Disney Princess in reality

Millions of girls around the world look with admiration at the Disney princesses, whose images are so beautiful that they want to emulate and they want to be like. As a rule, animated beauties inherent in not quite the usual standards of appearance. For most of the Disney princesses are a common feature full lips, gorgeous hair, huge eyes and impossible proportions of the body. Disney heroine Sleeping Beauty, Princess Jasmine, the beautiful Rapunzel won the hearts of audiences around the world and became svoeobraznymietalonami female beauty in reality. Thanks to the skills of the American photographer and artist on the characters of Walt Disney Pictures Astamendi Ryan (Ryan Astamendi), the beauty of the famous cartoon characters were brought to life. The artist suffered images of beautiful women in real life. Everyone could visit the exhibition and to the naked eye to see the similarities between the actually existing women and heroines of Disney. 1. Princess heroine of cartoons from the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast"

Holly Madison (Holly Madison), former girlfriend of the star of American show business, Hugh Hefner (Hugh Hefner) remarkably similar to the heroine of the famous cartoon. 2. Princess Jasmine

Cartoon "Aladdin" was released on the wide screen back in 1992. Viewers struck eastern beauty with incredible body proportions: a narrow waist and luxuriant hair few people indifferent. Astamendi managed to find a girl like Jasmine, have a narrow waist and a burning-black mop of hair. 3. Rapunzel

Who does not remember the famous phrase: "Rapunzel, let down your hair?" For his exhibition Astemedi found the blonde beauty, wonderfully reminiscent of the famous cartoon character. 4. Snow White


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