Interesting facts about the Disney princesses, which lead to the delight of girls, regardless of age

Perhaps there is no person who would not look cartoon once by the most famous animation studio Walt Disney. And the most beloved characters - by statistical indicators - are charming princess - charming, unique and incredibly beautiful. Their love girls of any age! Here are just a few people know that their names have hidden meanings that the youngest princess of 14 years, and that one of them managed to change for the film as much as 22 attire. And we know! And happy to share with you this knowledge. < Website publishes a compilation of facts about princesses.

Snow h2>

  • In 1988, Snow White awarded his own star on the "Walk of Fame»;
  • Snow White is not only the first Disney princess. The film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first feature film in history, and it was he who laid the foundation for this genre;
  • It was the first princess, who communicate with animals, who understand the people;
  • To to achieve a natural color, true powder and other make-up products applied directly to the film, which drew a cartoon;
  • Perhaps Snow White - the youngest of all the princesses. She is only 14 years old!

    Cinderella h2>

    • Her birthday - June 30 and on a horoscope cancer it;
    • Cinderella - one of the four princesses, became a princess in marriage (as Belle, Mulan and Tiana); li >
    • The second priority of the princess - a recognized "leader" of the Disney princesses, she's the most popular of them, and almost always it put in the center of the photos;
    • «Cinderella" Name ( «Cinderella») comes from the French word "Cendrillon", which translates as "ugly duckling" or "girl, stained in ash».

      Aurora h2>

      • The nickname Aurora - Wild Rose - taken from the name of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale about the golden-haired beauty;
      • Throughout the film, color princess dress is constantly changing from pink to blue and back again. This is the result of endless debate animators who could not decide which color suits Princess longer;
      • In Latin, its name means "sun" and "Dawn";
      • Aurora - the only blonde among princesses (Rapunzel and Elsa does not count - their hair blond because of magic and magical powers, and Elsa so in general - the queen, not a princess);
      • Her violet eyes (later the same eyes animators gave Meg from "Hercules", but she is not a princess).

        Ariel h2>

        • The only princess, born not a man;
        • The second "seniority" princess - her 16 years;
        • The only princess who gave birth to a child (daughter Ariel can be seen in the film "The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the sea»);
        • Ariel was the first (and for a long time the only) a princess, that was not the only child in the family (later there was a "brave" Merida, who has three brothers); < /
        • The first princess, who fought with the villain, not a villain (the second was Rapunzel).

          Bell h2>

          • It was the first princess who saved from the evil spell of his prince, and not vice versa;
          • a strand of hair, constantly distracting from hairstyles Belle, made it clear that it is not perfect;
          • The era of heroic, brave and independent princesses started from Belle;
          • from the French of her name means "beauty»;
          • Belle - the only princess with brown eyes (at Princess Mulan Pocahontas and black eyes, while Jasmine - dark brown and animators claim that this is a fundamental difference)

            Jasmine h2>

            • The first princess who married a poor guy;
            • Jasmine - the only princess who had to kiss the main villain of the film;
            • The first princess, who was not wearing a dress (Mulan was second in the Shell);
            • The only princess who is a minor character

              Pocahontas h2>

              • The only princess, dressed in ethnic attire;
              • Only she has a tattoo;
              • The first princess, an image which is not based on a fairy tale, but on a real historical figure ( Mulan was the second);
              • According to legend, this name was Matoaka Pocahontas and Pocahontas - it's her last name

                Mulan h2>

                • The only character in the line that is not a real princess;
                • In Mulan movie clips hair a reason: China's gesture is a disgrace and banishment from the family;
                • The only who is disguised as a man;
                • first princess, who won the main villain of the film;
                • With its Chinese name translates as "blooming magnolia»;
                • only princess kissed her betrothed is only the continuation of history ( "Mulan 2»).

                  Tiana h2>

                  • The only princess who worked (not including Cinderella, which for it is not paid);
                  • Only history Tyana develops into "the modern world" and in a real place - in New Orleans beginning of XX century ;
                  • Tiana - left-hander and the only princess with dimples;
                  • The only princess, performing songs in the non-standard "sugary" pop version in her songs recognizable jazz, R & B, blues and soul;.
                  • The only princess, dressed not in the standard pink or blue dress

                    Tangled h2>

                    • The only among all the Disney princesses have magical powers;
                    • The only green-eyed princess;
                    • Golden Hair length Rapunzel - 70 feet (over 21 meters), in which more than 100 000 individual curls;
                    • The first princess is not just "vmazat" his betrothed, before falling in love with him

                      Merida h2>

                      • For the film Merida managed to change the 22 outfit, including a number of dresses, coats, jewelry, hats and bow and arrows;
                      • A further 5 times changed hair;
                      • The only princess ringlet;
                      • The animated film "Brave" is the only animated film animation studio Pixar, in which the main character is a woman See also: The artist painted Disney princes. and princesses in photorealistic manner



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