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British wedding in the royal family are held once a generation, and notes with glamor and luxury inherent in the royal tradition. Fans of the royal family gather early in the morning filling the square in front of Westminster Abbey or St. Paul's Cathedral, to at least a glimpse of their favorites. Since the beginning of the 20th century, these public events covered by photographers, which allows us, mere mortals, to look at the royals in their best dresses and suits.

1. Lady Diana Spencer, the future Princess of Wales for the first time demonstrates her wedding dress on the way to St. Paul's Cathedral for the wedding to Prince Charles in London July 29, 1981. (Reuters / Mal Langsdon)

2. London, February 1922: Police tries to hold back the crowd wanting to see the wedding of Princess Mary and Henry Charles George. (© Hulton-Deutsch Collection / CORBIS)

3. The workers are suffering huge Crown Princess Mary at the wedding of Charles and Henry George in Westminster Abbey in 1922. (© Hulton-Deutsch Collection / CORBIS)

4. The Duchess of York leaves his home on his way to a wedding in April 1923. (© Hulton-Deutsch Collection / CORBIS)

5. Duke of York with his fiancee drove past the crowds at Buckingham Palace after the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey on April 26, 1923. (AP Photo)

6. Royal wedding picture with the Duke of York and his bride at the center in May 1923. Left Lady Mary Cambridge, Lady Mary Tinn, Diamond Hardinge and Elizabeth Elphinstone. Right Lady Mary Cambridge, Lady Catherine Hamilton, Miss Betty Ketor and Cecilia Bowes-Lyon. (© Bettmann / CORBIS)

7. From left to right: Lady Maria Abel Smith, Princess Marie Louise, Princess Beatrice, Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone; in the foreground Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen, Princess Patricia Alexander Cambridge, Earl of Athlone and master Alex Ramsey. Everyone gathered for the arrival of Prince Harry, the Duke of Gloucester and his wife, Princess Alice, Duchess of York, the former Lady Alice November 6, 1935. (AP Photo / Staff / Putnam) 48,491,832

8. Londoners are trying to reach out to the rose petals falling from all sides at the royal newlyweds Prince Harry, the Duke of Gloucester, and his wife Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, November 6, 1935 in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace. (AP Photo / Staff / Putnam) 83,125,067

9. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester wave to the crowd from the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London after the wedding ceremony Nov. 6, 1935. (AP Photo)

10. Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten in September 1947, two months before the wedding. (AP Photo)

11. Louise Sorrell, who has worked for the company «Warner and Sons, Ltd.» 17, the second stage of preparation for silk wedding veil Princess Elizabeth October 10, 1947. In this photo Sorrell eliminates sagging thread where it is needed. (AP Photo)

12. These people came in advance to take place at Westminster Abbey, November 20, 1947, to see the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. (AP Photo)

13. Photos from Buckingham Palace, where thousands of Londoners gathered at Victory Memorial at the entrance to the palace to greet the newlyweds Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the royal family 21 November 1947. (© Bettmann / CORBIS)

14. Crowds in London November 20, 1947. People are trying to see the wedding procession of Princess Elizabeth. (AP Photo)

15. The motorcade bride Princess Elizabeth and her father King George VI wraps in Whitehall in London November 20, 1947, accompanied by the Royal kvalerii. (AP Photo)

16. The girl was transferred police in Trafalgar Square to avoid being crushed in the crowd who want to see the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten. (AP Photo)

17. The motorcade bride, accompanied by the Royal Horse Guards leaves Buckingham Palace in London November 20, 1947. (AP Photo)

18. Queen Elizabeth II with her husband the Duke of Edinburgh wave to the crowd from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, 20 November, 1947. From left to right: King George VI, Princess Margaret, Lady Mary Cambridge, the bride and bridegroom, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. (AP Photo)

19. Princess Anne with her father Prince Philip at her wedding to Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey in London on 14 November 1973. (AP Photo)

20. The wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips in Westminster Abbey. (AP Photo)

21. Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. (© Bettmann / CORBIS)

22. People are sleeping on the street at St Paul's Cathedral in London on 19 July 1981 to take a good look at the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. (AP Photo)

23. A woman admires showcase an exhibition of photos of the royal wedding on Fifth Avenue in New York July 27, 1981. In the window were displayed pictures of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer and toy soldiers. (AP Photo / Marty Lederhandler)

24. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on the day of the wedding in St. Paul's Cathedral in London on July 29, 1981. (AP Photo)

25. dress with 7, 6-meter veil former Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales and now leaves the Cathedral of St. Paul with Prince Charles after the wedding ceremony in London on 29 July 1981. (AP Photo)

26. Prince Charles and Lady Diana bride in a carriage on Fleet Street. (AFP / Getty Images)

27. Fans of the royal wedding with flags, including skinheads, one of the fountains in Trafalgar Square after the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Di. (AP Photo)

28. Fireworks in the sky over Hyde Park July 28, 1981 in honor of the royal wedding. (AP Photo)

29. Newly married Princess Diana and Prince Charles on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London July 29, 1981. (AP Photo)

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