of succession to the throne after his mother.

Princess Victoria and Daniel

Prince Carl Philip was born May 13, 1979. He currently ranks third after her sister Crown Princess Victoria and her niece Princess Estelle. However, in the order of succession to the throne of the Commonwealth of Nations, he is ahead of his sister and niece, being on the spot 204 as the UK gives preference to men in the order of succession to the throne.

Prince Carl Philip

The Prince holds the rank of reserve officer of the Swedish Corps of amphibians. In 2007 he became captain after undergoing training. Carl Philipp received a license of the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation in 2003 and participates in the race as a driver since 2005. Since 2008 takes part in the racing series Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia in a Porsche 911 GT3.

Carl Philipp met Emma Perland, but their relationship ended in 2009 rupture. In April 2010 he confirmed his relationship with model Sophie Hellkvist.

Carl Philipp Emma


Sofia is also known for candid photo session.

Princess Madeleine was born on 10th June 1982, she studied at the gymnasium Enskilda, the main course which ended August 20, 1998. Two years later he received a bachelor's degree in art school gymnasium Enskilda. Horseback riding on a professional level. She took part in equestrian competitions. He is a member of the equestrian club Faeltrittklub in Stockholm.

Princess Madeleine

Madeleine was a long time in a relationship with Jonas Bergström, but the couple could not fasten the knot, as the youngest daughter in law in the royal family can not marry until until marry older. Crown Princess Victoria announced her engagement February 24, 2009, and in August 2009 it was announced, and the engagement of Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergström. The engagement was canceled April 24, 2010. In an interview with local edition of Dagens Industri princess she told of how she was hard to part with former fiancé, lawyer Jonas Bergstrom, who cheated on her with a young Norwegian Torah Uppstrёm.

October 24, 2012 The father of Princess King Carl Gustaf announced the engagement Madeleine Christopher O'Neill. They met about two years ago in New York. The wedding is scheduled for the summer of 2013. The new "handsome prince" comes from an influential family. His mother Eve O'Neill, representative of high society in New York. According to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, at the time she met Prince Charles.


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